Darby Stanchfield to Reprise Role on Castle

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Something scandalous is headed to Castle.

Or someone scandalous, we should say, as Scandal actress Darby Stanchfield has booked a return to her fellow ABC series.

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TV Guide broke the news: Stanchfield will appear as Meredith in a January episode that finds Rick Castle boxed in by the women in his life.

With Alexis falling ill just prior to her planned European vacation, Meredith will move in to Castle's apartment to care for her daughter… at the same time Beckett's apartment is being fumigated. 

Sounds like Castle's biggest nightmare? Just wait until you see what happens to him on Monday's "Probable Cause."

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omg just that little description got me beyond excited for this episode!


Certainly looking forward to this one!


so that story line will be shown in january?

Sue ann

Great premise!!! A smart Castle would rent a suite at the Plaza and move into it with Beckett, while Meredith tends to Alexis. Of course, that will not happen....


OMG, OMG, OMG...LOL, LOL, LOL - Oh Canada - what are we doing to this poor man? Four women under one roof is akin to an accident waiting to happen...these four...A TSUNAMI...of major proportions...LOL, LOL, LOL - sorry, I can not help it. Poor ALEXIS - poor CASTLE - BECKETT get your gun & MARTHA...double martinis would be good & go great with our DEEP FRIED TWINKY MEREDITH :)
cheryl - I agree with you - Beckett...keep your man close


Gonna be a great episode! Can't wait to see Beckett's face the 1st time Meredith calls Castle...kitten! Poor Castle....I'm sure Martha will be around! Beckett keep your man close....Meredith will be up to no good!


Okay - the premise ALONE made me laugh out loud. Poor Castle LOL

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