Castle Episode Preview: An Unexpected Suspect

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A vacation was ruined by a dead body on Castle this week.

Will a life be ruined by a detailed set-up in October 29?

This beloved ABC series takes next Monday off and then returns with "Probable Cause," an episode that will rest loyalties and relationships when a ritualistic killing turns up an unusually-placed corpse and the prime suspect turns out to be...

... Rick Castle?!?

Watch the title character and those around him react to the mounting evidence in this official teaser:

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Oh! And check out a magazine called GEEK from Zinio e-magazines. I just got the lastest copy with a full 6 page spread of pictures and an interview with Nathan. Really cool -- as we used to say in the sixties -- with Nathan in an Indiana Jones outfit and styling as James 007 Bond.


If you think Kate is having a hard time on CASTLE, check out the Nikki Heat books. She could really use a break.


oh come on, really? i always hate these episodes, because we all know that OBVIOUSLY castle didn't kill someone. if beckett actually thinks he could be a crazy ass murderer they probably shouldn't be together. i hope this ad is just one of those misleading ones, and the entire episode isn't about thinking castle has killed someone.


Wasn't he a suspect before like the pilot. bored.


If Marlowe really has Kate doubt Rick, then we need to get rid of Marlowe and let someone else write the show for a while. Over done, over done, witless. Plus also? Smarmy. Kate needs to get over herself, get over the years of hiding behind victimhood, and "man up" and give Rick the respect and faith he gives her. It's back to the Kate Beckett Show this way, instead of them as a pair. She had all year last year to revel in self pity, let's move on.


Cont. listening to 'I'm falling harder than ever before..." while traveling through a dark tunnel towards the bright light & green meadows was very hopeful. Let us rest from the very dark & give us some balance & happier episodes for now...PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE??? I KNOW YOU CAN, OF COURSE YOU CAN...:)


cheryl - I agree with you - NO NO & pretty please...NO. Sneak Peeks are misleading & I hope this is the case. CASTLE has a past...wild, crazy, irresponsible...KATE knows, we know. Main reason Beckett waited so long before surrendering & yet, CASTLE has ALWAYS BEEN HONEST...about the good & the bad. When confronted with issues he will tell it like it is no matter what. He will turn on his "blue eyed" rugged good looks, but he will not deceive you. Something from his past? The guy rode a stolen police horse nude...& said so. He also stated when in a relationship he DID NOT CHEAT...PERIOD. We can speculate about the gift that keeps on giving-Johana Beckett's murder. There is drama & suspense...but to see KATE BECKETT in a desolate state at this point falls under the category of SM, seriously. Mr. Marlowe, Mr. Bowman you have developed such finesse at teasing viewers respectfully that we waited 4 years for a first kiss. Going to the Hamptons listening to "I'm falling harder than ever before.." going through a looong, dark tunnel towards a very bright light & lush green meadows gave us hope & the promise of some respite from darkness. Even the mention of "Serenity" during our CASTLE nirvana was... tolerable. We could use some balance & not lean so much towards the darker themes...for now...PRETTY PLEASE?? I KNOW YOU CAN, OF COURSE YOU CAN, I KNOW YOU WILL...SERIOUSLY :) THANK YOU


NO NO we just had to go thru the girl from the tv station and see Beckett's insecurties. This is NOT good....Castle would never cheat on Beckett!! By now she should have more faith and trust in Castle. I mean for 4 years Castle has chased after her. Time for Beckett...excuse the man up and show Castle the same as he shows her. As much as it would kill me....I hope the end scene he tells Beckett...he needs some time and space. He needs to man up and let her chase him now!!


Oh mother of sweet things...I can't wait two weeks for this!!

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Who puts a body on the ceiling?