Covert Affairs Review: Planes, Trains and Prison Breaks

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Covert Affairs Season 3 finally returned this week after an extended break, and the action picked right up where it left off back in September.  

Interrogations, a prison break and many attempts to leave Russia kept viewers on the edge of their seats throughout "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide."

One of the concerns some had in anticipation of Covert returning to our screens was that Annie might get out of this hot water too easily. While a phone call from Auggie to Eyal led to what seemed like a pretty convenient prison break, I wasn't upset at how effortlessly Annie was removed from the Russian jail for two reasons:

  1. Once on the run, Annie was still far from safe. Even after multiple attempts to get out of dodge, she and Eyal still aren't out of the woods.
  2. She was stolen from the prison by Eyal, and Oded Fehr's appearance makes up for any minute issues I have with the story telling. I mean, can you get better than his "Sorry to drop in unannounced, I didn't have your phone number" greeting?
Covert Affairs Still

After Annie was able to compose herself and the duo planned on departing, I couldn't help but live vicariously through Eyal and his supreme frustration. When she told him that she had to save Simon's sister, it felt like a slap to Eyal's handsome face.

Eyal went through all of that trouble to get her to safety - and then she wanted to stick around town to help out some girl she barely knew, who may or may not be in harm's way?!? The look on his mug when he realized was she was doing said it all.

But, like the honest and loyal man that he is, Eyal did everything he could to help her help Simon's sister, and THEN they made an effort to make it home safely. Oh, sure, there was that one issue of the fact that Annie gave her go-pack to Simon's sister. Seriously, at what point is Annie being too selfless?

There were a number of great action sequences during "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide," but my favorite was probably the run of scenes at the train station. Between Eyal's smooth kiss-and-hide technique... sprinting past the moving train... and them finally getting away after a couple of blows to the head on their followers, that was some seriously pulse-pounding action.

After allowing some time for our hearts to stop racing, Annie and Eyal started to make their way back home thanks to the CIA's plan to get them on a plane. Unfortunately, that was when our stomachs' all simultaneously jumped up into our respective chests when the wheels on that plane suddenly stopped. I was expecting them to make it out safely in that moment, so kudos to the writers for roping Annie, Eyal and the audience back in one more time.

Finally, when Annie took an educated guess on having dirt on her former interrogator in order to negotiate a deal to get out safely, it all seemed a little too convenient. That's how she gets out of this gigantic problem? By guessing that this guy is dirty? I know she had some clues, but it should have been a little more difficult than that.

While all of this was going on overseas, Auggie, Joan and Arthur were going through every emotion in the book while attempting to get Annie back home. I loved that Auggie took the initiative to bring Eyal in, and I loved how deeply saddened Joan seemed about the whole thing. Arthur's a rock, so I wouldn't have expected him to act any differently.

For now, let us know what you thought of the return of Covert Affairs. What was your favorite moment from the hour? Was there a time during "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide" that you called it for being too convenient or no? And how awesome was Oded Fehr in his return?


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I love Eyal. I also think Annie and Auggie have more of a bro/sister feel. I prefer her with Eyal but eh, I know that isn't going to happen. The episode was incredibly unrealistic but it was still a fun ep. Covert Affairs is as fake as you can get for CIA but it's great fun. I could watch an entire show devoted to Eyal.


Great show. Moved from Ireland to Boston and been out of touch with this show so I started where I left off. Watching the last 5 episodes back to back. I have always loved this show but it never felt quite real to me, all her situations seemed too easily entered and likewise left. But for the first time the last 4-5 episodes made this show more thrilling and realistic than its ever been. Maybe its because I watched them back to back, it felt like one big movie. It had everything you could ask for in a spy movie. But one thing bugged me. If the FSB are so good then why didnt they use annie's sister as bait???. Annie would have caved and maybe stretch this arc for another episode or two. Piper was outstanding and a long way away from her coyote ugly role and Christopher, what else can I say about the character that hasn't been said already. He is incredible. We all need a friend like him. How will Annie get back to normal life after all this??? Anyone feel that Joan will have major problems coming up soon?? The tablet taking seen, disappearing for hours when the plan was being hatched to rescue Annie and why did she tell the agent she would see him later on? It feels like Joan will have a significant story coming up. An affair? Alcoholism? Double double triple agent? ( no one listens to Joan there really)


I love the chemistry with Eyal & Annie. I actually sighed out loud when he pulled off the mask and she ran to hug him. Don't get me wrong I like Auggie, but I get more of a brother/sister vibe between him and Annie. Whereas the chemistry with Eyal is off the charts. I love every episode with Oded Fehr!! Hope there are many more to come!


It was WAY too easy. With much more realism, it would have been a great episode.


My favorite moment was when Eyal pulled off the gas mask & Annie ran & hugged him. I love the show & like Annie although sometimes I don't like the foolish things she does (her go bag). She's supposedly kind of a super spy yet she does some things I find unbelievable. I like Auggie as a friend for Annie not romantic interest. What's going on with Joan and the pills? Did I miss something. I don't care for Arthur's character. I also still am sad that they killed Jay, I liked him.


WOW!!! I thought it was a great show. Eyal knew how to get into the prison also he new about who was questioning Annie and said I thought it would be someone else and their escape was great. And it got a little hairy for a while but it all work out and were on the boat and on the way home. She has really grown in this show. And next week should be interesting we will see. Again great writers actors setup people and they work very hard for us to Have a great show. If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.


Great show last night. Think series is finally getting it together. Glad they decided not to show Annie being tortured. Think most people can figure that out. I didn't need to see Annie bleeding on the floor. As for Auggie, I gave upon him when he got together with Porter. Annie's consolation prize was his car. That was so lame. Don't know how deeply in love Annie was with Simon and I don't expect Annie to fall into Auggie's arms any time soon.
I agree that Annie's giving her passport to Simon's sister (as a spy) was a dumb move, then again she was following Simon in Cuba wearing a red skirt. Now to the reason I watched: Oded Fehr. Need I say more. Hope they keep him around for as many episode's he can make. It is my understanding from a spoiler that he is in 5 of the 6 episode's in this second half of the season.


Sure, it all may have been a little too easy (even though they kept getting caught and/or plan foiled no thanks to Annie) but it is a TV show and how long can they drag out Annie bouncing off the walls in a tiny cell? Loved how Joan showed true feelings for Annie and got through to Arthur how much Annie means to her. Everything Auggie does is awesome.


Last nights epi had many awesome scenes thanks to Eyal and some rather annoying Annie crap. Anyway, Oded Fehr as Eyal is definitely a huge asset to Covert Affairs. I love how Eyal sweeps in and exudes charm. I cheered with joy when he took off his gas mask. He is my personal hero.


I agree that Oded Fehr is a marvelous guest star and a wonderful actor, and he was great in this episode, which was almost too dark and depressing for me. I realize that it is almost inevitable that a spy will get caught at some point and interrogated by the enemy, certainly, I just felt that the FSB interrogator would have used more force, in terms of torture, than sleep deprivation and a dirty cell and yelling at Annie. Yet I was glad that they didn't show more scenes of torture, because I loathe that sort of thing. Still, it didn't seem "normal" for the main guy to not hit her very much or cut her or waterboard her or any of that. It also seemed a bit too nice for Annie to provide him with a way to leave the country and start a new life. I understand it was in exchange for their freedom but she seemed to be way too forgiving of that guy. Still, I hope they do something with Annie and Auggies relationship in the next ep. I think there is real chemistry there.

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