Gossip Girl Finale Set Photos: Major Spoilers Ahead!

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WARNING: Do not continue reading this if you want to avoid what looks like a major spoiler.

WARNING: We're serious, this is quite possibly the mother of Gossip Girl finale spoilers.

WARNING: There's really no going back from here. You can't unsee this stuff.

Is everybody clear on this? Okay ...

Earlier, we noted Chuck Bass' absence from the NYC set of the Gossip Girl series finale.

That appears to be premature. A new image appears to show Chuck very much alive.

And then some. He's in a white suit, standing with a beautiful girl in a dazzling gown.

Check out what appears to be Chuck and Blair's wedding in Central Park ...

Gossip Girl Finale Set Pic!

A TV Fanatic also reader writes this morning that Chuck is taken away by police at the end of the scene, so there's that. Obviously, we can't verify if this actually happens or if it does, what the circumstances are.

There have been dream sequences before, and there could be again. Just saying.

We'll leave it to you, Gossip Girl fans, to guess what comes to pass and how.

Is this the fairy tale ending Chair fans have been longing for? Discuss!

UPDATE, 10/16: Check out the new, high-quality images below ...

Chair Wedding
GG set pic finale

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cont. Don't get me wrong, Blair's dress is beautiful but it should be a party dress, why are they using it on a wedding (btw, further proof this was rushed and not a dream sequence). And CB don't get a decent wedding party or celebration? Also, there is a rumor that Bart is GG? That's insane. Also, I hope they better give us a good explanation about why Georgina is there (at least she looks bored, which is more in character for her, but still that doesn't explain why she's there). Jack being there, mixed feelings, they better explain us Chuck's family history by then. Dan being ok with it, I'm not a Dair fan as you know but based on last night, something pretty good has to happen to justify a 180 in Dan's feelings toward CB from last night to the finale. And they better make Nate and Serena the best man and maid of honor (as per fans, Jack has the rings?).


I know I should be simply happy for this and enjoy it, but a part of me has the following complaints: after all these years waiting for this, why we only get to have a rushed wedding, and the cops taking the groom and possibly the bride away? Even if that gets cleared out pretty quickly (per some fans, thanks to the fact GG leaks the truth about Bart's death or reveals who is GG), why their wedding day has to have this damper? Also, why is production letting all these pics get leaked? If this is a dream sequence, they better have a major wedding under tight wraps and they better be fooling us all, because worst than this, is skipping the wedding part. Also, why can't these girls get traditional wedding dressess? Granted, maybe not such much in Blair's case (because Blouis ruined it, although precisely because Blouis ruined it we should get the grand dress for the CB wedding) but Serena also gets a dress good in cut, but crazy in color? Don't get me wrong, Blair's dress is beautiful but it should be a party dress, why are they using it on a wedding (btw, further proof this was rushed and not a dream sequence). And CB get a decent wedding party or celebration? Also, there is a rumor that Bart is GG? That's insane.


Ok, Internet has been exploding between yesterday and today with these pics and the DS pics that also look like a wedding, 5 years into the future, inside a townhouse that could be Chuck and Blair's, and that's why Jenny and Eric are back. There haven't been any indications that the kid spotted on set today (dressed in Chuck's style, btw) reportedly named Henry, is of Eva's (or Milo for that matter), but rather Chuck and Blair's kid. As per the fans, the cop not only takes away Chuck, but also asks Blair to come with them. As per the fans, this is all related to Bart's death (based also on the video filmed by a fan 400 ft away of the Empire rooftop and posted in youtube like a week ago, plus last week filming pics of a body in a sidewalk). The CB wedding would be rushed because they knew the cops were comming and that's why the wedding party was not properly dress, but Eleanor, Dorota and Lily were also there.


even if this is just a dream sequence, there must a happy ending for chair, it just has to be, no eva baby, just a pure happy ending like the one from season 2


@Zoran, Eleanor IS at the wedding. She is in the pics I saw yday. I believe on the Chuck and Blair thread on the forums, if not it was on not the gg writers. She is standing like she is matron of honor. And I do not want the baby to be his with Eva, I want it to be Blairs, as it should be.


Your point is true, but something must have had happened to Eva in order for Blair to become the mother, and Eva had a very fair skin blue eyes and blond her this little boy is a brunette just like Chuck and Blair... So not so sure...
And I saw a photo of Humpbry in a suit which he looks like a groom in it and Eric and Jenny are back so there may be a Humphrey wedding?! Possibly with Serena?! That's gonna be awkward!


Of course this is a dream that dreams of Blair, because her stepfather Cyrus can not to marry her to Chuck. Besides in the picture there is not Blair's mother Eleanor. I doubt that Eleanor would missed her daughter's wedding, as she has not done that in season 5! But do not worry Chair fans it will be a wedding between Blair and Chuck, it is 100% certainly!


@IwantChairendgame, If it is true that the name of child is Henri, then the child is of Chuck and Eva. And then it all makes sense, because in the season 5 Chuck agreed to raise a Blair’s child who was of another man to show that he has grown and changed, and now this will have to do the same Blair to show that she has grown and changed.


this is all i needed to see http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvs...


If the name of the baby is Henry how do we know the kid is not Evas and not Blairs, it would also explain that the child is 3 years old in the finale. It would suck to see Chuck and Eva end together but why would the producers name the child Henry is not Evas? HEnry is the name Chuck used when he was with her!

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