Grey's Anatomy Review: The Heartbreak Hospital

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Grey’s Anatomy aired its second episode of the season with "Remember the Time," an installment that jumped back in time to right after the fatal plane crash and the days after. Although I knew it was coming, I was totally not prepared for it.

How much more tragedy can these doctors take? Seriously, it’s no wonder that Cristina couldn’t bear to handle the situation after they were rescued. There have been bombs, shootings and too many deaths to count. 

The McDreamys. Meredith was lucky enough to get out of that crash without too much damage. Derek, however, was not. His hand was mangled. REALLY mangled. Who else was pumped that he asked Callie to do his surgery? The girl doesn’t get enough credit on her work. Remember when she made that girl walk who was bent over at a ninety degree angle? I mean, seriously.

Crazy Cristina. Yang went into a spiral after the crash. Her speech to Owen about what she endured out there was heartbreaking. Keeping the bugs out of Arizona’s leg and having Mark fall to pieces on her was terrible. She still managed to say a couple funny lines that you can check out on the Grey’s Anatomy quotes page. She was right on running away to her new job. But I'm not too sure how long that will last.

Doctor Cristina Yang Photo

Goodbye Leg. Wow, Arizona was pissed. Rightfully so. She blames Alex for her situation because the only reason she got on that plane was anger at him. Callie’s call to have Alex cut off her leg could not have gone well. I am curious to see Arizona’s reaction after the surgery. She can’t go on blaming Alex, but how do you move forward from that? 

Missing McSteamy. Although we knew Eric Dane would be in this episode, I almost wish he wasn’t. It was sad enough watching him die the first time. It had been so long since we have seen Julia that I almost forgot who she was. I know I wasn’t the only one who teared up when Sloan admitted that he loved Lexie. We now have officially said goodbye to the most handsome man to walk the halls of Seattle Grace. Grey’s Anatomy will never be the same.

Side Notes...

  • April was heading home to the farm now that her contract was officially over. Avery asked her to meet him at Joe’s but never got to show up because of Sloan. Where is this couple headed now that she is on her way back to Seattle?
  • Just a few glances of the new interns this week. Still not too exciting. We have enough cast members to worry about.
  • Who else wishes they could have seen the goodbye between Cristina and Owen?
  • Bailey just moved up another level with me, if that was even possible. She officially became awesome when she made a Lost reference. 
It's Karev
Overall, a pretty solid episode that filled us in on the tragic plane crash. I wasn’t too sure that I was going to like the fact that we flash backed in time, but the episode was entertaining and tugged at your heart strings. Just the way we like our Grey’s Anatomy.
We have a week off before our next new episode, so use that time to hit up the comments and check out the TV Fanatic Grey’s Anatomy Round Table this weekend. Until next time, GA Fans. 


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Well, an amazing episode!Even a great one!The song from the last scene is called ''KODALINE - ALL I WANT''.
1)Alex isnt at fault for not going to Boise.It was Arizona's decision.
2)I, like everyone else, want more explanations on Mark and Lexie.
3)Loved the last scene.
4)Dont care about new internes...just kill them:P


I have no complaints it is a TV show. I have watched in from the beginning. Many shows do this with their episodes. The couldn't just focus on the horror of it all. If it was the end of the show maybe but it is TV, not real life. I never comment on these things but I am surprised that people give it so much thought. If you don't like it don't watch it, plan and simple. Chyler Leigh wanted to leave the show and so did Eric Dane. Cyler died in a horrible way, I don't see that there needs to be more. I just think everyone complains to much. What is the difference between seeing it this week or last? What was described that went on, most of that cannot be shown on ABC. I will always be a fan of Greys Anatomy and never complain, it's just TV, with characters we have all come to enjoy.


@ Christy O: The song at the end is "All I Want" by Kodaline


I agree with DerekFan.. Lexie's death came in too short.. Like everybody else has already forgotten about her.. I mean we're only 2 episodes into the 9th season so I hope it's gonna happen soon. And I would have really loved if Lexie & Mark would have met in the afterlife similar to the Izzie/George scene in the season 5 finale. And I also hope that they are going to adress the issue of why the plane crashed in the first place. I think that with all the drama and deaths it has been overlooked by a lot of viewers.


My one problem with the aftermath of the plane crash is that they haven't yet addressed the issue of Lexie's death and how it affected everyone.She was MER's sister, DEREK's sister-in-law and resident, MARK's soulmate,JACKSON's love, i mean even CHRISTINA's former intern..everyone has a connection with Lexie and they haven't even shown anything funeral..nothing. Where's Meredith's and Lexie's dad??? Lexie's other sister?? Where's Addison to say goodbye to Mark??


I have to agree with everyone. Tonight's episode should've played first and furthermore, we are a devoted audience who needs more explanation. We have all followed these characters and to just say that Mark slipped into a coma and died without telling us why just doesn't cut it for me. As far as Arizona, clearly her infection had made its way into her bones so I get amputation but I don't think everyone gets that. I want to know and hopefully someone can answer this for me... what was that last song played towards the end of the episode tonight? I tried using Shazam but there was too much dialogue.


Much better review thi week author. This episode Gould have been the season opener. The first episode felt like filler this episode however was executed much better and brought grey's back to its glory. Last episode should have never happened. This was the completion we needed with mark, Eric Dane outdid himself in this episode. And I enjoyed the flash back to lexie. It was a smidgen of closure to her character through mark. Not complete closure but a nice touch.


If at the previous episode I was all numbed, couldn't share a tear with this one I had water works. I'm a mess, they still manage to do that. I loved it, can't say the same thing about the previous two episodes.


cheryl I 100% agree with you. I also have a few questions, like why didn't Callie go to Boise when everyone else's spouses did and even Zola did? I don't like how they did this flasback episode. It doesn't really advance the plot at all. This should have been the season premiere.


In Mark's room, you could see his xray on the wall, and it looked like one of his lungs was half the normal size, all shrunken. That's why in the end, his breathing was really heavy and difficult.

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