Hart of Dixie Review: Pregnant Gators and Friends With Benefits

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I really loved "Suspicious Minds" for two reasons:

  1. I absolutely adored the relationship growth between Zoe and Wade.
  2. We spent plenty of time with Lavon and Lemon. 

In case you didn't know, Lemon and Lavon are my favorite pairing on the show and Cress Williams agrees (as he told me in a interview a few weeks back). Seeing them featured so prominently made me extremely happy Dixie fan.

Mayor and Campaign Manager

Before I get to Lemon and Lavon, let me talk about everyone else first. 

Starting with Brick and Magnolia, as they tried to figure out what it's like to live without Lemon. This is the first time we see just how much they depended on Lemon and her contributions to the Breeland family. In the midst of their struggles, we enjoyed some great comedy. Watching Magnolia turn the laundry purple and survive off of peanut butter made me laugh harder than it should have. Obviously she is spoiled, especially when she said to Brick, "I meant making me do stuff, you should know better."

Loved it. I hope we get more of this in the next few episodes as they learn how to adjust. 

We saw just how George remains the sweetest guy on this show. First, he didn't know how to break up with his girl and so naturally he went to Wade, who gave him horrible advice - and he listened!

He tried to so hard but he didn't want to hurt her feelings and in the end he was slapped across the face. At least the she's gone. The most adorable scene  was when he rushed to Lemon to be there for her after he thought she was pregnant. The scene ended with him giving her his apartment, how great! For the first time in the series I actually felt like I wanted those two to reconcile. I hope this feeling passes, I'm on team Lemon/Lavon.

Here is the part of my normal review where I take a paragraph to talk about how much I love Ruby. I still love her and the bad things she is doing to help our favorite characters grow. My favorite thing about Ruby is the fact that Lemon absolutely hates her. This is refreshing from the usual plot line where Lemon hates Zoe; it's nice to see it placed elsewhere. It is because of this hatred that Lemon is being forced to grow into a strong independent woman. It's also helping Zoe and Lavon grow and learn. Keep it up writers, it's working. 

I would like to say, "hello grown up Wade." This casual sex thing is obviously going to turn into a relationship because they've made a deal to only sleep with each other. Does anyone think this is a good idea? That it won't blow up in their faces? It's TV, things can't be perfect all of the time. For now, I like where they are at and I like Wade in a more grown up role, that is the kind of guy Zoe deserves to be with.

Now let me get to Lemon and Lavon. The first scene between them - where Lemon is under the impression Lavon hired her when he actually didn't - was very comedic. It was also a chance for the writers to show you that these two have chemistry, as friends, and can remain a strong dynamic in the show. 

Then there was Lavon taking the fall for Lemon. This is the arc around which the episode was centered. Jaime King and Williams are great together. They make it so easy for me to want more and more of these two.

When Levon told Lemon that she was the kind of woman that could have a family and a career, it made my heart soar! I love these two starting out as friends right now and I hope to see this dynamic grow stronger and evolve as this season goes on. I really hope they can rekindle what they had in the past and have it be stronger than before.

How about you guys, do you love Lemon yet? If not, you'll get there. She is turning into a phenomenal character and I am along for her journey, I'm hooked. 

Tonight's episode showcased all of the things that Hart of Dixie can do great, which is some comedy, drama, sex appeal and funny banter. Zoe had some great lines in this episode, check out the Hart of Dixie quotes for this episode to see what I'm talking about. Here's a hint: lions. 

Until next week! 


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I completely understand why some people have commented that having casual sex with a guy who hasn't even taken you out on a date yet is "whore" behavior. I'm afraid that the flagrant cosplaying is even more distressing: Strangers on a train? The "sexy doctor"? The naughty student in the principal's office? That's not even legal! And he obviously spanked her even though she explicitly said not to do it. Assault, anyone? There is one and only one explanation for all of this bizarre behavior, and I think you know what it is: Wilson Bethel. Can he really be blamed for something he can't control, though? He was "born this way". His blue star level hotness turns perfectly nice feminist doctors into rabid sluts left and right. They can't help themselves either; it's biological determinism. A tragedy and mystery for anthropologists and scientists to solve if they can. Please help, help us quickly or we'll all be turned into tramps.


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@T I definitely agree that they are putting the characters who work well together in the same scenes. They seem to have even toned down on the George/Zoe stuff and the last couple scenes of them gave off a complete friendship vibe. I never minded them as friends since I think they have a nice friendship chemistry.


@T I agree that I'd love more Brick/Zoe stuff. I think they are sort of just moving past the whole wedding thing and any involvement that Zoe had in the break up of George and Lemon. They dealt with part of it that first episode. We got the George/Brick fall out and dealing with it. I don't think we'll get any more about Bricks's feelings toward Zoe from that whole mess. I did like her going to him about the leprosy and getting his opinion so she didn't seem like such a crazy person jumping to conclusions. There just seems to be a lot going on this season with each character. So far they are balancing the episodes with the story lines and everyone seems to be getting a fair amount of airtime which I'm enjoying. I keep forgetting we are only 4 episodes in and things we haven't seen will probably come soon. I do appreciate that it hasn't become the Zoe love triangle show and the other characters are getting a chance to shine.


@tap - I too would like to see more aspects of Zoe's professional career, particularly her relationship with Brick which I've always found fascinating. I'm sad that they haven't really dealt with his feelings towards her and her involvement with Lemon getting left at the altar. I'm sure we'll see more Lavon and Wade soon, though. With the obvious exception of George/Zoe, they seem to know which characters work well together and make sure to give us scenes of them!


@ birdie - Apparently, I'm talking to a brick wall, as I've already pointed out why this conversation goes past TV shows and why it's inappropriate to hide behind that statement. Part of you secretly knows that, since you were the first to bring in real-life concerns and examples, so it's silly to now try and act like there's no connection between fiction and reality. @ julie - yes, and perhaps if Zoe was charging for sex, you could accurately call her a prostitute. She's not. In fact, as Boyd's charming comments make clear, some people even argue that dates are simply paying for the woman to "put out" so making Wade take her on a date wouldn't be treating her with respect, as you suggest, but actually be more actual-prostitute behavior than you claim she is acting with now.


Oh my gosh, we are talking about a TV show!


Actually, some women are whores....isn't it the oldest profession? LOL


Women are not whores :) Now with that said I will gladly trade some of the sex scenes if it means that we get just one scene between Lavon and Wade. I'm really missing their friendship this season. I also wouldn't mind more of the medical stuff. I would like a nice balance between the romantic aspects of Zoe's life, her friendships, and her career. I am enjoying this season as a whole though and think the writing has really improved from last season.


Scratch that. What I should have said was: Calling a woman a whore is wrong. Period.

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Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Zoe: Now I see why athletes carb load. Wanna know what I mean?
Lavon: No.
Zoe: Why I'm so tired?
Lavon: No.
Zoe: The sex because it's like a marathon except no one's handing me water every couple of miles. Although that would be useful.

Lemon: [To Brick] Remind the gardner to trim back the roses and re-fertilize the front lawn and pick up your dry cleaning. Don't forget you need to lift and pull up on the dryer door when it get's stuck and-
Brick: I can run my own home...

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