Gossip Girl Series Finale Set Pics: Where is Chuck?

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Is Chuck Bass' absence from hundreds of Gossip Girl set photos surfacing online a cause for concern? Given that the show is currently filming its series finale, the speculation is running rampant.

There are countless images floating around (which we have not posted here due to copyright issues) that appear to show the gang in a somber mood, with Chuck nowhere to be found. So ...

GG Set Shot

Is it possible Ed Westwick's character dies? Or we're led to believe that he might have?

Not so fast. Other witnesses claim a scene was filmed at The Empire rooftop involving Chuck, Blair and Bart, with a body falling off the roof - most likely Bart's. Do we know if this rumor is at all valid?

It's impossible to say at this time, but you can draw your own conclusion. All we know right now is that Chuck does not appear in any season finale set pics that we've seen. Plot details are unclear.

There are many plausible explanations for why this is, but we'd caution against believing whatever buzz dominates the day's discussion. If and when we know more concretely, we'll pass it along!

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I don't think he killed his father Chunk would not do that


That would be a horrible way to end the series and according to every other spoiler site claims that dan and serena are getting back together


I hope you're right guys, I just can't believe that Blair could just marry him after seeing him killing his father, that's just crazy!


Bart kills Chuck. Bart goes to prison. Blair discovers she is pregnant with Chuck's baby. Dan offers to be there for her. They end up together and he raises Chuck's baby as if it were his own, while Blair and Dan live happily ever after and end up married with two more kids.


hopefully chuck dies. even though they will never kill him, but yeah, at least we can hope.


I hope Chuck gets arrested for killing his father and Blair finally understands that they're just not meant to end up happy together

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