Hawaii Five-0 Review: All Aboard the USS Bromance

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"Lana I Ka Maona:" Adrift

For all of us who have enjoyed the "bromance" moments and the "carguments" over the last three seasons, this week’s Hawaii Five-0 episode gave us something we have been hoping for for a while. Steve and Danny. Hanging out. Just the two of them.

Of course, given that the time they spent together included being boat-jacked, stranded at sea in a sinking dingy, chased by sharks and finding a crime scene at sea, maybe they want to actually relax a bit next time. Still, you have to admit the two of them on the ocean created some of the best Hawaii Five-0 quotes we've enjoyed this year.

McGarrett and Danny On A Boat

Long time viewers know that Danny has not been a big fan of the ocean. Learning that Danny's childhood friend drowned trying to help him explained a lot about his dislike, but also some nice info about Danny himself.

This was one of the first glimpses we've had into Danny’s childhood. I hope we get a few more. We know a lot about Steve, while Kono and Chin talk about being kids fairly often. The same can't be said for this snarky character.

I’m also thrilled that this installment was better put together than the last episode. The pacing was well done, action was consistent - and watching Kono take down Scates and then handcuff him to the rail was pretty awesome. My only confusion was Catherine coming along with Chin and Kono to raid Scates’ apartment. 

When did Catherine join Five-0? Why would a Navy communication officer have a bullet proof vest and gun to wear off duty to a crime scene? I can see an ex-Navy Seal like Steve having that type of gear, but Catherine is not a Seal... unless I missed her being reassigned. 

The irony is that Michelle Borth fit right in with Kono and Chin and would make a great addition to the team. Except for that whole sleeping with Steve thing, which might be awkward around the office the next day. 

Finally, how long did it take Lost fans to recognize the actress playing Katie Burgess as Cynthia Watros, who played Libby? It was good to see another former Lost alumni on the show – albeit briefly. Speaking of on the show again, here's hoping that Steve’s mom returns soon, as I really want to see more of Doris McGarrett in action. 


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I'm going to agree with the person who said that Catherine is not necessary in this episode, and maybe not necessary as a regular in the series. I'm also going to state that they need a NEW SET OF WRITERS!!!. Another weak, and empty episode. It seems that all they do now, is make a quick and easy ending, followed up by a "Miller Time" get together where they all eat, drink, and laugh. I don't know how long they can keep relying on the local scenic shots of O'ahu, and giving the women "beef cake" shots of the star, to keep them watching. They need to improve their writing, stop putting in these "unrealistic" scenes (like the amoured car being picked up by a helicopter, and Kono "magically" pulling Chen up), and making the Honolulu PD looke stupid and incompetant. By the way, I used to live in Hawaii, and know how much this show means to the State. However, we all laugh at the total lack of detail to any sense of reality.


I am afraid I'm going to have to disagree with your review. This was the least enjoyable episode so far for me this season and we've only just begun!
The reason? Danny's incessant whining. Don't get my wrong - I love Danno, I really do. In fact I would say that I love Steve & Danny equally and can't really choose between them the majority of the time. That is, until episodes like Monday's roll around in which the writer's write Danny as a whiny, complaining brat. Then, his appeal for me goes right down through the floorboards. I'm talking to the point where I'd like to reach through the tv set and slap him. Why do the writer's write him like this? It's anyone's guess. So no, I did not enjoy this eppy very much, I'm sorry to say.


This show has all the makings of a great show, but like many comments on here it is missing the mark, sometimes more than others but seldom a bull's eye. The location is hard to beat and all the characters are there and they're pretty good eye candy as well...but what to do? Exactly! The writers need to limit the bromance (it is after all the same ole same ole after a while) and get on with it. Surely there are many good stories to revolve around this fine cast of actors and I second the emotion that seeing Kona "in action" is a thrill every time. I love this show but it needs to be more compelling and not just a Chamber of Commerce ad for Hawaii. Maybe the writers should take a look at Burn Notice, Covert Affairs or White Collar? Like I said, everything is in place for a great show but, please somebody "book us," Dannno!


Jschoi = I forgot about Adam's brother getting out of prison. You are right there will be some answers there. It might also cause some tension for Kono, either from Chin or between her and Adam. We'll have to see, can't wait. I'm glad they are finally spreading the good story lines around.


I agree with the review as I love the 'bromance' banter and the way that Danno and Steve manage to deepen their friendship while still getting on each other's nerves in a playful way. And how could any hetero gal not LOVE the fact that we got to see Danno and Steve without their shirts and soaking wet?! I was thrilled that we got so much eye candy in this episode! Hurrah!
Nothing like oogling some fine beefcake to make a girls evening brighter. I also feel that Daniel Dae Kim did some very fine acting in this episode, because you could see his broken heart bleeding all over the place, but he wasn't maudlin about his grieving. I hope Catherine does become a permanent part of the H5O team


Mildly surprised by this episode. Turned out much better than expected from the preview. Two minor issues active duty military are expressly forbidden from actively assisting local law enforcement by the Posse Comitatus Act. Second for Steve: Float Plan!! The Coast Guard guy should have given you a head slap for not having one.


@Kathy....Look out for Adams brother, just out of prison, coming next month. I'm sure he's coming to take over the family business. I think this will answer a lot of ? about Adam and Adam/Kono.


Danny and Steve bantering are here to stay, I have a sense of humor, maybe its not to the liking of others. I loved the lines in the dingy, I hear friends in my life and at work do the same thing, and yet no one calls them immature, because they know they are just kidding around. Give the writers some credit, they do show Danny as being mature and caring. If you don't like it, then you don't, can't please everyone. I love this show, and I think this year has started off great. I'm looking forward to seeing how Adam causes trouble. I understand why Chin would be concerned for Kono, and as he said, he's not worried about Adam. How much control does Adam have over the Yakuza, didn't one of his father's right hand men try to shoot him, because Adam would not shoot Steve and Wofat?
Kono and Adam do look good together, but I'm sure there will be trouble.


Liked episode. Looking forward to next week with more of Mom. Clearly in minority here but wish that the Steve/Catharine relationship would deepen.


I agree that the "bromance" was annoying. The banter was never very clever and having Danny do nothing but whine is a discredit to the character. Once we got past that and they were rescued the show got better. One other part that was phony was when Chin is trying to grab Kona's hand and their fingers won't touch. Suddenly he's able to lock onto her wrists. MAGIC!!! Let's have more crime solving and let Danno grow up and be a cop again. BTW, what happened to his wife and child?

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Steve: Set the Hook!
Danny: Stop the backseat fishing!

Steve: Time out, I thought the mission today was to get you your first tuna
Danny: Why does everything have to be a mission?
Steve: . The goal was to help you catch an Ahi.
Danny: There's no goal, there's no mission; we're just fishing. We have a couple of laughs, maybe we catch a fish, maybe we don't