Happy Endings Review: Why Do I Always Have To Be LaToya?

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Well, this wasn't exactly a Halloween episode. But two minutes of the Happy Endings crew dressed as the Jackson 5 (plus Joe) and tethered together as marionettes was enough for me.

"Sabado Free-Gante" had us spending a casual Saturday with our favorite friends.

Then again, casual isn't really the word I'd use for a hardcore Jane negotiation, Max and Brad almost getting their asses kicked and Dave and Alex seeing most of the apartments in Chicago.

Halloween Theme

I still don't really get what's going on between Dave and Alex. Are they officially together? Are they moving in as a couple or still going to retain their own rooms? Are they officially boyfriend/girlfriend? No matter the answer, they are definitely rushing it. When you leave someone at the altar, there's usually a pretty legit reason. I know this is a sitcom, but maybe we can get some therapy up in here?

Then you have Jane and Brad, who are such a great twosome. As per last week, Jane just wanted Brad to be sane, even if that meant him not working. Apparently Brad not working means they have to cut back on their "of the month" clubs. Seriously, what is a "month of the month" club? One person the Kerkovich-Williams cutbacks aren't working for is Max. I love spoiled Max. Sure, you weren't scamming Dave and having him pay all the rent, buddy. Sure.

Even if Brad's introduction to Max's World wasn't the most dignified of situations, I think Brad secretly had fun. It truly is amazing how much free stuff one can obtain. Something tells me that the steam bath wasn't the cleanliest of activities but hey, it happens. I hope Brad can find what makes him content, whether it be candle making or practicing with Sin-Brad.

Is there anything his wife isn't good at? Jane is a Grade A negotiator. Honestly, she should work in government. Girl knows how to get things DONE. You know Penny would've gone with a bogus deal without Jane's help. Penny is more easily persuaded and people take advantage of her sweet nature. 

Seriously, what was that pinata made of? And did you think Dave made a good LaToya?

Overall not the strongest episode, because you know Happy Endings can churn out side splitting laughter, but decent enough. What did you think? Hit the comments and don't forget to check out the Happy Endings quotes section! 


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Great. Dave/Alex were better but still less funny together.


Dave and Alex probably got the apartment just to prove to themselves that they were fine and moving in together was the right thing to do, its obviously not because neither one of them looked happy in the end. Loved Jane and Penny together! Esp to all those allusions that Jane is a witch/warlock and Penny whispering 'Jane' to the fly on her shoulder! Now that Jane has a fancy new job with what I'm guessing is a heavy paycheque, Max would be able to enjoy the fancy brunches at their house!


5 stars from me. Every moment of this episode was filled with hilarity. Jane/Penny- What a great combo. Janes crazy eyes and Penny's physical comedy were gold together. NO THANK YOU! **CRASH** Brad/Max- All of the meetings for food and stuff. And then picking the fight for training was hilarious. Dave/Alex- oh the awkwardness. Yet they still found the comedy without it being overwhelming. One of my favorite episodes already.


@kay, but they were rejecting every house until the realtor pointed out that there is a bigger issue between the two. that scene at the end showed how uncomfortable they were. I loved Jane in this episode. The Jane/Penny scenes were the funniest. Lol @ Penny and that glass window


um, dave and alex are moving in together. it's not complicated at all

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We were spending 5 grand a month on of the month clubs.


Why do I always have to be LaToya?