Coming to Grey's Anatomy: A New Plane Crash Wrinkle

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What is next up on Grey's Anatomy, now that the trials and tribulations we've seen play out over the first two episodes of Season 9 are finally behind them? Or is that tragedy not in the rear view mirror just yet?

For the survivors, a new wrinkle related to the plane crash they somehow lived to tell about is about to be presented in the coming weeks, according to TV Line, with "far-reaching implications for all the survivors."

What do you think that might entail?

After the Plane Crash

Kevin McKidd also hints that Cristina and Owen may find their way back to each other, but that a familiar obstacle lies in their path: Kids. “That’s a fundamental thing,” concedes the actor and sometime director.

“It’s in his DNA. He wants to be a dad. I don’t know how [they overcome that]… It’s going to be a tough road. I enjoyed last season watching their decline. But my hope as a fan is that they make it back to each other.”

Will they? Discuss in the comments below.

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Why must all the women of the show have a child? It’s like to say that to be a mother is the only way for a woman to be accomplished or happy. I think that it would be more interesting to see Cristina as a woman that want to make a good career in surgery and choose to have no kids. She can be inspiring for girls who want to live without children while Meredith, Miranda, Callie and Arizona can be a model for the ones who want to be mother. So, we can see different kinds of women’s life. Besides I don’t like how Owen with Cristina and hope they don’t get back together.


I can't believe the solution to Crowen's problems is for Cris to have a baby, that would untrue to Cris's character. Jarrod Mitchell is right to quote Mer's insight to what Owen and Cris want. But knowing GA, Crowen will end up wanting each other again, only this time they'll talk about it.
I'm puzzling about the wrinkle concerning the crash survivors. We've seen the plane reassmbled but so many things failed on it(the emergency beacon, the distress flares) perhaps all the survivors should sue someone.


i love cristina and hunt together.. i hope they find a good compromise because they both deserve to be with someone who wants what they want.


Obviously she wasn't being serious when she said they ate the pilot. Calm down... But let's say that DID happen. Why is it so far fetched to you that human beings would eat one another? Did you never read about that crash in the Andes? The ones that survived ate the ones that died so they could live. When it gets down to a situation like that your fight or flight instincts kick in. You'll do what you have to do to survive. No matter what. Doctor or simpleton.

Avatar could they eat the pilot? They are human beings .doctors


I love Owen and Christina together, they bring the worse and best in each other.Owen became whole because of her and Christina too.I hope they find their way back.


Oh you would keep watching and continue to bitch about it. Who are you kidding?


As ignorant as this sounds seeing as Grey's Anatomy has done some far-fetched stuff, if Cristina agreed to have kids with Owen, I would find it terribly unrealistic! She's had an abortion and almost had another back in season 2 until she lost it. I love the character of Cristina and though I find Owen a completely horrible character, I want her to be happy in the end even if it is with Owen. However, if she has kids simply because was obligated, that will not make me happy. I feel for Owen's character, I honestly do, but as Meredith said to Cristina: "He should be with someone who wants a baby, and you should be with someone who wants you". End of the story.


OMG they ate the pilot to survive. Lol


For Owen and Christina, my guess is she'll finally agree to have children with him.

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