Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: I'm Laughing, Just Not Externally

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When Grey's Anatomy returns Thursday, a familiar face makes a triumphant and unexpected return.

Also, many miles away, another familiar face is asked to turn that frown upside down.

Cristina Yang is miserable in Minnesota, which her new boss (guest star Steven Culp) picks up on and seeks to change. Begrudgingly (and hilariously), she agrees, but that external smile belies deeper issues.

Back in Seattle, Alex gets a lecture from Callie about not sleeping with his intern, and none other than Dr. April Kepner shows up at the hospital, having been brought back by Hunt. The team is surprised to say the least, and she's clearly taken aback herself when she realizes Jackson changed his mind and did not go to Tulane.

Watch the awkwardness ensue in three clips from "Love the One You're With" below:

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Cristina is hilarious! Love her with Dr. Palmer!!! Great Alex/Callie scene. All to be ruined by the return of Aggravating april...she is soooo bad. Why do they keep bringing her back????


I think Jackson and April are sexy together.


They could have found a better looking guy IMHO if in fact they do make Crisitna go there I mean whats wit hthe ugly guys first Marlow now him my hope is that is not the case but come on really


That April sneak is so awkward and bad. I hate that they paired her with Jackson, they ruined him for me.


Is it me or april is actually looking hotter now?
I enjoyed this clips!!


No chemistry between Jackson & April,JW's poor acting?
new intern is cute, most likely be Izzi NO2, good to Alex!
Is Mayo really a top hospital?'s comments to Cristina in Mayo is so stupid? bad writting??


I like April. Always have. Sarah Drew is one if the most solid actresses on Grey's and she has the track record to prove it. Her portrayal of Kitty Romano on Mad Men was excellent. I'm happy she's now getting a decent SL on Grey's and Jesse Williams should be glad he gets to do more than vogue for the camera and take his shirt off.


I may get flamed but I missed Kepner.


@Merder Callie and Alex slept together even before she met George. Alex was working with Callie on a big ortho case and she thought he was "the elevator guy". It happened in the Time Warp episode (season 6).


When did Alex sleep with Callie? Trying to remember but having trouble....

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I can not get used to having them in the attending's lounge.


Glad you're back.


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