Hart of Dixie Casting for a Surgeon, Planning for Halloween

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Team George... Team Wade... Team Jonah?

Hart of Dixie is reportedly casting for a young surgeon named Jonah, who stops by Bluebell in order to visit his family. Might he serve as a new love interest for a fellow sexy doctor in town? Expect the character to stick around for awhile.

Elsewhere, Halloween comes to Bluebell on Tuesday. What costumes will be on display? Watch the official CW trailer now and consider your own casting options for Jonah:

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Hoping you're right. Hey, with regards to the People's Choice Awards I voted Wilson Bethel as a write on candidate (other) for "favorite drama actor"...with me.


I think that they've dropped George/Zoe for this season. I do believe the more popular couple is Wade/Zoe. They could be sticking with them because the ratings are touch and go. Again I don't believe this guy is an actual love interest but more of a plot device to move the story forward either for Zoe's career or her relationship with Wade or probably both. Now if they get a 3rd season they may go back to George/Zoe, but that still isn't going to help the fact that she clearly has more chemistry with Wade and after a season of Wade/Zoe (if it goes that way), George/Zoe are not going to gain any more fans. I think the way they are setting it up ultimately Wade and Zoe are the couple. They are taking great care to show them really falling for each other instead of making it just a physical thing.


Nothing makes sense here. This has to do with the ratings. As much as I hate to admit it George and Zoey will be the main couple of the show...the only reason why they are not together now is simply because of that MESS regarding the wedding. But once George becomes likable/popluar Wade and Zoey are history. Why are they bring a third love interest for Zoey and not for George the LEAD character. It just doesn't make sense.


"Gawd I loathe your character limits in here" LOL right there with you Lulu. It would be great if a (continued...) wasn't needed, left with a half cut sentence or a moment of ...what did I write again? :/


@Lulu: I agree with your assessment that it will probably be more professional conflict that may lead to romantic conflict with Wade. I don't think this guy would be a real love interest for Zoe. He might make her question some things in her life both romantically and professionally. Both of which there isn't anything wrong with. Depending on what her relationship with Wade is by the time this guy shows up I'm sure this guy might cause some problems, but ultimately they will end up growing closer/getting more serious because of it. I believe the writers showed us in episode 3 that Wade is it for Zoe with Wade's whole change your picture speech. He was linked with being a GP and Bluebell with what makes her happy. Take those away and there goes the premise of the show.


Gawd I loathe your character limits in here. Anyway, I could see Wade acting out because he thinks Zoe is spending more time at work in order to be with new surgeon guy. But of course she's not, so the whole misunderstanding is resolved with even further ratcheting-up of the intensity of their relationship. They are perfect. Do not change a thing. You can scare us only briefly, very briefly. Otherwise, do not separate them AT ALL! Learn to write "gradually increasing happiness" for a change, eh? And more Lemon and more Lavon, too, because they're awesome.


I hope this new character is not a romantic interest but rather a professional competitor for Zoe, and a romantic interest for one of the many other eligible young women characters. It is inconceivable that Zoe would be able to tear herself away from Wade for any reason, much less on behalf of some other inferior male. I'm not sure it would make sense for Zoe to put any daylight between herself and Wade even if he turned out to be made of poison ivy or was actually a large, live skunk. However, Zoe's career does need some interesting action, and by that I don't mean "Zoe makes yet another dumb mistake". Usually after those embarrassments they manage to write something that reveals her actual medical talent, and it's high time we had something like that. I suppose I could tolerate a little bit of "Zoe spends less time with Wade in order to best new surgeon guy who is trying to steal her professional territory, and Wade gets jealous and acts out, causing some form of complication that is relatively quickly resolved by even further ratcheting up of the intensity-level of his relationship with Zoe". Note that it ends with more relationship there, not less. They are perfect. Do not change this. Also, more Lemon and Lavon under any circumstances because they're great.




Iam guessing the show was planning in pairing Zoey with Goeorge again (2 half of the season), but, because of the drop in ratings they changed their mind for now. The think the audience is tried of Z's back and forth between Z/G. The show REALLY needs to come up with a new hook...if not Iam afraid the "love triangles" will be the end of this show. I agree...the show goes from one MESS to another.


Not another love interest for Zoe! I love what they've done with Zoe and Wade. They've finally got it right. They tried bringing Judson in last season and look what a mess that turned out to be. I would like it if the new guy was for Lemon. She needs someone new. I've really come to love her character now that she's friends with George and Lavon. They've done a great job with her and made her more likeable this season.