Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Don't Give Up on Me!

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Get ready to flash back before we move forward. Three clips from this week's Grey's Anatomy offer glimpses of some of the events that transpired before the tragedy we saw unfold in last week's Season 9 premiere.

In the first scene, Derek and Callie strategize about his hand. In the second, Mark and Jackson share a funny, heartfelt exchange, one all the more bittersweet given what we know happens to McSteamy.

As Mark himself realized after Lexie died, “If you love someone, tell them.” Will Jackson take his mentor's words to heart? We'll see. Topping this emotionally is the third sneak peek, featuring Callie and Arizona.

The injured Dr. Robbins begs, pleads and cries to her wife to save her leg, whatever the cost. “Please don’t give up on me!” she exclaims, hysterically. We all know how this plays out as well, and it isn't good.

Watch the three scenes from "Remember the Time" below ...

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Come ooonnn! Are they participating in The Most Depresing Stories World Contest or what?


Mark looked fine.. I wonder what happened to get him to that condition in the premiere..
And Jessica Capshaw's performance is just really amazing..


I wonder if they'll actually show Lexie's body being lifted out or if Shonda cast some wolves to eat her face and then we just see an extra playing her body.


mark looks fine in the pic how did he end up in a coma.


It sounds like a great episode... I like the connection between Callie and Derek, but so ironic that Callie is such a genius and is not able to save Arizona's leg. Btw, Arizona's speech is really heartbreaking, Jessica Capshaw rocks ! About Mark, so weird that he looks "good" in that peek, how come he ends up dying...

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