Hart of Dixie Review: Revenge in Bluebell?

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"Always on My Mind" was probably one of the funniest Hart of Dixie episodes to date. I don't remember the last time I laughed this hard at the show. It was fun, hilarious and definitely entertaining. Very well done overall.

When the gour started we saw that Zoe and Wade were at it again... well actually, they were just finishing. As much as Zoe won't admit it, she likes her little fling with Wade. Let's all be honest, who wouldn't? Wade Kinsella is one good looking country boy. Wade was right when he said she was addicted. 

Ready for BlueBellapalooza

Throughout this episode the theme seemed to be being the best version of yourself. Lavon was happier around Ruby and vice versa, Rose was trying to make herself content by throwing the BlueBellapalooza, Zoe was attempting to NOT have sex with Wade, George was trying to move on, Brick has a new girlfriend, Lemon was hoping to find herself, and Wade was, well... Wade.

Everyone had something to do and had their own little storyline in the episode and that was my favorite part. Everyone mattered. 

Let's start with Zoe and Wade. Their storyline is becoming more and more interesting to me. First they can't stop having sex and so Wade bets Zoe they'll hook up within the next 48 hours, but unfortunately for Wade, they didn't. The tension between both of them tonight was the best it has been all series and I honestly felt their connection. I believed it and now I want more. 

Poor George. He was finally doing so well with the new girl and was in high hopes of moving on, but Lemon unintentionally ruined it. I enjoyed seeing George, after everything, still going over to Lemon to make sure that she was okay and then she actually smiled. Lemon grows more and more each episode. All she wants to do is prove to her daddy that she could make it on her own and that is why she is my favorite. Yes, Lemon Breeland is my favorite. Just wait, you'll see it eventually.

When I was talking to Tim Matheson, I asked him if Brick was going to let Lemon go and allow her learn how to be on her own and he said that Brick was going to have a hard time with that. Obviously, he is. He tried a numerous amount of times tonight to convince Lemon to work for him. I think we all were saying that it's time to get let fly, Brick. Lemon is in her 30's. It's sweet to see him holding on but it's also selfish and pathetic. But Lemon needs to learn how to be her own person.

Moving onto Ruby. Let me just say, I love her. I knew it was going to be her running against Lavon! How perfect is this? The current mayor up against his old flame whose heart he broke. Can we all agree that Revenge has moved to Bluebell, Alabama! This is definitely going to make things interesting. Cress Williams recently said that "sparks will fly" between Lavon and Ruby and since she will be his competition, does this mean that the sparks aren't so nice? I have no idea but I look forward to finding out.

In the end Zoe still doesn't know who she wants to be with. You have sweet and innocent George who all of the sudden has amazing singing skills. Then you have Wade, who doesn't like to wear shirts and works at the Rammer Jammer. They are both complete opposites and it makes for good television. I hope that from here on out their love triangle doesn't get cheesy; it has some really good potential.

It's nice to see Hart of Dixie go towards a lighter side and have much more comedy than the first season. Tonight's episode was definitely one of the best yet. They have a good set up started and I'm ready to see where it all goes. Also, give us more Rose, I find her so charming and adorable. 

Next week it looks like a new illness will be going around Bluebell and will everyone blame Zoe Hart? Probably!


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Just reading the comments and also agree with everything you both said 'wow' and 'T'


(continued...) P.s. It's 'Leila' and she didn't write this episode - all the awards for this brilliant episode go to Carter Covington. Wish there was an edit function on these comments...
* and his say it like it is attitude to Zoe
* Zoe and her marshmallows :D


I have to agree - this episode HANDS DOWN made up for last weeks. LOVED IT and will probably watch it again because it was that good. From Zoe being pants-less, the random Bluebell resident concerned by the sale of her toaster coasies if the tourists stop coming, the adorable owner of the rammer jammer with his "yeah's..." when he had to fire Lemon, Lavon with his perfection as a character (loved learning more about him, and say it like it is to to Zoe), George moving on and yet that sweet moment when he noticed Lemon hurting. It was also nice to see Zoe's reaction when Wade was getting a little too much attention by the singer, lol also her and her marshmallows :D
The ep just gave us some more grit to bite into to and look forward to whilst being hilarious at the same time. I'm still keen on them getting somebody great in to come up with a quirky intro that involves all of them though. P.s. It's 'Leila' and she didn't write this episode - all the awards for this brilliant episode go to Carter Covington.


Yeah, What's up with Lilly Ann. Wow Lalia must REALLY hate Bethel...just joking.


correction - liked him... comfortable...


I also loved this episode... for once the show was not ANNOYING forcing you to believe that Zoey and George are in love. All of the characters were lose and free. Iam not a fan of George but I like in the episode - he and Zoey are natuaral and comportable when they are NOT trying to convince you that they are in love. George and Zoey are best as GREAT friends. I thought that George had more of a connection with the guess star (Coleman) then he has EVER had with Zoey. I want to see how he connects to the guess star (Laura Bundy). Where is Shelly? She is missed/that Wade's sidekick


Loved this episode! I loved that Wade and George still get along (something refreshing - most TV shows would not go with that, even though it's believable with their history), loved that Lavon actually called Zoe on her feelings for Wade, loved the Wade-hating lyrics of the hypochondriac singer, loved that Zoe can't resist Wade (who can blame her?), loved seeing George in a context other than pining after Zoe (he's hardly "sweet and innocent," but he's much more likeable when he's not stuck in the role of Soul Mate). I wasn't a fan of yet another singing episode. Yes, they are all great singers...but this isn't a musical! And I still don't like Ruby. Finally, I wanted even more Lemon. She's been my favorite for a long time, and I can't wait to see what they do with her character this year.


Can't wait to watch this episode on my CW app!

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