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3 – At the end of the day, I think Ryan understands that there’s a good reason for them to want to keep this secret. I’m sure he was a little hurt that they hadn’t trusted him and Esposito to know the truth in the first place, but he’s also been through those early stages of a relationship, and without the added pressure of knowing you could be fired for dating this person, so I think he’s better able to understand why it’s important to them to keep quiet about their relationship. To him, they’re like “mom and dad”, so he’s going to be very protective of their relationship and not want to stir up trouble for them.

4 – I agree with the panel… definitely Demming. He was truly a great match for Kate and an absolute catch, and Michael Trucco was great in that role. He really adored Kate and he treated her well and the two could have had something great if her heart wasn’t already beating for Castle. I’d actually like to see Demming come back sometime, now that Kate and Rick are together, and put two and two together as to why she broke up with him. It’d be a great way for Castle to find out the truth as well, wouldn’t it?

5 - I, too, would have loved an Angela Landsbury cameo. Or, since ABC was so set on making references to Revenge in their promos for this episode, it would have been hilarious to see Emily and Nolan scheming in the background somewhere.


Great round table for a great episode!! I loved all of your answers here and I'm happy to see Angie representing The 12th so wonderfully!

Just to join the discussion, here are my answers:

1 – I have to agree with Christine on this one, though there were so many great scenes in the episode. But when Castle and Beckett arrive at the house and we see that drastic change in Kate, it’s just so stirring. The openness and honesty that comes from this moment of her sharing her insecurities and Castle assuring her that she’s the one, all with such a beautiful backdrop surrounding them, it was just brilliant.

2 – For sure, Kate is definitely conflicted by the guilt. It’s hard for her to keep something like this from the people she cares about, the people who care most about the two of them as well, but they have good reasons to keep it a secret. It’s the proverbial case of being stuck between a rock and a hard place, and Kate’s definitely feeling that pressure.





1-These 3 people are a family - brothers taking care of Kate. Ryan had the best scene this time. His interrogation was priceless :) Kept his girl a secret too - until the time was right. Espo did the same :)
2-Liked Demmi & Josh-different but both truly loved Kate.
3-I believe Castle was Kate's first"FULL" lover - his marriages & womanizing a thorn on her side. When needled by him she stated otherwise...of course. This by no means make her "holier than thou" ...seriously. Having been involved in women's health all my life I speak from first hand experiences. "It's my body..." a woman's choice...not easy, I'm sure. Certainty can only come from the writers - their story. Stana's acting portrayed FIRST TIME SHYNESS.
4-The Hamptons home witnessed many of Castle's former relationships. Not easy for Kate, but better now than later. It is an integral part of his life & work.


Ryan learning the "secret". But Kate asking about the other "women" who had the tour. Should Rick be asking about the other men who have slept in Kate's bed....when he "sleeps" there now. I get her insecurities but Rick has always choose Kate. And Kate can't say the same. I mean she knew how Rick felt but she choose Josh. So if anyone should be insecure it should be Rick. And as for keeping it a secret....I don't think they should. Their friends will be happy for them.....they have always wanted them to be together.


FANTASTIC discussion this week you guys! Angie, fabulous, well-thought responses! Kudos to all of you for keeping your words to a minimum, because this episode was so chock-full of awesomeness, that I feel I could talk for days about it!
Christine... I agree with you about favorite moment, Demming being a decent guy, and I SO HOPE we get Kate confessing some day that she broke up with him to go to the Hamptons two years ago with Rick. I SO WANT HIM TO KNOW THAT! I was just ecstatic that she FREAKING FINALLY MADE IT TO THE HAMPTONS! And her awe, and feelings of inadequacy and insecurity upon arriving, and the tour - the sweet response from Castle...OH! heart!
And Ryan, he rocks! Enough said!
Awesome! Thanks for this everyone!


great episode!
I loved ryan's interrogation.. "Describe her!!"
why is castle off next week?


He was a good guy, but my heart broke for Castle as he realized how much he cared for Kate, and felt her slipping away.

5) Only thing I'd do is change some of those near-miss-kisses into right-on-target kisses!!


1) Fav scene: Martha & Alexis showing their support for Castle's "new" relationship with Kate. We've seen Martha rooting for those two kids for a while now, but it was nice to see Alexis declare her position on their relationship.

2) After a whole season of keeping secrets, Kate knows the damage that secrets can cause so there's probably some guilt. But the truth may cause her more heartache if she can't be with Castle so she's willing to stay mum for now.

3) Ryan's keeping the secret 'cause "that's what partners do"!

4) I suppose Sorenson wins, only because Kate was already over him so he was a non-issue. Didn't like Josh 'cause he was just arrogant, but liked the fact that he was always in some far-off land and Kate & Castle could still make goo-goo eyes at each other. Demming was my least favorite because he seemed like the biggest threat to the Castle/Beckett relationship. He was a good guy, but my heart broke for Castle as he realized how much he cared for Kate, and felt her slipping away.

5) Only thing I'd do is change some of those near-miss-kisses into right-on-target kisses!!


Desperately wanted her to call him "Rick.

And Angela cameo scene would have taken it to anithwr whole stratosphere level of perfect.

Good god, Stana is amazing!

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