Grimm Review: One of Two Choices

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It’s rather surprising that Grimm, a show that plays with Halloween on a weekly basis, could not pull off a very compelling Halloween episode.

Sure, "La Llorona" as a person with the screaming, bleeding eyes, creepy factor identity as a ghost is totally working for her on Halloween, but her story did not offer anything very compelling. Her only real purpose, it seems, was to get Juliette involved with the family so the Grandma could tell her she has a choice to make. 

The Bully of Halloween

Which is a great launching pad as Juliette heads off on the next part of her journey this season; however, Juliette’s “choice” isn’t really hers to make. Since the beginning of the season, Juliette’s choices are really just symptoms of her current ailment. 

With Juliette’s memories of Nick still completely gone, it’s hard to see how any choice Juliette ends up making will have any honesty whatsoever because those decisions will be made under false pretenses. 

Sure, Juliette can try her best to make the right choices, and I believe she knows what the “right” choice is, but, on the other hand, I also have a feeling that she might want to see what the “other” choice might bring about. Especially when this obsession Renard has with her, at times, looks like a two way street.

Aside from Juliette, “La Llorona” didn’t have much to it, nor it did it push anything else along that was mildly interesting aside from Monroe. Even then, Monroe seems to be lost in the wild while Rosalee is off helping her family.

To be frank, aside from the one scene with Juliette tonight's episode ends up being one of the most boring episodes of Grimm I have ever watched, and that disappoints me the most.

Other thoughts:

  • Ever since Hank got in on the action the Grimm-pedias have English descriptions.
  • How many children cases in a row are we going to get?
  • Juliette lived in Spain, which borders France, could she have had a royal encounter?
  • At least Monroe got to scare off some no good kids!


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The most unrealistic part of the story for me was to imagine that any Latin would ever approach a woman in white crying on a riverbank. La llorona is pretty scary stuff and we're all a little traumatized.


Loved the story line about "La Llorona", however, I'm growing tired of Juliet. I want more Manroe, Nick and Hank as it use to be. All in all, it was a good show, but it needs to move forward. Love this show.


I'm on the other side of the Monroe issue here. Yes, I love the character, and yes team-ups with him and Nick are a lot of fun...but I'm actually glad he wasn't in the main story of this episode. Here's why. Monroe is one of the main sources of humor in this show. That's what makes him so lovable. But this was a ghost story. Too much humor would have completely destroyed the creepy mood they were going for. (And achieved, in my opinion. I liked this episode.) So I think it worked best in this story to keep Monroe's doings separate. BTW, ghosts are real in this universe? Awesome! That changes the total makeup of the Grimm universe. Lots more of the unknown out there for Nick to find out about. I think that's cool.


A little explanation on Rosalee - the actress who plays her is on maternity leave so she can't be in much this season, therefore they are using her family's illness as a reason for her to be away. I wouldn't mind a bit more Monroe WITH Hank and Nick. I definitely like having Hank in the loop but miss Monroe. This was neat but a little more slow. They DEFINITELY need to find a way to let Grams convey the info to Juliet again. Maybe it will sink in to her skull that Grams knew WAY too much (someone brought a cat to you, etc.) and she'll go back. That was too specific to be a guess! Maybe she'll remember something about the Grimm conversation - who knows?


@Eliose yes i agree, I also miss Nick and Monroe's interactions so i hope that improves in the future. As for Rosalee, the actress just had a baby in real life and that's why she's taking time off the show but i also hope she comes back soon cause Monroe seems a bit lonely without Rosalee. I really enjoyed the episode, i loved seeing Monroe all excited about halloween and going overboard with it lol. All in all, great ep and next week looks even better.


I disagree. So far Juliette's storyline has been as interesting as last season but Bitsie got a lot this episode with speaking Spanish and the choice. I don't want a dumb love triangle though. A holiday is the best for a bottle episode. I like Monroe/Nick and would like to see more but Monroe was only used as a Wesen encyclopedia for a while and that was bad too. Monroe's story was good. I hope Monroe celebrates Easter. It was nice to see another non-criminal/actually a former detective Wesen. The fact that ghosts are apparently real, the kids were saved but we don't know if La Llorona will be back is a great ending.


Here's what I think is the thing with fantasy procedurals - they have to be a little of both - fantasy AND procedural. Every episode can't be all about the overarching mythos, because if it is the show gets bogged down with it and it gets "Lost" (pun intended) in the mythology. There HAS to be a balance between the stand-alone episodes and the mythology-progressing episodes. Grimm reminds me very much of the X-Files in that respect. The X-Files was a sci-fi procedural series; they had both mythos-propelling story arcs and stand-alone monster-of-the-week episodes. Any X-Files fan can tell you that some of the stand-alone episodes were just as strong and as fun to watch as the complicated stories spanning the seasons. Grimm has some great stand-alone episodes, and still throws us little tidbits in them about the larger story. I'm totally fine with how they're doing it.


I humbly disagree with this review - I rather enjoyed this episode of Grimm, and I didn't find it boring. That could be because my brother and I watched it with the lights off after midnight and were THOROUGHLY creeped out! I do agree that Monroe has been sidelined in the wake of Hank's inclusion and his near death via Grimm alliance, & I hope that changes soon. I also liked Juliette's part in this story, I'm intrigued to see where this goes. As for the child that really such a problem? The stories have all been markedly different; The first was a child hit early Wesen puberty, the second was a teenager with genetic modification causing dissociative identity, and this episode didn't have child Wesen at all! The presence of minors is pretty much the only thing they have in common, it's not even a theme. By that logic, we should also be noting consecutive Caucasian cases, or having several male Wesen cases in a row...


Is anyone else disappointed that Monroe has taken a backseat in recent episodes? Since Hank has been made aware of Nick's "world of Grimm", Monroe's story lines have been largely independent of Nick's. Also, where is Rosalie? The season started off really strong, but I feel like the writers have checked out with regard to character development. Anyone agree?


One last point about this episode: it surprised me just how much Spanish I was able to understand without the subtitles, considering I haven't taken a formal class since high school. GRIMM has inspired me to go back and brush up on mi espanol!

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