Covert Affairs Review: What's Old Is New

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As you would assume from the title, "Wishful Beginnings" put Annie's time with Simon, Lena and Russia in the past, as Covert Affairs moved forward in a couple of new directions.

The arc that feels the most familiar is Annie working with Eyal. We just went through the entire first half of the season attempting to figure out the complexities of Annie's relationship with Simon. How much of it was strictly professional? How personal were things getting? Who was in it for what reasons? Those questions finally got answered, but it seems now we are asking ourselves the same about her work with Eyal.

WIll Annie Help?

In no way can they repeat the same outcome in back-to-back stories. Because both Annie and Simon let their personal relationship take the lead over their professional one, I can't see that being the case with her and Eyal. That then leads us to wondering who is making this all about business.

Because we last saw Eyal lying to his boss about where Annie was living, and we know she doesn't want him getting too attached to the American, I can imagine that he is indeed letting his personal feelings for Annie get in the way of what his employer wants him to accomplish.

That means that I have to expect that Annie is going to end up using Eyal for the better of her company and her career. It will hurt me to no end if she somehow screws him over, but if she doesn't, everything will feel too much like the story we just watched unfold with Simon.

It will kill me if Eyal gets hurt in all of this. Oded Fehr plays the character in a way that is just so likable. When he walked into the DPD and that whistle blew for the start of the opening credits, it was extremely difficult not to smile from ear to ear.

The same is true for him meeting Auggie for the first time. Their witty banter, and then that giant bear hug, was great to see out of two of my favorite characters on the show.

Unfortunately, Eyal showing up and inviting Annie to stay at his D.C. apartment left our man Auggie in the dark when he went to see Annie at her house. I guess we will have to wait a bit longer to get a serious convo between A&A.

The other most interesting aspect of "Wishful Beginnings" was that Arthur and Joan finally got some more weight on their arcs. Joan ended the episode by walking with her man-friend into a meeting. Yes, that type of meeting. Next we may hear the words, "My name is Joan. I'm an addict."

What is her addiction, though? Will this cause a rift between her and Arthur? Was Arthur concerned about seeing her friend because they had a romantic past, like they made it seem at first? Or does he know that the guy was an addict like Joan, and he doesn't like seeing her with him?

The turn could bring out a number of interesting dynamics at the DPD, and I'm excited to watch them unfold. For the time being, it was really nice to see Arthur go out of his way to let Annie know how distraught Joan was about Annie being in trouble. He's a good guy.

With the exception of a couple of chase scenes between Annie and the guy trying to get the watch, it wasn't quite as pulse pounding as last week's return, but what did you all think of "Wishful Beginnings?" Did it excite you for the rest of season three? And which new directions are you most interested in?


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I love Oded Fehr..Eyal & Annie are terrific together!!


I think we are supposed to wonder what drug Joan is taking - definitely looked like a prescription bottle last week, so could be anything. Probably an old problem she has fallen back into with the stress of job, less than blissful marriage, and worry about Annie. I guess we will get more back story on Joan, as she said that Annie was repeating her old patterns, and we know she and Lena had very bad blood. We are also supposed to wonder about the relationship with Seth and how much Arthur might know. At least we now know what Seth was talking about several episodes when he asked Joan if she would be at a meeting later. Okay, folks, I'm done until next week. Enjoy!


Perhaps having Eyal evaluate Annie when she was in Israel was a Mossad idea and not CIA. I like Eyal, too, so I am hoping he will remain a "good guy." Tovah's character is manipulating him the way Lena handled Annie. Yes, too soon for Annie to have another love affair. Glad to hear her admit that she loved Simon.


Thanks, drh! Unfortunately, I live too far away from NYC to make it to Broadway, but good to know. Don't watch the criminal investigative shows, either, so I didn't know Tovah was on Law & Order.


@dp... Tova Feldshue is still on Broadway and was famously on the L&O Mother Ship as a fairly regular defense attorney ... She was on L&O pretty much once or twice a season all through 1990's and 2000's... According to IMDB, she also appeared in the very last L&O Criminal Intent but as an unnamed attorney but my guess the same as on the Mother Ship which by then


I would love to make Eyal a regular, as he is a refreshing addition to the time. Annie is a mess, she has not taken the time to heal from Simon, being in prison, and being shot. She can not even go home, and Eyal works 2-fold: she was shocked by the way he treated the asset, and it is best to not forget that he is Mossad. He is in love with Annie, and I think he also is lonely and he loves this feeling of camraderie with people and rescuing Annie brought them together. He said Mossad has cost him a great deal. I do not want to see the reverse her relationship w/Simon, that would be lame. When Joan said to Annie that she needs to remember that her friends are in the CIA. I am also surprised she did not mention Auggie; he has been her guardian angel,so many times. The only person who can put her back together is Auggie, but I think she will figure that out on her own. She is also extremely vulnerable, and it probably would have been better to have left her on that farm, even though that is not a walk in the park. The Mossad lady is using Annie's vulnerability to get, I do not know what from her. Eyal does not want her to be taken advantage of by anyone, as he did see her go home & leave, which is the real reason he took her to his place in DC, if that is even his real place. But he told Annie he was leaving, so she does not think she will be seeing him for a while. It would be a better choice to see our girl putting the pieces together and not being taken advantage of her. Also did anyone find it odd, that suddenly it seemed like, why was she w/Simon again? The best intel was what she learned in Cuba. Plus they asked her nothing about her ops while she was in prison, only what she learned from Simon. So we will see, how many eps are left?


I realized something when I was watching the episode last night why didn’t Annie called Auggie so she could have stayed with him last at his place knowing what she has been through Simon killed at her home, she almost died and killing Lena. I would have called my best friend right away and tell him If I could stay with you for the time being. Till she ready to deal with her traumatic ordeal she been through with Lena and Simon.


It's getting rather tiresome that Annie has a relationship with every operative with whom she works. I know she told the guy at the horse farm that the CIA wanted her to blur the lines between her personal and professional life, but she is supposed to be able to tell the difference. Lately every operation seems to have Annie making calf eyes with her spy counterpart, and the result is rather demeaning to Annie the professional. She's become the female James Bond, with a love interest in every case. Maybe the writers think that is the way to keep female viewers interested, but this female viewer would just like some good espionage and suspense with a hint of Augie in the background.


I don't know if people are just stupid or tired, but there is more than 1 pill in the world; asking what she's addicted to is a legitimate question. I'd like to think it's painkillers but it's probably a stimulant. I'm not worried about anything becoming repetitive, I just hope that Eyal is in as many episodes as possible; they could probably find a way to make him a main character if they wanted to.


I also wanted to make a comment about Joan which I was so shocked she was going to meetings for people who is addicted to Pills. Arthur was in the dark about it. I'm curious what Arthur will say about it and that guy Seth is he an old love interest of Joan. OH boy! I'm really curious how he, Joan and Arthur will play out in that sceneraio. I loved that I got to see Arthur's paternal side. I'm glad he told Annie that Joan was really distraught about what happened to her. I love the scene between Eyal and Auggie that was funny and cute. My favorite scene of that night. I was heartbroken about Auggie he was so happy to see his best friend back and Alive giving her a bear hug and been waiting to tell her how he feels about her. I was happy they had a few moments not many. I hope Auggie tells Annie how he feels about her soon! It is obvious now he loves Annie very much and he wants to let her know how he feels about her.

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