Covert Affairs Sneak Peeks: Held Hostage

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After a four-week hiatus, Covert Affairs Season 2 returns tomorrow night with one of its more intense episodes.

Titled "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide," the installment will find Annie inside a Russian prison, interrogated and - as teased in the following USA Network promo - in the serious trouble.

Look for Auggie, Joan and Arthur to work with an old friend in an attempt to bring their agent home safely.

We've also posted a series of clips from the episode, all wrapped up in a single video. Check it out now and marvel at Piper Perabo's linguistic skills:

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Most USA tv shows should really work on their Russian language..I mean I get that there would be an accent and such, but really? it just offended me in the episode about Lena and Annie, where they supposedly spoke Russian..I don't know which language it was but definitely not Russian...=(
I mean there are enough Russian speakers in USA to teach few phrases..=(


Being as tomorrow night is the second presidential debate......I feel they should have held off till next week.....but, oh well, I'll set my DVR......

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