Gossip Girl's Dair: It's Over

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If the deluge of eye-popping Gossip Girl spoilers from last week didn't give it away (most likely it did), the controversial romance of Dan and Blair is not being rekindled before the show takes its final bow this fall.

On the heels of these revelations comes a report from E! Online that "the duo formerly known as Dair will barely be interacting in the first half of the season" and "that romance is officially dunzo. For real."

Sorry, Dair Nation. There's always the back half of Gossip Girl Season 5.

Can they still salvage their relationship as friends? Will they at least achieve the kind of closure that Dan deserves after the end of last season? What was your favorite Dair moment? Tell us below.

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Yay for Chair endgame. But seriously WTF with season 6 so far???? Season 5 was bad enough but this nonsense is really bordering on insane. If it wasn't for the chairytale ending I would've stopped tuning in!


@Ms_E That's my favorite Dair moment too, when Blair finally realized the giant mistake she made and went back to Chuck. My other favorite moment was when Dan loved Blair for every single manipulative thing she did and never judged her. Oh wait, that was Chuck!


My favorite Dair moments were that time when he didn't try to sell her for a hotel. Also that time when he didn't try to rape a 15-year-old girl on a rooftop. Oh hey, remember that time he didn't have sex with her and then reject her and compare her to a horse? Or that time he didn't push her up against a wall, punch some glass and cut her face? That was great! I can accept a lot from shows and their f**ckery but at this point I'm not so much a Dair fan as I am a fan of Blair being in a non-abusive relationship. Oh sure, he's been all stiff, sweet words this season, but the fact that it's just been so long since Chuck last tried to rape a girl doesn't equal growth.


My favourite Dair moment was when Blair finally chose Chuck for good


Nonsense called Dair had never should have happened! Dair was totally ruined the characters of Dan and Blair. The best news is that Dair ship has finally sunk forever! The most beautiful scene in season 5 - sex between Serena and Dan, after a three year break the first time they had sex and it was excellent, unlike the drunken Dan and Blair!


Who is dair?


suck on that dair trolls


its old and boring.
of course I'll keep watching, hoping all loose ends will be tied up, at this point I'm just watching it for georgina and dan. my last hope is that dan and serena won't be endgame but they probably will so meh. :( I'm so unhappy with how all of this is playing out.
sorry, needed to vent.


I loved the idea of dair but the way it played out from 518 on was awful. the predictable bad sex, the boring dialogues, all completely different from their awesome season 4-friendship. I can only imagine badgley's and meester's disappointment when reading those scripts, since they seemed to enjoy the banter and acting together so much. once they got together, it was suddenly gone and all interaction was forced.
all that just so blair eventually could reduce her feelings to intellectual stuff just so chair could happen again anytime. they didn't even have some kind of crisis that prevented them from working out, she just left and fell in love with chuck again for no reason at all. 'I realized my heart belongs to someone else now' my butt, it obviously never did.
I can't believe the writers did this, I wish dair just wouldn't have happened at all rather than like this.
And need I say anything about chair, which i used to love as much as the next watcher? excuses, excuses, excuses, its old and boring.
of course I'll keep watching, hoping all loose ends will be tied up, at this point my only hope is that dan and serena won't get together, but they probably will so meh.
sorry, needed to vent.


I love Dair, and I love Chair. But I hate how GG writers eff-ed up both of those couples for me... Dair did'nt get a proper closure, and they are keeping Chair apart by some stupid 'obstacles'...

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