Gossip Girl Series Finale: Title, Appearance Confirmed!

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The title of the 121st and final episode of Gossip Girl has been revealed on Tumblr.

When Season 6 concludes with its 10th installment December 10, it will be called ...

Gossip Girl OMSG Poster

"New York, I Love You XOXO."

Appropriate, no?

This call sheet (and the person who posted it) first spilled the beans. Stephanie Savage and Mark Piznarski, who wrote and directed the Gossip Girl Season 6 premiere, respectively, are slated to helm the finale.

Among the rumors surrounding this much-awaited, last-ever Gossip Girl episode:

Sound off with your theories, comments, hopes, dreams and criticisms below!

UPDATE: It has been confirmed: Katie Cassidy was spotted on set and WILL appear on the final episode!

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It's not a wedding it a memorial service for Chunk because they are going to kill him off and that's why he's not in the picture. This a very big disappoint and they should of let him and Blair be together because they love each other. Blair choose to celebrate Chunk's death in a blue dress.


Well maybe it is a private wedding, only Blair and Chuck and parents of Blair at the Met, Gossip Girl (Juliet?) spotted C&B and everyone run to the place to see their friends. So we can explain because the gang is not well dressed for this big event.


Well of it is the wedding it would make sense that Chuck is nowhere to be seen. If Blair is the bride ( blue dress though) THE couple don't usually see eachother until the ceremony. I still think Blair would be happier with Dan in the long run,but I really don't see how ppl can doubtt a chair ending at this point.


You all need to calm down. Chuck was spotted on set tonight. If you don't believe check out the Chuck and Blair tread in the TV Fanatic GG forum.


Okay maybe I'm over thinking this but :/ I have seen the photos of the finale and there isn't any Photos of Chuck ... And I heard that there might be a main character that might die :| oh my god if they kill off CHUCK I will legit BE so pissed :| like the eff bro :( NOOO MORE KILLINGS THIS IS PRETTY LITTLE LIARS GOSH


i do think Juliet Sharp is Gossip Girl. yes chair should be endgame and marry in the last episode


I read online that they are in the process of filming the final episode, there is NO Chuck! Maybe they are just keeping him underwraps. Hope what I read was wrong. And tbh, I didn't really care for Juliet, however, I like her more than Vanessa, Jenny, Eric, Ivy and Lola. And Distance Makes Them Stronger, is this in relation to Chair? Does distance make them stronger? OMG hope not! I did also see on same site a pic of Chair and a baby, but who knows, that could have been posted ages ago.


No but like jenny needs to come back.....


At least a great character like Juilet is coming back. Perhaps that'll make the season finale worth tuning into seeing as Vanessa, Jenny and Eric seem to be irrelevant.


Hopefully the finale scandal will conclude and untwist every scandal that has happen and all have to relate to every character ... So I'm guessing that's who is gossip girl ?

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