Castle Review: Shhh! Someone Knows

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Well... that was fun! In typical Castle fashion, "Secret's Safe With Me” provided us viewers with a light-hearted and enjoyable hour. Let’s talk about it...

Eye I See You! The weekly case followed the death of a brother and sister pair who had been trying to purchase a storage unit to track down information on the murderer of their parents. Twists and turns led us to Storage War type bidders, as well as rich socialites and criminals.

Never did I think that a prosthetic eye would be the answer to the case. Kind of gross, kind of fun. Basically, Castle perfection. Besides, how could you not love the auction scene?

Castle at an Auction

All Children Grow Up. Alexis finally made the big move to her first dorm room. First, can we acknowledge the fact that her dorm was nicer than most college apartments? Seriously, why did I not have a dorm that looked like that? Secondly, who else teared up at the goodbye scene between the father/daughter duo? I know I wasn’t alone. 

Castle has always been a great father to Alexis. Even in his funny and immature moments, he has always been there for his daughter. Although we are not treated to too many important scenes between the pair, they have always been enjoyable. Maybe now that Alexis is not living at home, these moments between will carry more of an impact. 

“I Saw The Poor Girl Hiding.” It looks like the cat is out of the bag! With a few people at least. Martha told Castle she knows about him and Beckett and that it is time to tell Alexis. How cute was it that Beckett cared what Alexis thought? These two are becoming so mature! 

Who will be next? My guess is on Lanie. It will give the two girls some time to have a friendly moment. What do you think? Javi or Ryan? How will Gates take it?

Speaking of Gates, how excited was she for that creepy doll? Who knew that the tough woman would be such a softy for a porcelain doll?

The World's Best Handshake. Caskett continued to rock every scene they share together now as a couple. The two have such a natural chemistry that has always radiated across the screen. But now that they are in a relationship, it feels even hotter. You have to love the exchanges and tension between them while they are in public. To keep the arc interesting, the other detectives need to find out. I can only imagine the ridicule that Javi and Kevin will give Castle. It is going to make for some hilarious scenes.

Seriously though, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic rocked in “Secret’s Safe WIth Me.” Keep it up, guys, it’s the best part about Monday nights.

What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you enjoy the episode or did it fall flat after last week’s “Cloudy With A Chance of Murder.” Hit the comments and let us know. Don’t forget to check out the Castle quotes page and the official TV Fanatic Castle Round Table later in the week.

Until next week, Castle fans.


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FINALLY Kate brings Rick a cup of coffee in public. Yes.
I knew the doll was toast from the first spoiler. That didn't ruin the fun for me. Just seeing how it all played out was cool, trying to tease out the red herrings.
I think PJJ is a good actress and she can be really funny. The department must have a captain, and while Montgomery was wonderful in his way, there's more than one way to run a department, and she's an interesting character to me. That probably was one of the best handshakes ever.
Esposito knows. I'm sure of it, just from the way he tilts his head. Ryan, not so sure. Lanie... how can she not know? Because when she observed that Kate was having sex, Castle didn't look nearly jealous enough, so of course Lanie would have concluded it was Rick. I love Rick's relationship with his family. I hope they keep Alexis in the show on a regular basis, and Martha too. But Martha needs a boyfriend. A really obnoxious one.


I thought this was a great episode. I like that the writers have struck a good balance of the mystery/crime and the Caskett romance. The handshake was clever and erotic--Kudos. I thought Gates' reaction to the doll was a bit over the top. She goes from being a hard nosed b****h to stupid soft way too quickly to be believed. She remains such an incidental character they could eliminate her role and nobody would notice or care.


Castle and Sons of Anarchy are my two favorite TV shows of all time. They're totally different, but are both beneficiaries of brilliant writing and terrific acting. Love Caskett...keep it coming.


Seems to me it's pretty obvious that everyone in the gang knows about them, and that they're just messing with them...


The whole episode was outstanding. Kudos to the writer's for bringing out the great, humorous, and sexy scripts. Stana is extra amazing and what she can do with facial expressions is called GREAT ACTING.


Loved the show. You need to change the banner. Stana has beautiful longer hair.


Most people would give anything for a handshake like they had. But the moment in the episode for me when Castle asked about her doll in her desk. When we really love some one we come around and divulge all that is in our hearts. We give part of our soul. And sometimes that hurts but we are reassured by our best friend. Those dolls though better be replaced. And Iron Gates reading Castle's book, lol!


I loved it it had a lot of twist and turns and a good crime story but the butler did it was great never thought of him.Alexis is great I have to watch it again and see what she said about Kate I think she was talking about her mother not sure.And Castle when kate was rubbing his hand with her thumb he was glowing cute again great writers,actors,producers, set people everyone did a great job to make it enjoyable Mom know that Kate was in the closet funny!!! Alexis having her Dad look under the bed one more time sweet!! Next week on vacation that should be great!!

Josie leeds

Finally. Writers must be watching the comments--the humor and great chemistry is back! Every one of the cast shone brightly last night, giving depth to their characters without getting sappy/sickening. After watching the previews for next week, I'm thinking that will be the episode that blows their relationship into the open. They get involved in a murder in the Hamptons, you just KNOW their Chief will be called. Gates is seriously annoying but not stupid--first question out of HER pursed little mouth is gonna be "What da hell are you two doing in the Hamptons...together?"....can't wait to hear the answer.....besides, the writers have already proven they can write around the relationship and not let it overshadow the entire program. Just need to get Gates' panties out of a knot....find those ugly damned dolls, Castle, and get her a 3rd one for good measure!


...CASKETT moment

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