Hawaii Five-0 Review: All Aboard the USS Bromance

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"Lana I Ka Maona:" Adrift

For all of us who have enjoyed the "bromance" moments and the "carguments" over the last three seasons, this week’s Hawaii Five-0 episode gave us something we have been hoping for for a while. Steve and Danny. Hanging out. Just the two of them.

Of course, given that the time they spent together included being boat-jacked, stranded at sea in a sinking dingy, chased by sharks and finding a crime scene at sea, maybe they want to actually relax a bit next time. Still, you have to admit the two of them on the ocean created some of the best Hawaii Five-0 quotes we've enjoyed this year.

McGarrett and Danny On A Boat

Long time viewers know that Danny has not been a big fan of the ocean. Learning that Danny's childhood friend drowned trying to help him explained a lot about his dislike, but also some nice info about Danny himself.

This was one of the first glimpses we've had into Danny’s childhood. I hope we get a few more. We know a lot about Steve, while Kono and Chin talk about being kids fairly often. The same can't be said for this snarky character.

I’m also thrilled that this installment was better put together than the last episode. The pacing was well done, action was consistent - and watching Kono take down Scates and then handcuff him to the rail was pretty awesome. My only confusion was Catherine coming along with Chin and Kono to raid Scates’ apartment. 

When did Catherine join Five-0? Why would a Navy communication officer have a bullet proof vest and gun to wear off duty to a crime scene? I can see an ex-Navy Seal like Steve having that type of gear, but Catherine is not a Seal... unless I missed her being reassigned. 

The irony is that Michelle Borth fit right in with Kono and Chin and would make a great addition to the team. Except for that whole sleeping with Steve thing, which might be awkward around the office the next day. 

Finally, how long did it take Lost fans to recognize the actress playing Katie Burgess as Cynthia Watros, who played Libby? It was good to see another former Lost alumni on the show – albeit briefly. Speaking of on the show again, here's hoping that Steve’s mom returns soon, as I really want to see more of Doris McGarrett in action. 


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(continued) Catherine: You're not on a military vessel in the middle of the ocean anymore. For the love of G-d, EAT SOMETHING...and get some sun!!!!!!


When I first saw the preview for this ep, I wondered whether it would be a solid hour of "shark-guments" so I was quite relieved when it only lasted for about a quarter of the ep and that there was a "crime du jour." Even so, the bicker-banter got to be a bit much. And as for the "crime du jour", the twist for me wasn't that it was the wife, but that it WASN'T the sister-in-law. She cast quite a few furtive glances during Kono's interview that made suspect her of something. She turned out to be a murderer anyway--albeit of the vengeful type. A few notes for the cast: Steve: the opening title card said your boat was 40 miles off the coast. I don't care how fit you are (and you do look GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD *drool*), towing another human 40 miles across open water seems downright impossible. Chin: Kono offered to help you with Mallia's possessions. You're a first-class turd for ripping her a new one about Adam--he saved her life!!!!!! Catherine: You're not on a military vessel in the middle of the ocean anymore. For the love of G-d, EAT SOMETHING...and get some sun!!!!!!


Liked this ep a lot. Danny is Danny and that is the way it is going to be, it's part of the show. Loved the Kono/Chin argument, sets up well for Adams bad brother to arrive next month, that could be very interesting. Loved Kono kicking ass as usual, always send Kono to do a mans job (considering Chins predicament I may have let the bad guy go, but loved the scene anyway). With Daniel Henney guesting next month we will have had guest stars from Heros, Lost and Three Rivers, how about someone from BSG. A shirtless Tahmoh Penikett would be good.


And the best part of this episode...an extended water scene showing off a very healthy looking and shirtless Alex. ;-). Love where this season is headed.

Sarah silva

"Back seat fishing" was one of the best quotes of the episode eventhough Danny and Steve had lots of funny lines. I really loved this episode. I too think Catherine fits in well with the task force but I still do not want her to be at a crime scene each week. So far they are doing good with how she is integrated on to the show.


Last nights episode was " A Barf Bag Moment" - really. The first 20 minutes was Dano sniviling. He brings down the show with his idiot personality


(cont) When cath said she would treat his mom as her own mom, and then said she did not mean how that sounded, steve said he liked it. If that is not love I dont know what is. I like the way they are developing them as a couple. I think it is going to be so interesting to see where they go with them and i like michelle borth very much on this show.
The mom I am ready for her to go away, she is evil in my opinion but I suppose we will see where they are going with this character. I just hope she is gone soon.


Great episode. Great building of each character's background story. Catherine and Steve have yet to discuss what they really mean to each other which explained why he calls it a "thing", it means no disrespect to Catherine, it simply means that Steve is not sure of what they have. And the tentativeness of Catherine around Steve affirms that. Chin has his personal hell to live through and it's heartbreaking to watch but great acting by Chin. Kono is her usual badass self, loved the takedown and fight scenes and the scenes with her cuz re: Adam is perfect. Loved Chin's cooment at the end that he will always continue to take care of Kono. All the background filling is going to make this an awesome season to watch.


I really enjoyed last nights episode. I just love this season so much!! I think steve has the patience of a saint to put up with dannys complaining and I like danno, he was just acting like a baby last night so that was a little annoying but it showed how awesome steve is to not have thrown him overboard as I would have. I have no problem with steve not being able to say cath is his GF, we are learning more and more that steve has trust issues and they are very well founded. I think he does love her and trust her he just needs to be able to say it. Like alex said in an interview it would not make sense that Steve would be able to have a normal trusting committed relationship after all he has been through. I dont see it as disrespect of her at all, he is very sweet to her and he did not call her a booty call he just did not know how to describe their relationship. Makes total sense to me. He is a wounded guy who needs to get some things straight in his head and his life. He told her he did not think it sounded weird when she said she would treat his mom like her own mom, I mean that line alone says how much he cares for cath. All in all I think season 3 is turning out to be so much fun!! I cannot wait for more. I am ready for the mom to go soon though, she is evil in my opinion but I guess we shall see where they are going with that.


Cont..... I figured this would be cut off......Chin and Kono went in first, and Catherine was back-up. I was not thrilled with Steve not telling Danny what Catherine is in his life, but Danny is going to continue to point out what she does for him, because thats part of his snarkyness, and someone needs to point out to Steve that he needs a woman in his life, as Steve has done to Danny in the past. You figure that Adam would be a conflict between Chin and Kono, even though he saved Kono, I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Love Adam, but still don't know if he is actually trying to change the business.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Steve: Set the Hook!
Danny: Stop the backseat fishing!

Steve: Time out, I thought the mission today was to get you your first tuna
Danny: Why does everything have to be a mission?
Steve: . The goal was to help you catch an Ahi.
Danny: There's no goal, there's no mission; we're just fishing. We have a couple of laughs, maybe we catch a fish, maybe we don't