Gossip Girl Promo: Major Threats, Minor Problems

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In the CW's promo for next week's Gossip Girl, "High Infidelity," we see Chuck taking the fight to Bart ... and Nate possibly sleeping with an underage girl, then getting punched in the face by Steven. Standard.

It looks like the connection between Steven and Sage is revealed next week, while "Sabrina" makes her long-awaited return to New York as a board member of the Central Park Conservancy at its annual gala.

Meanwhile, Dan lands meetings with publishers, but must decide if he is willing to sacrifice his integrity in order to get published, and Blair finds Nelly Yuki of all people standing in the way of her fashion line's growth.

With only nine episodes to go, the stakes are high. Check out our review of the Gossip Girl season premiere, then watch the promo below and share your thoughts on how you think the final season will unfold.

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    Georgina and Dan need to be end up together in the final of series !


    9 more to go hmm why didn't they make it 12 or 18 eps? Like 18 eps is pretty much a whole season because like season 1 was 18 eps and plus that's pretty much a good thing right? Because it really looks like their rushing it -.- ugh which sucks ...

    I heard the finale ep is 2 hours long :/? And there will be a special :D I just want to get it on DVD already haha lol


    Agree completely. Am always utterly bemused by the 'fans' that need to jump on someone just because they have a difference of opinion. I, like you, used to love the show and I used to be a fan of Chair but it lost me awhile ago. I periodically drop in to see if something has radically altered and if its got good again but no luck so far. I expect that now I will have diverted all of the adverse attention your comment has garnered - sorry for that ;-)


    I express my opinion just like you do your. Look up "Freedom of speech" if you have a problem with it. I like the show for how ridiculous it is, if you have a problem with it too bad. At least I'm contributing to the ratings if that will make you happy. Have a lovely time hating on me! :>

    P.S: for the record I WAS a CHAIR fan but just like the couple a lot of the fans have gone cray-loopy so I don't wish to partake the way the chairios that commented @ me do!


    @peoplestillwatch? then why are you still here, gtfo and get a life.I am sorry but i can't watch a show if i hate it.


    @peoplestillwatch? If you hate gossip girl so much then stop commenting in OUR fan page how much you hate it. It;s stupid and you waste our time. You're probably a Dair fan that's bitter because Blair dumped his stupid muppet hair ass.
    And yes we will enjoy every last episode of the best romance ever in the history of TV.


    @peoplestillwatch, for someone who hates the show so much you sure do put a lot of effort into watching it, commenting on it, and reading it's blogs/updates. Not only that but from day 1 the show has been totally different then the books. Even the characters aren't the same, why would the author care? It's a different story w/a different ending. Get over it and turn the channel if you think it sucks so bad.


    Chillax Chairforever nobody is going to die over my comment. I'm allowed to voice an opinion just as you are allowed to love the 'epic' (*cough*) love story you subscribe to. If you don't like my comment, ignore it.
    I used to really enjoy this show as much as the next fan but to me GG ran out of good ideas long ago and now clearly recycles shit to get over the finish line. Enjoy your chairytale in the last episode. No hard feelings, learn to be more tolerant would be my advice.


    Why the fuck are you here if you hate it so much..


    Bart is such an unlikeable boring character, whatever he is hiding BETTER be good enough for a resurrection (doubt it though, unless he is gossip girl which would top off the laugh-ability of this show). I knew I should've stopped watching after the twentieth time Blair went back to her 'epic' love who fucking sold her for a hotel. Now we have some underage rape storyline (btw let me guess with this tidbit- "the connection between Steven and Sage is revealed"...one guess: he is her daddy- shock horror! *rolls eyes*)... and Dan's recycled scandalous book story...boring! Should've ended this crap long ago. That or made it into a comedy and allow it's actors shine and enjoy the crap they are given each episode.

    As bad as the Gossip Girl novels were, Cecily von Ziegesar ended them in a way that made sense and wasn't totally condescending. She must be unhappy with the TV version I imagine. I wish next week this ridiculous show would be over for the sake of it's fans to be honest.

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