Gossip Girl's Dair: It's Over

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If the deluge of eye-popping Gossip Girl spoilers from last week didn't give it away (most likely it did), the controversial romance of Dan and Blair is not being rekindled before the show takes its final bow this fall.

On the heels of these revelations comes a report from E! Online that "the duo formerly known as Dair will barely be interacting in the first half of the season" and "that romance is officially dunzo. For real."

Sorry, Dair Nation. There's always the back half of Gossip Girl Season 5.

Can they still salvage their relationship as friends? Will they at least achieve the kind of closure that Dan deserves after the end of last season? What was your favorite Dair moment? Tell us below.

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I read that Dan helped shape Blair into a mature woman who would be able to have a much more mature relationship with Chuck so viewing the dair relationship that way makes it easier to accept even though I think that Blair felt that she owed Dan a chance at a relationship because of his friendship and loyalty and even though she does have feelings for him she never felt the same for him as she does Chuck


Things I don't understand:
This "he loved the version of her in his book". HE WROTE THE BOOK AFTER BECOMING FRIENDS WITH BLAIR. IT'S NOT LIKE HE CAME UP WITH THESE THOUGHTS ON HIS OWN. Plus, isn't the version of Blair in his book pretty close to Blair? Serena said "You only loved the Blair in your book" when she was trying to convince Dan that the *real* Blair was awful. So, are you proposing that the real Blair *is* actually awful? And nothing like the Blair in Dan's book? OR WHAT? You're saying the real Blair *isn't* fiercely strong, independent, outspoken, beautiful, capable of anything?


no he did not love her for her, he loved the version of her he wrote in the book and if he really did love her Serena's manipulation or not, he still cheated which btw Chuck has never done (before utter Jenny, the other freeloading Humphrey, Chuck and Blair were broken up) and here is continue laying on guilt as if he hadn't done anything wrong. Blair has been lost since she lost Yale and season 5 was definitely lowest she ever had been as character and Dan took part in it by playing along with delusions and almost cost her mother's company in the process (yes that was on Dair as they shouldn't been making out all in public). Both were very ignorant of what was going on with their friends (which is very un-Blair like despite her bitchy tendencies). More bad than good came from Dair union and lets hope damage can be prepared.
Now I say this as someone I could have liked Dair had it been written properly and the writers not pulled BS that contradicted what had happen in the series and Blair being very bi-polar didn't help.

Elise of the upper east side

DUH!! should've never happened anyway and I'm pretending (for my sanity) that it never did :) CB forever!!!!!!!!!


"That girl is, fiercely strong, independent, outspoken, beautiful, capable of anything, and no man or magazine should be able to take that away from her." - because it is irrefutable evidence that Dan loved Blair for who she was. That girl is lost again in season 6, but I'm thankful Dair reminded us.


favour dair moment? when they were just friends ;)


it scares me the chair vs dair of this fandom...
can you guys just like what your like and let the other be?


How preditable are Chair fans, though?
Good lord.


Dair should end up as bffs.. i mean since serena and blair are hopefully done for good.. dan and blair can be forever happy as best friends..


I'm so glad the Dair nightmare is over.. to those of you who thought that Dair was gonna be endgame were just deluding themselves. Chair is forever!!
My favorite moment was when they were over lol, it was the first time in the whole season that Blair used her brain for once..

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