Hawaii Five-0 Review: All Aboard the USS Bromance

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"Lana I Ka Maona:" Adrift

For all of us who have enjoyed the "bromance" moments and the "carguments" over the last three seasons, this week’s Hawaii Five-0 episode gave us something we have been hoping for for a while. Steve and Danny. Hanging out. Just the two of them.

Of course, given that the time they spent together included being boat-jacked, stranded at sea in a sinking dingy, chased by sharks and finding a crime scene at sea, maybe they want to actually relax a bit next time. Still, you have to admit the two of them on the ocean created some of the best Hawaii Five-0 quotes we've enjoyed this year.

McGarrett and Danny On A Boat

Long time viewers know that Danny has not been a big fan of the ocean. Learning that Danny's childhood friend drowned trying to help him explained a lot about his dislike, but also some nice info about Danny himself.

This was one of the first glimpses we've had into Danny’s childhood. I hope we get a few more. We know a lot about Steve, while Kono and Chin talk about being kids fairly often. The same can't be said for this snarky character.

I’m also thrilled that this installment was better put together than the last episode. The pacing was well done, action was consistent - and watching Kono take down Scates and then handcuff him to the rail was pretty awesome. My only confusion was Catherine coming along with Chin and Kono to raid Scates’ apartment. 

When did Catherine join Five-0? Why would a Navy communication officer have a bullet proof vest and gun to wear off duty to a crime scene? I can see an ex-Navy Seal like Steve having that type of gear, but Catherine is not a Seal... unless I missed her being reassigned. 

The irony is that Michelle Borth fit right in with Kono and Chin and would make a great addition to the team. Except for that whole sleeping with Steve thing, which might be awkward around the office the next day. 

Finally, how long did it take Lost fans to recognize the actress playing Katie Burgess as Cynthia Watros, who played Libby? It was good to see another former Lost alumni on the show – albeit briefly. Speaking of on the show again, here's hoping that Steve’s mom returns soon, as I really want to see more of Doris McGarrett in action. 


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I like this very much. Danny's snarking is part of the show and its not going away. How entertaining it would be if he followed everything Steve said and did without a word. Danny and Steve's exchanges are funny, and I too liked the flow of this show. They concentrated on one thing, which is what a lot of people complain about, but I'm sure there will be the usual complaints. As for Catherine, I would not like Steve having a problem with him calling her his girlfriend. I think that is where they are going with this, that he does not realize how much a part of his life she really is, and that he trusts her as much as he trusts Danny, or the others. But there will be some tension at some point, we just have to be patient to see where this goes. As for her having a vest, it has been shown before that 5-0 carries their vests and extras in the truck of their car, so its not hers, and she went along, because she can handle a gun being a Navy officer, besides Chin and Kono went in first, she was back up.


Last night was perfect Steve and Danny remind me of gibbs and Tony of the early years


The bitching and moaning by Danno on the boat was a bit much. I'd have thrown his ass overboard after the first 2 minutes. Steve's trying to do his best to save them and all he can do is complain. You're out of high school now Danno. Kono's take down of the bad guy was AWESOME! I love Catherine but it seemed as though she was a little out of place. Chin needs to ease up a bit on Adam and Kono. The show can get a lot of mileage of that storyline...


Seriously I don't like the way Catherine was used in this whole episode,especially in the ending scene,she didn't even get lines.
I am a McDanno shipper,and I'm not gonna deny it.But I was really not pleased by the 'oh she's not my girlfriend,but we have a thing' thing,then what kind of thing?like sexual thing?That is offense to Catherine,and do no good to help to built McGarrett's personality.
Maybe they do have a special history,so I'll keep watching and see how the writers will explain McGarrett's behavior and his attitude to Catherine.


LOVED the episode - perfect ! Loved the bromance from beginning to end and continue to enjoy waching Chin through his grieving process. Steve and Danny were hillarious. I only with they had talked A LITTLE BIT MORE about missing Mom, but we'll see her again bnext week. - Great Job 5-0 !


I had to turn off after 15 minutes as the "bromance" was so annoying. Who was this Steve. What is Catherine then, booty call who does favours as well. What woman would put up with that. So she risks her life to babysit mommy and puts her career on the line to dig up info for Steve when he demands it and she's just a good friend with benefits. Ugh! I guess no one can be seen to interfere with the bromance. Kono and Adam are the most interesting couple on the show but I'm sure Adam will got he same way as Malia.


Good episode, bromance was funny in episode, it was nice to see what happened to Danny's friend explains his water issues.


Maybe Catherine's the spookier kind of spook. She's an intelligence officer for Office of Naval Intelligence, not a staff communications officer on a supercarrier. Or maybe they're never going to explain it. Hell, if Kono can run around kicking ass instead of 1) dead, or 2) institutionalized in a mental facility because 1) she went up against Brutish Thug #423 and he broke her like a toothpick or 2) she realized she just killed like a dozen guys and undergoes a psychotic break because killing people is hard on one's mental health, especially for cops who are not trained to kill, then so can Catherine (or Chin Ho or Danno, because COPS DO NOT KILL THAT MANY PEOPLE). Filed under R for Rule of Cool.


Good episode! This bromance thing was getting on my nerves a little but this episode was so funny! I love Kono/Chin's argument about Adam but I'm gonna side with Kono on this one, Adam seems like a legit good guy, well at least Kono turned him around.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Steve: Set the Hook!
Danny: Stop the backseat fishing!

Steve: Time out, I thought the mission today was to get you your first tuna
Danny: Why does everything have to be a mission?
Steve: . The goal was to help you catch an Ahi.
Danny: There's no goal, there's no mission; we're just fishing. We have a couple of laughs, maybe we catch a fish, maybe we don't