Gossip Girl Producers Ask: Who IS Gossip Girl?

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Who is Gossip Girl? For five years, that's been the secret she'll never tell.

This fall, however, the show's biggest mystery will finally be revealed!

In a new promo teasing the final season, which gets underway Monday night, executive producers Stephanie Savage and Sara Goodman promise that by the end of the 10-episode farewell, we will have our answer.

The cast members themselves are asked for their theories, which include:

  • Dan
  • Jenny
  • Dorota
  • Blake Lively's dog Penny
  • Vogue editor Anna Wintour 

Pretty fun promo, and pretty cool that they're going to answer the question at all. Who do YOU think Gossip Girl is? Someone we know or a character we haven't seen before? Share your guesses below!

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@ G. Singular, again, you're wrong, because after Dan, entering the room Blair and Jenny, and then all the other graduates. I realize you hate Dan, but that does not mean that Dan is GG! GG has to be a person who is older, so I think the GG Dan’s mother or maybe Nate's mother!


i always thought it was dan or dorota.. but now i feel like its someone else


OMG, I really hope it's K.Bell (whoever she's playing) :))


Can't be Dan, they're trying to make us belive is him. Is quite obvious if he is! Is a sure suspect but he wrote a book and isn't necessary to him to back an anonymous one more time. I mean omnipresent GG is one step forward to everybody all the time, and with that in mind he could correct his errors before it happened and made more moves than anyone at the same time!That was Serena's conflict! And we know that guy needed more help than anyone in past or present. If he turns to be GG, would be 4me a big disappointment. He was lonely boy-ultimate insider-muppet the villian and now GG?! No.Sorry, I can't buy that!


It's Dan! I also remember the last episode of Season 2, when Serena sent message to GG meet her up at the room, then Dan stepped in, Nate went "You're (Dan) Gossip Girl?", then the excused that Dan used was that he just received the message and everyone at school.


Isn't Gossip Girl Kristen Bell, isn't the question is who is the character she is playing?


Okay it is V(built the site), she and Jenny also do the research, Little J, and Dan(writes the blog).


Nate FTW.


I think it is V, Little J, and Georgina. the GG team!


In love with this promo!!

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