Grey's Anatomy Review: Nothing Left To Squeeze

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Grey’s Anatomy returned with "Love the One You're With," an episode that made you question when it’s okay to settle and when it’s not. For one thing, viewers did not have to settle for this episode.

This hour of television was up to the beloved GA standards. 

Yang on the Phone

Welcome Back, April! Catching everyone off guard, Kepner returned to Seattle. The tension between her and Jackson was radiating off the screen. Who can blame her? As soon as Avery took his shirt off, he had her. The hour wasn’t even over before the two were back at it. This is a couple for whom viewers can root. April has grown since her character was introduced. She’s no longer much less annoying than she used to be, and she’s honest. A girl with principles is a girl you want to do well. Too bad their secret is out!

Decision Time. The survivors of the crash were presented with the decision to settle with the company behind their plane crash. For some reason, not too sure why, the group had to be unanimous in the decision. There were definitely some pros and cons to doing so. for their children...peace. But what is the right decision? The group chose NOT to take the money so the company will continue their investigation and can prevent it from happening again. How do you react to this?

Cristina Smiles! It is no secret that I want Yang back in Seattle ASAP. I am not alone in wanting her to reunte with her people and there is only so much time you can spend face-timing on an iPad. Yet something changed in this episode. Her finally accepting her new hospital and that she is working with Dr. Thomas just made her arc that much more interesting. Yang tried to be mentored by many surgeons since this series started. It looks like she might have found the right one in the dinosaur. You had to love that ending scene between the two.

Calliope Torres Photo

Calzona Struggles. How heartbreaking. We were promised that the story with these two, Arizona especially, would be intense and amazing. It looks like we are getting what the writers teased. Callie is right, this is her life now too. This is one arc that I can’t wait to see continue. 

Side Notes...

  • Jackson shirtless = amazing...still. 
  • Has April ever looked better? 
  • Loved Bailey’s Post-It Notes!!
  • The Dream House is absolutely beautiful. Kinda jealous of Meredith Grey in many ways.
  • How long until Alex and his intern start hooking up? Hopefully this becomes a relationship for him.
  • Was it me or were the cases this week just a little more gory? That foot was disgusting!
  • I feel for Arizona, but I am not a huge fan of her when she is mean!
  • Is something going to happen between Yang and her new chief?
Steven Culp on Grey's

Overall, another solid episode from Grey’s Anatomy. The writers are still on point after all of this time. There were plenty of funny Grey’s Anatomy quotes worth checking out.

Sound off below and let us know what you thought of “Love The One You’re With.” And don’t forget to check out the official TV Fanatic Grey’s Anatomy Round Table later this week.

Until next time, Fanatics.


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Rose I completely agree with you. I love Jackson and April together, their relationship feels genuine and adds depth to their characters. I feel like a great love story is developing here. I also like that we get to see another side of Arizona. She used to be all bubbly and happy, now she seems less perfect, more human.


@delphincik, I laughed too I thought it was the best quote of the episode.


Sorry, but April is even more annoying now than she was before. All the Jesus/virgin talk is awful. And how is April honest and a girl with principles? First she wants to pretend she and Jackson never hooked up so she's not honest and then she goes around pretending like she's virgin and praying to re-virginize herself (WTF) when she's had sex multiple times now and then has sex again so no principles there either! I wish April had stayed on the pig farm. She's insufferable along with Jackson who is so bland. I hope we see a lot less of them - together or apart.


I really liked this episode. I especially liked the phone calls between Christina and Owen; despite the issues they have, I really feel those two were made for eachother, and I hope they find their way back. I always liked Kepner, even when she was annoying; her relationship with jackson is deep, they are the best of friends.. there is love between them that the haven't allowed themselves to see yet. I loved the Calzona scene as well... Arizona is fantastic all mean, especially when we were introduced to her as this overly bubbly personality that borderlined cheese. Dr. Feeny and Christina were great too; they seemed to genuinely dislike eachother during the boards, and here they are developing this respect for one another, doctors generations apart. Great episode


"If it makes you feel any better he banged my mom too" :)))))))

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