Grimm Review: Feigning Death

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"Over My Dead Body" went back to telling a strictly serial story - and Grimm benefited from it immensely.

Monroe Is Warned

Coming along for the solely serial ride is Angelina, who you may remember from “The Three Bad Wolves,” and she’s just as charming as ever. Sadly, even for all of Angelina’s charm, over the course of the hour it became apparent her story arc would be coming to a close rather than staying open-ended again.

All of the talk of death and sending messages to Nick through a murdered Monroe certainly had some weight to them, and it has been quite a while since Nick and Monroe have had to deal with threats from the other side. But with no real heightened stakes prior to Monroe’s feign death, it became clear that Angelina would end up dying simply because she offered the more compelling story.

Monroe has been steadfast in his pro Nick support, and I don’t have any doubts that it won’t continue, but Monroe hasn’t really had any skin in the game when compared to Nick. He’s mainly been helping Nick because of friendship and morality; but this season is shaping up to be very different, as it seems every few episodes Monroe is pulled is being pulled in deeper and being given more to lose with Rosalee’s entrance and Angelina’s exit.

Those two developments bring Monroe nearly parallel to Nick, and it will be interesting to see just how much the emotional repercussions of them will follow him. 

Meanwhile, the royals that are after Nick are still as vague as ever. Renard’s mystery woman, Mia Gaudot, is certainly hard to pinpoint, but from their conversation over dinner it seems she’s from a different royal family. Renard, naturally, didn’t clear any of it up for us, but, nevertheless, she does drop a few things that piqued my interest, mainly that she knows of Renard’s plan, and she’s actively trying to get to Nick.

Her hiring of the middleman to kill Monroe actively goes against Renard’s desire to keep Nick in Portland and safe, and I’m hoping his confrontation with Mia on the plane will eventually lead to something.

But knowing Renard it will be for him to know, and for us to find out, maybe.

Other thoughts:

  • Hank offers a great audience point of view now as he tries to wrap his head around the Wesen world, and, thanks to him, we now know why he can’t see come of them transform. Nick can see them no matter what because that's his ability as a Grimm, but if a Wesen doesn’t want a human to see them then a human won’t.
  • Rosalee and Monroe are still adorable.
  • I have to give Grimm due credit for only using their main cast when they are needed now rather than finding uses for them that end up wasting time. Rosalee visiting sick family will make me cherish her eventual return and the story elements she will bring. Which is much better than growing to hate her for sucking up time like Juliette tended to do in the beginning of last season.
  • I have to hand it to Juliette for continually trying new ways to unlock her memory with Nick as well as her trying to start over from scratch with him.


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I hate they killed Agelina off. She was a women who kicked butt and loved it. More Hank please. I love Nick, Hank and Monroe together. Love Monroe and Rosealee together. Happy Healthy Baby Bree!


The episode that aired on October 5 was ruined by the worst kind of voice over narration. I watched the episode on Direct TV and was appalled to find the entire episode interrupted by such inane and unnecessary, intrusive narration. I saw comments online from other viewers who also noticed the awful voice over -- which was so distracting. Please don't broadcast this wonderful series in this way, you will lose viewers. I really like this show but if they continue using this tacky narration I will have to stop watching this show, it is too annoying.


I love Monroe, so this episode was a load of fun for me to watch. And I, too, am sad that his lady-love is going to be away from him for awhile, as they are really cute together. Angelina was pretty funny pretending to be Nicks partner, and I love that Hank asked Monroe to change several times for him...that was hilarious! It is interesting that the first question he asked Monroe was the same question people always seem to ask Wolverine about his claws...does it hurt to change? Wolverine said "every time" and so did Monroe! I am really curious about what Reynard and the evil blond royal are up to, so I am looking forward to next week's episode.


I'm very worried about Monroe, actually. I'm waiting to see how this will play out - especially since Monroe did something that night that's out of current character - he killed the guy that killed Angelina. Will Monroe ever feel like he needs to step back from the Grimm world to protect his own self and possibly Rosalee? Will he ever resent Nick for what his presence has done to his quiet, simple, cello-playing life? What about Hank? Will the "off-the-books" bloodshed ever get too much for him? Is he going to feel bad about shooting that snake-guy? Whoo - so much to look forward to!


@McHatton - You clearly wrote this in a hurry LOL, it's riddled with typos. But thank you for your reviews every week, I look forward to them. Okay - Can I just say how much I now LOVE Hank? We went from a season of wondering why he's even on the show, to a new season of wondering what we'd do without him. The scene with him and Monroe was easily my favourite of the night. We already knew what Monroe told Hank - Nick can see them no matter what, others can't unless they want to be seen. What we don't know is how they see Nick. To those who didn't see the deleted scene from this episode that we #shirtlessrage fans demanded of NBC, I suggest going to see it. Something happens to Renard during that scene that I think is going to be important later on.


Good episode. I don't like Angelina but her pretending to be Nick's partner and "solving" the crime was funny.


I was surprised that Nick didn't figure out why someone would be after Monroe as soon as he heard. It was the first thing that popped in my head; especially since he was attacked last year for that reason. Also, I will miss Rosalee while the actress is out on her maternity leave. Hopefully Monroe will still be able to have sort of adorable interaction with her.


This episode was great and I am sad that Angelina died. I wonder what was that Monroe cook for Rosalee and his date. I am glad we now got confirmation about why humans cannot see them. I also love Juliette and Nick progress and cannot wait to see what happen on the next episode which is center around the kiss.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Anyway, what I DO love is that Grimm continues to carry a right message of women being able to defend themselves and being capable and resourceful. Kudos for the rapist dying a gruesome death too. In the times when half the shows on tv have meek weak type of female characters who are not allowed by writers to do anything, but look pretty, the approach that Grimm uses for their female characters is refreshing and welcome.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Juliette and Nick - yet again, awesome. I love that the show continues to build their relationship while many of others shows would have just used amnesia as a way to get the actress of the show. Its fascinating and touching and its VERY easy to root for those two crazy kids to get back together. Hank? Awesome, yet again. The actor plays the whole situation REAL WELL. You can see his conflicting feelings over the whole cop thing, you see just enough of confusion over the whole impossibility of current situation and you see just enough wonder of him being utterly fascinated by all this weirdness. And at the same time you can still strongly see the trust Nick and he share as partners. I got to say that Hank was not that interesting previous season, but in this season he really REALLY shines. Rosalee and Monroe geeking out about clocks and zither players? YES YES YES.

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Grimm Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Monroe: Well, here's looking at you kids. [Continues speaking in German].
Angelina: What does that mean?
Rosalee: Hopefully not for the last time.

Nick: Hank, whatever goes down out here tonight...
Hank: Yeah, I know, off the books.