Fringe Preview: Joshua Jackson Teases the Season's Second Act

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Consider yourself warned, Fringe fans: this Friday's "The Bullet That Saved the World" will alter the situation for the team going forward.

Last month, TV Fanatic visited the Fringe set in Vancouver (trip provided by Warner Bros. TV) to interview the cast and Joshua Jackson tipped us off that something big was going to happen to Peter in Episode 4, with John Noble providing further insight into a reunion that takes place.

Finding a Mine Shaft

Spoiler warning: They don't reveal any specific plot points, but if you don't want to know anything about the episode, don't watch the following trailer or read any comments.

If the preview is any indication, Peter looks to be knocked out or possibly even dead. This is Fringe, so anything is possible. Heck, Olivia's been shot in the head twice and still around.

Jackson revealed the format of the season with hints about Friday's episode:

"Joel [Wyman] has talked to [the cast] ... about treating this season as sort of a three-act show. So [episodes] one through four are our first act. Then something big happens at the end of four, which launches us into the ... second piece.

"Which takes one of our characters into a direction that people will probably be pretty excited about but is not good for that character. And then what is discovered in here is the laying in of the end-game for Fringe."

When asked about Peter's greatest challenge in the season, Jackson responded: "You’ll have to ask me again after you see episode four, adding: "There’s pretty major revolutions through this three-act play that we’re doing, but for him there’s a pretty major shift that comes after four ... Dun dun dun...."

Between Jackson's comments and the "The Bullet That Saved the World" trailer, I'm quite nervous to watch this Friday. One potential positive is that Broyles returns. Noble teased the reunion between Broyles and his former Fringe team:

"That was very touching. Particularly for Olivia and Broyles, because Broyles has aged, and the rest of us have stayed as we were. So it was quite touching. Not knowing which side he's on or who he is working for, and he doesn't know himself where his loyalties lie."

Do you have any guesses as to what will happen on "The Bullet That Saved the World?" Are you as nervous about it as I am? 

Make sure to stop back here as soon as the episode ends to read Carissa's Fringe review and discuss what happened.

And check out the trailer titled "Resist."

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"If anyone would wonder why so many viewers stopped watching Fringe after season 3, this is it." Right, that's why the biggest drop happened between 4.01 and 4.02, when Peter was still missing and Olivia was the only main character. That must mean the lack of Peter and too much Olivia is the reason why viewers stopped watching if I applied your logic. Unfortunately for you, your personal tastes have nothing to do with ratings.


yeah I haven't been making any effort to watch this last season.
Not my thing.
I wanted to see Peter and Olivia happy in love and go through having a child.
maybe bring back the other universe. While beating the bad guys.
What did I get? Peter and Oliver broken up and frozen in amber. How many years later?
If the writers can't even let us see Peter and Olivia happy then not for me.


Next time you are going to speak Josh Jackson could you please explain to him that the plot device on Fringe (aka McGuffin) is Olivia Dunham. He always complains about not getting writing, yet the fact is that S1 was about Walter and Peter, S2 was about Peter and Walter, and from the midseason 3 it was all about Peter. And surprise surprise S5 will be even more about Peter.
(set spoilers included) If anyone would wonder why so many viewers stopped watching Fringe after season 3, this is it. Anna Torv ,amazing zctress, creates a beautiful Olivia from nothing, pity that she has been underused so much.

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