Chevy Chase Drops N-Word on Community Sets, Halts Filming

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Chevy Chase created quite a stir on the set of Community this week, forcing production to temporarily shut down as a result of a tirade based around his use of the N-word.

According to Deadline sources, the actor - who has made his disdain for the show and the path it has taken Pierce down well-known - was frustrated once again over the direction of his character and snapped, angrily asking producers whether he will next be asked to refer to Troy or Shirley by the aforementioned racial epithet.

The on-set insider confirms Chase did not directly refer to either Donald Glover or Yvette Nicole Brown by that term, but both stars were upset over its general use.

Pierce and Britta

Filming was briefly shut down after the incident and Chase eventually apologized to the cast and crew.

Last year, Chase feuded with Community creator Dan Harmon, who has since been replaced.

In a recent interview with The Huffington Post UK, he said of signing on: “It was a big mistake! I just sort of hung around because I have three daughters and a wife, and I figured out I might as well make some bread, every week, so I can take care of them in the way they want."

Community, meanwhile, was schedule to premiere October 19, but as Troy and Abed explain, that could really mean anything.

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Good for you Joyeful! So well written.


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I'm team Chevy on this one. I think Joyeful explained it very well.
Regardless of whether he's playing himself or a character, actors know they get associated with some of those traits they protray, and if I were Chevy, I would feel the same way. There are times they've taken his character a little too far; laughable ignorance is one thing, straight out racism is another. I think he was just illustrating his point and it got blown out of proportion.


I understand what his point was and that he was standing up for his character. But he could have just said "the n word" as opposed to saying the word itself.


I think delaying an entire production over one word is ridiculous. Yah, it sucks that he said it, it's not appropriate in any way but it's simply giving in to a spoiled tirade. Pierce is racist, Chevy knew that from the pilot, he agreed to it.
Chevy has been playing himself in movies and on tv so long that he forgets about character work. He takes what Pierce says as an extension of his own voice. It's not, its acting. It's not the actor's job to critique the writing, not unless he's also apart of the writing staff. He doesn't like it, he can look for a way to get out of the contract. He may have used the word to make a point but its an argument he needed to have privately with the producers, instead of inconveniencing all the hard working cast and crew of that show and offending the very group of people he meant to defend. Cooler heads prevail Chevy.


Joyeful has a point here. This article doesn't explain everything. Chevy said he didn't like where they were taking his character; he thought it was getting to the point where eventually he was going to have to call Troy or Shirley a N***** which he wouldn't be very uncomfortable with. News outlets really need to report this better...


@fayeolivia amen!


I think people need to read this carefully and take it in context before blasting Chevy Chase here. While I think he's generally a jerk, this instance is different. Chevy was expressing his discomfort with the racist bigot that his character has become. He used the n-word to make a point that his character is too racist and he's uncomfortable with it. He wasn't calling anyone the n-word, or referring to anyone, for that matter. This is a man who marched with the Civil Rights movement. He's not racist here, neither was the tirade. He's clearly showing his non-acceptance of racism here. While I agree that the n-word should never be used, the word itself is not racist, it's the context. I'm a black woman, and I'm not upset at Chevy here. I get what he's saying.


@ Fayeolivia And yet because he's Pierce he can't be fired without the show losing an integral part of itself. And with Dan Harmon gone and most of the writers gone, the show can't afford to lose anything else.


If any regular person in a regular job behaved the way Chevy Chase does they would be so fired by now.


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