Grey's Anatomy Episode Teaser: Professional vs. Personal

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The professional life of Meredith Grey is about to become intertwined with her personal demons.

Following a Grey's Anatomy episode that featured the return of Catherine Avery and a step toward recovery for Arizona, among other developments, this ABC favorite next next Thursday off.

But it then returns on November 8 with "Beautiful Doom," an installment that will find a young woman in serious peril after getting trapped under a car and Meredith desperate to save her life. But is the loss of Lexie clouding this doctor's judgment? Does this case hit too close to painful home?

Watch the official network teaser now and also look forward to Cristina assisting Dr. Thomas on a challenging heart surgery during the hour:

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I agree with you Sookie00. We haven't got any kind of Lexie tribute and I think it is so wrong! Lexie was and is an amazing character. Chyler was such an important part of Grey's for 5 year. She deseve a tribute just like Mark and George. Heck even Denny. So I HOPE in this episode we the fans of Lexie will get a proper tribute and not be disappointed like in the second episode of the season where we expected to see everyone at the hospital reacton to Lexie death. Shonda R you owe of a proper Lexie tribute/montage. Because she was our Little Grey.


Is this gonna be the episoide when Meretih reacts to lexies death?


I am expecting this episode to step up the game again for Grey's! The latest episode was a filler at its best without any new development. It would be intriguing yet heartbreaking to see Mer face a Lexie-esque accident. I believe i have to hoard some kleenex till 8 Nov!


Oh my... it looks intense. And we'll finally see Meredith face Lexie's death and maybe we'll also finally get some kind of tribute to Little Grey ? Cause I'm still upset we didn't get any.


wow! i think this is were waiting for... how meredith affected on lexies death..

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