Gossip Girl Series Finale Set Pics: Where is Chuck?

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Is Chuck Bass' absence from hundreds of Gossip Girl set photos surfacing online a cause for concern? Given that the show is currently filming its series finale, the speculation is running rampant.

There are countless images floating around (which we have not posted here due to copyright issues) that appear to show the gang in a somber mood, with Chuck nowhere to be found. So ...

GG Set Shot

Is it possible Ed Westwick's character dies? Or we're led to believe that he might have?

Not so fast. Other witnesses claim a scene was filmed at The Empire rooftop involving Chuck, Blair and Bart, with a body falling off the roof - most likely Bart's. Do we know if this rumor is at all valid?

It's impossible to say at this time, but you can draw your own conclusion. All we know right now is that Chuck does not appear in any season finale set pics that we've seen. Plot details are unclear.

There are many plausible explanations for why this is, but we'd caution against believing whatever buzz dominates the day's discussion. If and when we know more concretely, we'll pass it along!

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I don't think he dies..I think he is in prison. If you look at the pics of Chuck and Blair getting married, he is then taken away by a cop, immediately after they say their vows. Then, the pics of Serena and Dan getting married are years down the road, and baby Bass is at that wedding as ring bearer.


Nor die or go to jail? And married instead? How can you think Chuck ending like this could be a bit interesting? This will be the major letdown in the history of world' tv series finale! I mean I'd never like him so much but I respect his persona 'coz was interesting a good addition to spice GG, at moments you laugh of him, be proud of him, sad about him and angry becouse of him. He gave us so much. Is kinda cliche ending for him and bothers me.


Words cannot even begin to describe how happy I am that my favorite couple in TV history is finally tying the knot. From the Victor/Victrola episode, I knew Chuck and Blair were destined to live happily ever after. After looking at the pictures Blair looks beautiful in Ellie Saab and Chuck looks ever so dapper in an ethereal suit. As sad as I am that my favorite show is coming to an end I am very excited to see the series finale. It will start out and end with a BANG!!! XOXO!


Okay sorry guys about what I said but yeah chuck doesn't die just checked tumblr and if you don't believe us than go to ggwriters it has the best gossip girl info :3


just saw some pics on tumblr where B and C got married!!!!!!!! and cyrus wed them...omg so awesome!!! and if I saw right, Jack is chucks best man!!!


I just saw the pics of the wedding! I am super excited! They do get married and he IS there! When he kisses his bride, he dips her backwards for the kiss! Jack is standing up there as well as Dan. Cyrus was marrying them. It could be a flashback during the fast forward, but who cares cause I am too excited and know my Chair is endgame!!!!!!! Woo Hooo!

Queenb of ues

Chuck does not die! Do your homework and look some spoilers and you'll be able to piece it together pretty quick! :) Of course, there is always the possibility of a dream sequence but I'm about 99.9% sure that he is still alive and VERY well in the finale! @Spindae 2.o I've always thought that Serena would die in the series finale, too. Gossip Girl is meant to be dark, like Cruel Intentions and the Heathers. With Serena as the tragicically self destructive"It Girl", I've always thought that she would end up dead. But it looks like she's safe too and we all get our happily ever after.

Drea xoxo

btw 2) meant towards season finale wedding i feel its always rushed and the finale should be a montage of the show's development. smallvile tried and failed only DH did it justice and even then it still felt rushed.

Drea xoxo

1) they can't kill chuck it's like killing off harry in harry potter you just don't do it!! EVER!! 2) the writers yet again have let themselves down, they are not desperate housewives unless they make the finale a 90 minute special i don't know how they are going to be able to pull this off. 3) those who feel 'dair' shamble of a relationship/season could ever compare to chair then you are not true GG fans you are just GG 3.0 fans. Chair's legacy reigned from S1:1 if you saw the fleeting moment that passed them to the deflowering of Blair by chuck then you'll realise how they are endgame. they were good together until the writers felt they were 'boring' and did what every cw writers do to good couples and end them for no reason (derena/lucas peyton 1st round etc) please re-watch season 1 -3 to realise why loner boy never worked out n Charles does!!!! you know you love me XOXO


I really do not understand why some of you hate Chuck so much and wish his death.
Unfortunately for you,that will not happen.If you do not want to be spoiled,do not read following:at the end of 9th episode Burt will fall from rooftop and die,B and C will be on rooftop when that happen,Georgina will help B and C to avoid police.As you can see from pictures at forum of this site - Chair podcast,Blair has HW ring on her left hand Today,they are filming Chair wedding in Central Park,full cast is there,for last time filming outside.Little J. will also be in last episode.Than 5 years flash forward,we will see that C and B have little boy Henry.

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