Gossip Girl Producers Ask: Who IS Gossip Girl?

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Who is Gossip Girl? For five years, that's been the secret she'll never tell.

This fall, however, the show's biggest mystery will finally be revealed!

In a new promo teasing the final season, which gets underway Monday night, executive producers Stephanie Savage and Sara Goodman promise that by the end of the 10-episode farewell, we will have our answer.

The cast members themselves are asked for their theories, which include:

  • Dan
  • Jenny
  • Dorota
  • Blake Lively's dog Penny
  • Vogue editor Anna Wintour 

Pretty fun promo, and pretty cool that they're going to answer the question at all. Who do YOU think Gossip Girl is? Someone we know or a character we haven't seen before? Share your guesses below!

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it will ridiculous if its Dan.. i watched GG s4e10... gossip girl blast regarding serena while Dan talking to lily..so he is impossible.. unless writers mess up his character as psycho!


@ Marco, my point is not directed to Dan and Blair, they were a mistake that was not supposed to happen! As you know I am not a fan of Dan and Blair, nor will I ever be! The story of Dan and Blair in season 5 makes no sense except it leads to showdown between Serena and Blair, and nothing more. And of course the story of Dan and Blair is now finished forever!


@zora oh my god I never really noticed that ..... Dan did use Serena to get inside the upper east side and be close with Blair but like they didn't really make that clear because well the whole dair story came out of no more...... But like if it was that clearer I think the dair story would of been good..... I reckon the second half of the 5th season would of been good if it wasn't messy and if it was clear... I blame that guy ugh thank god his gone ..........


@ Viola Lee, I like your opinion that the GG is Nate. I am still convinced that the GG is older person, Dan’s mother or closer to what you said Nate's mother. But since in season 6 Dan will be the main villain, it unfortunately suggests that Dan is GG. I like opinions what the actors said, except what said an actress who plays Serena, as if she did not understand what she was asked! If she did not want to play in the season 6 then she did not had, and thus her character makes now no sense, as there is no sense to character Dan too! @ G. Singular, you're wrong again, Jenny would never have worked for Blair! From season 1 Jenny wanted to be equal to Blair, not to be subordinated to her. As for Nate and Serena, as Auselio already said Serena would go at sunset with Steven!


It is the end of the series and of course we need to know who the infamous GG is. I've already written about it and I think that GG is Nate’s mother or Dan's mother, for several reasons. However, after a disastrous season 5 and notice what kind of Dan will be in season 6, all suggesting is that GG will be at the end Dan. I think it's wrong, but after what Dan wrote about Serena, Blair and Rufus in the book Inside, and in particular how he will describe all of them in the new book Inside Out, everything points to the fact that Dan is GG! Foremost argument for it is his book. It seems that will eventually be discovered that Dan used Serena to enter the UES, he was never in love with her, but he used Serena to get closer to Blair who he loves from the beginning. Of course I'm against this, but the life turned story in this direction, because of producers, and by certain Mrs. and Mr. ... Dan is now the main villain and Serena and Dan will not be together in the end!

Spindae 2o

I got a feeling they will reveal it in ep09, and play with us in the season final! Hopefully!


I think it's kristen bell making a cameo !


"Sarah who do you think gossip girl is?"
"Oh I know who gossip girl is", " I do too"
WAHHHHHHH this gets me all the time it's like WHAT YOU KNOW WHO GOSSIP GIRL IS WHATTT!!!!!!!! AWHHHHHHHH Its really ending :(


Awhh so excited ... I don't mind who it is as long it's not Dorota because like I think that would be a let down like its unexpected and seems random but like whoever it is t better be a good unexpected and not random and be better someone that fits it ... Like I really feel like its Dan or Dorota now haha lol but I don't want it to be Dorota but I still wish Kristen bell would actually show herself... But I think what's gonna happen is Nate will find out who it is but won't expose her because without gossip girl there's nothing or something but they will us who it is but he just won't expose gossip girl ...


It should remain a mystery forever.

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