Gossip Girl Photos & Synopsis: "Dirty Rotten Scandals"

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On the third episode of Gossip Girl Season 6, Blair is feeling the pressure to make her first Waldorf Designs fashion show a success, and in turn must rely on help from an unlikely source.

Of course, some unexpected scheming causes a scandal on the runway.

Meanwhile, Serena discovers that befriending Steven’s daughter Sage is trickier than she thought, especially when she is forced to put her issues with Blair aside to make Sage happy. Also, Nelly Yuki's there!

Nate publishes Dan’s first serialized article, causing a stir and producing a serious threat, and Chuck begins to look into the clue that Amira left behind, which may help uncover what Bart is hiding.

The episode airs October 22, following the Season 6 premiere "Gone Maybe Gone" October 8 and "High Infidelity" October 15. Click to enlarge images from "Dirty Rotten Scandals" below ...

BFFs at Odds?
Serena and Nelly
Waldorf Designs
Arms Are Crossed
Serena Struts Her Stuff
Steven and Serena
Great Dress Blair
Miss B Pic
The Man Loves His Purple
Yeah, Those Legs ...
B Smiles
Serena and Steven Photo
B and S in the Final Season
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So my mother, who watches Gossip Girl periodically suggest that maybe Bart is hiding another son from chuck. I know I know , the guy in the photo was clearly African American. But didn't Bart have a relationship with Russell Thorpe's wife??? ALL of the pieces are falling together! No? That, or Bart Bass just might be Gay !


So they're still fighting by episode 3? Nice.


I dont know about you but Im getting kind of annoyed that every episode is getting leaked... there's only 10 episodes and Id like each and every one to shock me!


but i think blair need 2 go back 2 nate ad serena 2 dan y jenny 2 chuck if she luv 2 but av alway knw blair 2 b d sexgal


This "unlikely source" better be Jenny Humphrey and NOT IVY.! or anyone else.


The break from gossip girl has been a nightmare. Bring on Monday 8th October for season 6.


after a fiasco of the last season i do hope they redeem the series...


Oh my god just hurry up and start the faster you start already the better but then again once you start next week that means that's when I go back for my last term if school -.- ugh hw -.


I have faith this season will redeem the series