Gossip Girl Spoiler Pictures: Another Finale Bombshell?!

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Ready for another potential Gossip Girl finale spoiler bombshell?

Are you sure you don't want to remain in the dark about this?

WARNING: Seriously, we advise you to turn back now if so.

We good? Nice. Alright. Now, let's get down to the business.

Earlier this week, major Gossip Girl finale spoiler pics hit the Internet featuring Chuck and Blair at what looks like a wedding ... with what looks like the police dragging him away immediately after.

We have no idea if it's a dream sequence or what, but follow the link above for the images in question and share your theories with us. Is this the fairy tale ending Chair fans have been yearning for?

As if that weren't enough to talk about, that may not be the only wedding involved in the December 10 finale: Blake Lively wore what looks like a wedding dress alongside Penn Badgley on Tuesday!

With Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo back on set, could it be that Dan and Serena are taking the plunge as well as Chuck and Blair? Or is there another explanation for the images you see below?

Some have hypothesized that these are all "foilers" a.k.a. fake spoilers designed to throw crazed fans off the trail of what really happens, though that seems awfully elaborate. What do you think?

Take a look at the alleged Derena wedding pics and comment below!

D Wedding
S Wedding Dress
S, D Wedding?
S and D Wedding?

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Screw you Serenate fans Serena was NEVER in love with Nate it was always Dan!
Remember the words she told him ,"No one ever looked at me like that before..." -That was AFTER she had sex with Nate, she LOVES Dan and they're FINALLY going to be together!
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THEY LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL! SO MUCH LIKE SEASON 1!!! I swear if this is fake I WILL hunt down every last GG writer and defecate on them


@Zoran, I wrote those comments during season 5 because I simply meant them. I mean, it was quite obvious. I'm glad, though, that I cheered you up a little bit! :D
Anyway, the only thing to see now is how Dan will change his mind and how they're gonna end up together. It'd better be a plausible storyline, or I won't like it at all!


Yeah I saw the chair and the leg of the person that seems to be sitting in it, and in another leaked pic Nate is sittin in a chair although his shoes were covered in plastic bags so it was clearly a between shots pic. In the leaked pics it's also clear that Dan is dressed more formally than Nate, but who knows. We all know it's weird they are allowing all this to be leaked, and they could have possed for the window pics and later changed clothes for the real groom or whatever (since it would be crazy to dress Serena in all that wedding attire for a foiler), but who is to know for certain who is the groom? It seems Steven has dissapeared the scene because nobody has seen him, but there are still fans that want to believe the surprise groom could be Carter and maybe there will be fans that will want Steven. For the moment my moment is on Dan and if not then Nate.


It's not real there is a CHAIR on the side with someone sitting on it.....look carefully the blue chair. Thank god for nateandserena.com for saving me. Fan fiction can only appease you so much. The writers need to put Nate and Serena I mean what about the books and all just forget Nate and Serena now? PLEASE SERENATE.


I read in People that the dress is a gold and cream Georges Chakra Couture strapless gown. Sorry I just don't like the color, but the shape of the dress really suits her and her hair and makeup are flaweless and make her look beautiful.


Just another reason why this show is failing. It should be Serenate! They were the relationship that kicked off the show. They should get togethor at the end. Dan made it pretty clear to Serena that he didn't want anything more to do with her. It doesn't make sense that he's then marry her.


WTF??? No way! That just doesn't make any sense after what happened to them these recent seasons. Dan is such a douche with her and they definitely bring out the worst out of each other. They were sweet in S1 but nothing more after that. The writers just need to accept the fact even though they were one of the 'core' couples of the show, it doesn't make them good by default. Their relationship is toxic and dysfunctional. I would rather see Serena ending up alone.




I do not know why everyone is criticizing the wedding dress worn by Serena, she is awesome, and that is part of the excellent color gold is associated with Kotilion gold dress! And of course the actress is so beautiful that everything that wear looks great on her. And Serena and Dan look great, like Chuck and Blair on their wedding! @ Elisa, Thank you, but without your comments in season 5 I would not stay consistent. You must have seen that I was at the beginning of the season brought into question my beliefs, but in the end all turned out great. I remember you said in your comments that Serena and Dan and Chuck and Blair finally be together! @ G. Singular, I agree with you to support the series! @ gossip, I agree with you, but that ship has sailed. Probably it was for them very difficult to film this scene of wedding, so they should be applauded for the for persistence in work and devotion to fans!


I hope it's Derena's wedding. I'd much rather she wind up with Dan over Nate. I like the dress. I do have to wonder why such elaborate photos would be leaked though. If these pics are indeed true, it seems the show is giving away a lot of information.

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