Gossip Girl Finale Spoilers: Real or Fake Wedding(s)?

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This has been one of the most spoiler-ific weeks for Gossip Girl fans ever.

Segue (and spoiler) alert: Turn back now or forever hold your complaints.

As many of you likely know, based on pics and videos posted this week:

The question remains, however: Is any of it real? Or is there a twist?

Chair Wedding
S and D Wedding?

There are plenty of theories floating around, but if one or more weddings happen, it looks like it'll be prompt. As in, the groundwork for any nuptials won't be obvious between right now and December.

E! Online reports today that "if there is indeed a wedding in Gossip Girl finale, it looks to be some kind of unexpected twist. In the first eight episodes, no one looks even remotely close to marriage."

Dream sequences are the most obvious alternate explanation, or "foilers" engineered by producers. In any case, the deluge of photos and videos has ramped up speculation regarding the series endgame.

Also, TV Line reports that Steven disappears for a few episodes, only to return in Episode 8, and that Serena does reunite with Dan, but he's playing her. Material for his book perhaps? We'll see.

Share your comments, thoughts and opinions on how you envision Gossip Girl ending below!

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I think Josh and Stephanie promoted Sara and then viewed the footage and decided the only way to salvage this season was to make a finale that gives the fans what they want


And besides this is Blair's second marriage second wedding so it wouldn't name sense for her to wear a traditional white wedding dress as for Chuck's white suit with blue accents that match Blair's dress is a appropriate considering he is always wearing outrageous fashions and it's his first wedding


I love Blair's blue Ellie Saab gown which is ahead of next years trends which makes sense for the character and her involvement in the fashion industry and I'm also loving Serena's gold gown which pays homage to her cotillion gown from the first season


Jenny and Eric come back for the rewedding of Rufus and Lily... cos Bart dies or is imprisoned somewhere far (explaining the C and B airport scene) and frees up R and L.. and were they high school sweethearts?? one of the original clues about the marrying pair... just my theories ;)


He iya semoga dia skeidit punya inisiatif mentranslate agak tahu maksud dari obrolan dalam gambar tersebut. Selamat siang pak dan salam kenal juga makasih sudah berkunjung balik di blog sayaselfishyayun recently posted..


blairs wedding dress = hideous, how can chucks suit be whiter than her grey grandma dress,
serenas wedding dress = equally distasteful, I suspect this is a what-if episode. what if xx had never happened, what if xx had never slept with xx. the thought of dan and serena marrying baffles me, it would be so rushed. would not be so repelled if it was on a 5 years later note though


I have a feeling that the CB wedding is going to rushed, and important - like Chuck has to go somewhere. (Not sure if you've seen the video of actual shooting where Chuck boards a plane and then Blair gets into a cab, and drives away.) But I think that the CB wedding is going to be legitimate, if it happens at all. On the other hand, the Serena and Dan wedding is going to be a fake. Dan just hates the upper East siders too much, the lives they live and the way they function. Its got to be that. On the other hand, thinking about the whole Chair little kid thing... Hmm it could be Blair and Chuck already being married, and then going to Dan and Serene's wedding in the distant future. Like a flash forward kind of thing.


@Elisa , I am Totally agree and have the sam feeling about that ! No that wan't harsh that was fine :)


Dream Sequence? The ratings are in the crapper. Why would the network waste time negotiating with ABC to get conor for a dream sequence. Face it, all the people put in dan and serena's way were just filler. Something to fill in time because they wanted to write their happy ending. The couples for this show were set in stone a long time ago. It makes no sense to think that they would waste money they don't have on setting up an elaborate dream sequence especially since they couldn't be arsed to give the show a full season. As for 2 wedding in 1 finale, they did the same thing for the OC. DS's is in a five year flash forward just like seth/summer.


@ Megs no doubt chuck and blair get married but i don't think the blue dress scene is the real deal. I think they got the real chuck/blair wedding super hush hush. Check out this pick on middle of the page ggwriters.tumblr.com/page/13 it has chuck in black tux while everyone else is in same clothes from the other pics. coincidence? i think thats from the real cb wedding. PS by time u see this it may be page 14 or 15

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