Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Save Me For Once!

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Blair's back is to the wall on Gossip Girl, and not in a hot Chuck bass kind of way.

In Monday's episode, "Dirty Rotten Scandals," she's got a lot on the line with Waldorf Designs' big fashion show coming up, and needs a striking model to help her cause. Who better to call than Serena van der Woodsen?

Oh, right, these two aren't exactly on the best of terms these days.

Serena takes the call, but politely declines, saying she has a "new family" now - Steven and Sage. Oh boy. Despite B's pleas and (true) claims that she's saved S plenty of times, her once-and-future BFF isn't having it.

At least for now. Check out the sneak peek below ...

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@ B, I thought it was all clear, but it looks like we could not understand. Thus, not all shown in episode 5x24, because there was no time. But on the basis of Serena’s message to GG can be understood that GG requested of Serena to sleep with Dan and that record on her phone, as a favor that GG no longer publishes portions of Blair diary! Of course that Serena wanted to be back with Dan, but she also wanted to protect Blair. It is possible that in some of the new episodes and story with sex tape to be fully explained. I think @B you're understood very well what I am meant to say, but you do not want to accept that, because it's your opinion that Serena used Dan to have sex with him to separate Dan and Blair. This is completely untrue, and only you see that! Because when Serena and Dan have great sex, Blair already chose Chuck. It's a fact! The other thing is that you do not like it, but that it is what it is.


i don't think gg blackmailed serena. S wanted to sleep with dan anyway maybe to get back at blair after she ruined her job opportunity but also because she loved him and she just wanted to be with him. Serena is not a monster unlike blair, she is not the one who uses people and treat them like crap.But we all know serena has no right to do stupid things like most people when they are angry and hurt, of course not, how dare she?


@ pipp serena being blackmailed into sleeping with dan isnt my theory it's zoran's he thinks that even though it clearly isnt case anyone besides zoran care to clear this debate up for us


@pty there were photos with serena at the cast.


Serena slept with Dan, Dan slept with Serena. Neither of them were forced to, both wanted to for whatever selfish reason. There were no kidnappers or guns held to either characters head.


Fck Serena, she and Sage can GTFO of my screen.


i don't understand serena's new found hatred for blair or her desire to cut her out of her life. she's the one who betrayed blair's trust by taking pictures of blair's diary, and THEN had sex with her boyfriend. serena's mistakes are SERENA'S mistakes, and she needs to stop blaming everyone in her life for decisions she's made. she's an adult. at the end of the day she can keep trying to hide from her past life and friends, but she hasn't grown one bit because she's still acting like a petulant child and will keep making those same mistakes until she faces them and tries to change who she is, not the environment or people who surround her.


ugh, every time I think I couldn't hate serena more she lowers the bar again. I can't believe her, needs to grow up already and stop blaming blair for everything that was bad in her life. @B gossip girl blackmailing serena into sleeping with dan is an interesting theory as serena did write her that she would do anything for gg to stop posting blairs diary.
but i don't know, seems like a long shot. a sex tape of your best friend sleeping with your boyfriend imo is way more humiliating than having irrelevant diary parts, as the worst ones were already published, posted. would be a dumb move on serenas side but then again, serena's anything but intelligent.


@ pty, Now I read on the web that actress BL and her husband are in China, I do not know if that's true, but if so then definitely she was not at the party. Maybe someone can confirm this information? I am to follow up, sadly it ended an epoch called GG. Excellent choice of actors who have played their best roles. I think all fans will miss GG series.


@ B, I do not know why you bother watching several times the worst season, you just wasting your time. The connection between Dan and Blair are never supposed to happen, and that's a fact. You have to let it go, the ship is definitely sank forever. As for growing up, I'm old enough, but apparently you are not when you do not want to accept the facts!