Gossip Girl Finale Rumor: Do Chuck and Blair Have a Kid?!

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While Gossip Girl Season 6 premiere spoilers abound, the series endgame is still largely a mystery. With 10 episodes to go, your guess is as good as ours how things play out before the show takes its final bow.

Here's a little teaser regarding the final episode, though: A three-year-old boy with dark hair and eyes has been cast on it. Could be nothing, but you don't see a lot of toddlers on Gossip Girl, so it makes you wonder ...

Could there be a flash forward in the GG series finale? And the little guy is their son?

Just one theory, among other possible explanations. Dorota just had her second child, a son, and there's also Georgina's son Milo, once believed to be Dan's offspring. So the Chair baby idea is pure speculation.

Who do you think it is, and how do you want the series to end? Discuss!

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Please, let it be true. That would be the perfect ending. Something like: "yeah, over these past 6 years it was all about drama and scheming, but now, after 3 other years we have grown up and have our own families". Well, if there should be GG 2.0, they could do that with the old characters' children. That would be even better, because we could see not only the old characters, but also the new ones!
In any case, yes, it could be Milo, but I'm really hoping it isn't. And, shouldn't Milo be supposed to have blue eyes? If I remember well, he had blue eyes...
@Zoran, I don't think it's the same kid you're referring to, since he's older. I think he's ten, more or less...


@Marco: thanks for your comments about mine. But I think it's no necessary to wait for so long: skip forward or time flies technique would solve that. (Sometimes I think I'd do a better job for GG than Safran did. That bastard! LoL) but yeah either way I'd like a another generartion or just one more season, to redeem the disaster of 5th season! In name of Gossip Girl'sake! And I WANT MY GOSSIP GIRL MOVIE! don't mind wait 3 or 4 years but no more than that. And what about Gossip Girl:the Musical? No? Don't wanna sing? Okey. But consider the fandom would pay whatever you ask for watch that show, just saying....hahahaha.


And if they are gotta make a new generation they should wait maybe 8 years from now maybe 10 who knows.. but they should have a movie four years from now soo we actually see how their lives are and by then it'll actually be ten years of gossip girl because it started in 2007 so maybe 4 to 5 years from now they should make a movie .. then like wait 2 or 5 years to make a new generation :3


@Viola Lee
I so agree with you like their only 22 in the show and if they have kids and get married its liek WTF? Gossip girl is all about partying and scheming. But now their all grown up its all about the partying and the scheming and jobs but NO FAMILY. Like their all young and rich why have that straight away? and I WANT A NEW GENERATION too and tbh I want the new generation to not have all of them relate to the original characters maybe just have like one character that is related to them I think Dorta's baby would make such a perfect outsider like her mum is a maid from the upper east side, but he or she lives in Queens like you know.. it would be perfect but if they do have a new generation they shouldn't make everyone from the previous series related to the new one and try not to make it seem like the original series. To me I think if it's possible Chuck's baby brother maybe? who knows if he has one or Dorta's son or daughter plus we need TWINS :D...


@Zoran noo noo I'm talking about that rumour that went around just before the season finale of season 5 Delvin Rhodes. It's fake but it was about Lola's mum sleeping with Bart Bass and then we found more about it like how Delvin is in England with Jenny; how he was Georgina's ex from boarding school and how he looked just like Bart Bass but a younger version and then we find out that Bart Bass was actually alive haha lol .It was fake but my point was is reminds me of that rumor that Bart Bass had another child. And I never post any revenge spoilers I watch the show but .. I dont look at spoilers for it. It is just liek gossip girl but darker way darker


@ Marco, I remember your information about Dekline, but I think it has nothing to do with the child, but to do with the Revenge series, which stars Connor Paolo, ie. Erik in the GG series and Dekline in the series Revenge! The series is great, I watched season 1, a bit like a GG and is happening in the Hamptons, although filmed in LA.


@ Gerardo, @ Jay, I think you're right. When we commented this the other day, we all have forgotten that Georgina has a son, Milo, who has exactly 3 years, since he was born at the beginning of season 4. It could easily be in the running a scheme using Georgina her child, like at the beginning of season 4. Or what would be even better, at the end of a series NJBC with Dan informed the mobster’s woman and Georgina has to go away to an unknown destination. Remember, only Dan knows that the Milo was son of mobster and Georgina, and that the mobster woman wanted to kill the Georgina and her son at the beginning of season 4. Add that the information about the child probably came when pictures from the set came out in which Georgina sitting on a park bench next to her, a child who is holding the ball in his hands.


No, no kids and no wedding plz. I don't love that idea...it's something we see all the time in movies and other tv series, the family kind ones is acceptable but in GG it's like taking all the glamour and beauty off! Although I would like if it's non legitimate son of Bart... Or even Chuck when was little. I'd like a new generation of GG but no necesary related with the actual characters, but we can bring back Jenny, Eric, Milo at fifteen. Or even Dorota's babies! But no a chairie baby, that's no how should be end, sounds so an old lady' stuff!


@christine I know yeah it will suck if they did do that -.- ugh I kinda don't want them to because like if they did its like sayin yep gossip girl is done and there is no way that they will make another season which is true but like you know we don't want to know what happens striaghtaway that's basically giving us the hint that they don't want no part of it anymore.... And OH MY GOD YESSSS if Bart Bass had a 3 year old son that would be awesome >< because like then it means chuck have a little brother and that kinda reminds me of that whole Devlin rumour that went around before hahahha but like if Bart did have a kid that's good ... It gives me hope that maybe one day there will be a new generation :D I WANT A FREAKING MOVIE AND NEW GENERATION :D


Did we forget already that Georgina, dark-haired Georgina, has a son?

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