Gossip Girl Finale Set Photos: Major Spoilers Ahead!

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WARNING: Do not continue reading this if you want to avoid what looks like a major spoiler.

WARNING: We're serious, this is quite possibly the mother of Gossip Girl finale spoilers.

WARNING: There's really no going back from here. You can't unsee this stuff.

Is everybody clear on this? Okay ...

Earlier, we noted Chuck Bass' absence from the NYC set of the Gossip Girl series finale.

That appears to be premature. A new image appears to show Chuck very much alive.

And then some. He's in a white suit, standing with a beautiful girl in a dazzling gown.

Check out what appears to be Chuck and Blair's wedding in Central Park ...

Gossip Girl Finale Set Pic!

A TV Fanatic also reader writes this morning that Chuck is taken away by police at the end of the scene, so there's that. Obviously, we can't verify if this actually happens or if it does, what the circumstances are.

There have been dream sequences before, and there could be again. Just saying.

We'll leave it to you, Gossip Girl fans, to guess what comes to pass and how.

Is this the fairy tale ending Chair fans have been longing for? Discuss!

UPDATE, 10/16: Check out the new, high-quality images below ...

Chair Wedding
GG set pic finale

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blair is not wearing a wedding dress and serena would never dress like that if she knew that blair is wedding, so i think this is a surprise wedding.


An insider from the G.G. set has said that Dan and Serena are, in fact, getting married, but that he is not just playing her, but that he does in fact love her as much as he did before. That kind of love doesn’t go away. Their wedding will take place in a flash forward…and while, at first, Dan may be playing Serena, he actually does love her by the time they get married.
As for Blair and Chuck, they will get married, and Henry is theirs. The wedding will be in the present, but the scenes with the child will be a flash forward to Dan and Serena’s wedding. That is why, in the previous paragraph, I mentioned that Dan actually does love Serena. Henry will most likely be the ring bearer at their wedding.
The plane crash will involve speculation, and while my friend on the set has not mentioned who (officially) will be killed yet, I can say for sure that it will be either Nate or Bart.
PS- As there has been no photos of Nate at Dan and Serena’s wedding, and there have been of all the other characters, we can assume that Nate dies in the plane crash. He would be at Dan and Serena’s wedding if he wasnt dead, as he is one of the closest friends of the couple.


blair is wearing a hideous frock and dan is clapping. i am not amused


finally they're getting this over with... judging by the smile on Dan's dace he's cool with everything now


Ok i have had enough of this, these writers are toying with us!!!! None of us know wat is going to happen...... so lets wait and see. P.S for the chair haters out there, dont make your wants known, it will only embarass you.


If there was ever a character that needed to end the show single it is Blair Waldorf. I was honestly hoping that her relationship with Dan would be the last one that would make her realize that she can be and needs to be strong on her own. But to go back to Chuck and marry him? Two husbands before 22? They're all just kids, why are these writers so hellbent on ending the show with weddings and babies for people still in their early twenties who clearly have a lot of growing up to do? With shipper goggles on it's easy to be all giddy over this, but if you take them off and look at this objectively (and logically) all of this is just intensely ridiculous.


The more I think about it I think the Serena and Dan wedding is a foiler I'm thinking that she's a bridesmaid at a wedding that Chuck suprises Blair with since their first wedding wasnt her fairytale wedding just a theory


Like that's not a wedding dress, you're supposed to be in fashion and that's what she picks out! A gerbil can do better!!


This is so tacky and disgusting! Really Chuck why are you wearing pink shoes! And the tux is atrocious to my eyes, it's making them bleed! And Blair looks ugly, Serena's wedding and appearance looks much much better!


Oh my f-ing God! Finally the Chairytale all of us chair shippers have been patiently waiting for! And baby Bass is the icing on the cake! Hope this is not a dream sequence!

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