Elementary Review: Nemesis In Training

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There must be some sort of hazing or rite of passage all crime shows go through where they must feature a story that utilizes the over-used trope of the “victim” actually being the mastermind behind the crimes.

However, even when I had a guess at what the twist was going to be on "Child Predator," it didn't diminish the overall story, as both Jonny Lee Miller and Johnny Simmons (Adam Kempler) did a fantastic job with their banter.

Sherlock at Home

I wonder if we will see Kempler again. His foreshadowing that he will be out quickly certainly seems to hint at it. While he is no Moriarty, it would be a nice step that direction if Holmes had a second round with a character as smart as him. 

On the Holmes and Watson front, I loved how the latter was able to contribute a bit by showing Holmes how to stretch to stay away. I was a little worried at the beginning of the episode when he kept telling her not to talk; a big part of what I’m enjoying about this show is the two-way exchanges. 

Of course, all was right with the world by the end when she removed enough stimuli that he passed out sitting against the chair, just him and Angus. I know how he feels; I too seem to have two modes: full-speed and unconscious. 

Overall, it was a well done episode as it did a great job of showing how clever Holmes could be even against someone who got the better of him briefly. As the show begins to hit its stride, these are the episodes that become the meat and potatoes to help sustain it. 

So I wonder when we will get our next classic Sherlock Holmes character. A betting reviewer would say November Sweeps would make the most sense. That leaves the real question is who will it be: Irene Adler? Moriarty? Mycroft? Who do you think should be the next re-imagined character? Sound off below!


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As I've said before, as a procedural, this show is pretty good. As a Holmes adaptation, I still say....NO. Hubby and I discussed whether or not Kempler was going to be the stand-in for Moriarty, as well. We feel like he's simply too young, but maybe that would be the brilliance of it.


I totally would love to see a Mycroft in here but thats one area where I am going to find it nearly impossible to not compare this and Sherlock. Then again thats what I thought about the show in general and by the time I finished the first episode I realized I hadn't compared them once and that I loved this just as much as Sherlock. Irene is a pretty easy charactor to keep from comparing (they all look pretty much the same too!) and they should wait a little bit to introduce moriarty. Maybe for the end of season arc? If they waited until season two I wouldn't object though. On a completely unrelated subject I think that eventually (meybe not until season two) something has to happen to Watson. I don't mean they should kill her off (that would be horrible!) I mean that she should get kidnapped or shot or something like that so we can see how Sherlock reacts. Obviously, though, this will have to wait until Sherlock and Watson have become friends and care about eachother a little more. Maybe in 6 months once Watson quits being his doctor or whatever and still keeps solving cases with him.




Best episode so far but the series is still so-so for me.


Jamie, watch Primal Fear (1996) or The Usual Suspects (1995) these two movies pioneered the way for the trope. Most current crime dramas (CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, etc) have all used it in a story, where the seemingly innocent victim is really the main criminal or has replaced the main criminal.. As I said, even knowing it was coming, I still enjoyed the episode very much.


I like this show and love the slow progress toward making Holmes and Watson a team. Love the stories and the actors are wonderful.

Sue ann

I watched this show last night because Brian Williams's NBC show premise left me cold, and I was too lazy to turn off the television. I liked it well enough to then go watch the first two episodes, which I had NOT watched. It's kind of weird, but interesting. But I agree. The load of political correctness and touchy-feely propaganda to which the shows these days subject the viewers can be overwhelming. Every show seems to have at least one resident psychiatrist. I suppose having Dr. Watson having killed a patient is just the setup for having her be an addict nanny now. However, it is precisely the same setup as having Dana Delaney's character become a medical examiner on Body of Proof. Is there some reason why these shows play "monkey see, monkey do" all the time? No creativity left in Hollywood?


The ratings for Elementary were 10.8. That's great -- so, they're getting lots of viewers. A very slight drop off from the CBS shows from 8PM - 10PM, but 9.0 is a hit show and anything over 8.0 is probably guaranteed renewed for the whole season or next season too. My personal hope then is that these kind of ratings will allow the show to grow into its concept. I meant to thank comments from others on earlier episodes that let me know about the show "Sherlock." I was able to get the first two seasons from the library and loved it! Thanks!


@Jennifer -- Thanks for your comments on mine! In part, I maybe didn't say what I meant, possibly. I wasn't after the words from the books ever being said, but was sort of missing (so far) the enthusiasm, the love of the game (or the chase). Your thoughts on "modern" also made me consider that the show may reflect that our modern thinking is that it may be politically incorrect to chase criminals enthusiastically rather than soberly with the gravity being conveyed constantly on how horrible crime is (Ok, putting it melodramatically). And maybe they didn't mean this, maybe they're just stuck not being able to be any less serious.


@Keith. I agree with you somewhat. Not a big fan of Lucy's wardrobe, but, on the other hand, the "Holmesian" phrases you mentioned are too cliche at this point. No one in the 21st century would actually say stuff like that. If they had him say it, it would lose credibility as a "modern" re-imagining of the Holmes character. We still have his brilliant mind, we still have Watson, we still have the violin, and I'm sure other classic Holmes elements will appear in due time. Let's leave the 19th-century lingo in the 19th century.

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Elementary Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Watson: So what now? We go back to the Castillo house and talk to the parents more?
Sherlock: You're doing it again - talking.
Watson: What? I'm not supposed to talk?
Sherlock: Situations like these cases require my total concentration. I talk to you, never the other way around.

For future reference. When I say I agree with you, it means I'm not listening.