Hawaii Five-0 Review: A Very Cold March

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"Kanalua:" Doubt.

Know that I don’t say this lightly: This was one of the worst episodes of Hawaii Five-0 I have ever watched. After last week’s stellar Season 3 opening I’m absolutely appalled at how this episode went down.

I'll explain why...

August March: After waiting months for the return of Ed Asner as August March, I’m most disgusted with how his departure was designed. This is a man who has always thought two steps ahead of two generations of cops. Yet he decides to punch his own ticket by stepping into traffic. Seriously?!? Why were there not cops escorting him? Why was he allowed to just step out of the car on the passenger side and stroll across the grass into the path of a truck? Come on!

Catherine Getting Info: I’m all for Catherine using her feminine charms to get stuff from guys, that’s to be expected from the hotness that is Michelle Borth. But what self-respecting Naval Officer is going to hack into the WITSEC computer database by stealing the password from some poor schmuck in a bar?

Catherine Helps McGarrett

Ridiculous Computer Security: Speaking of getting info from some poor schmuck at a bar. First, the Government requires numbers, letters and a special character in all of their passwords. Second, I can tell you that none of my passwords have anything do with my childhood pet, family street or anything to do with me growing up. So between those two things, you are not going to hack a government database by asking a guy his life story over pool and randomly plugin random words he said.  

Muddled Case: From the art theft, to the suspect dying, to the getaway driver being murdered, to it all leading to a kidnapping... it was just too much. I wasn't attached to the art, or the car driver, and only cared about the girl because she was a kid. Hell, I never even figured out what August went to ask the fence for since he was the one who shot the brothers with the same gun he used last time. Add to that mix Chin Ho dealing with Malia’s death and Catherine stealing government passwords, and it becomes one giant pile of what I like to call "A Hot Mess."

Speaking of Chin Ho, the only decent part of this episode was Chin-Ho’s dealing with Malia’s death. The funeral was beautiful, and then he and Danny talking at the end was a great moment. I was glad to see Danny step-up and be a friend and family for Chin-Ho; if anyone knows how alone he might feel it would be Danny. 

But in the end, one good portion of an episode can not offset all the bad. Oh, and don’t even get me started on Kamekona new "venture" or the  lift and thrust ratios of the average touring helicopter – we will be here for days! GAH!

Here is hoping that next week we get back to a decent story plot and we get more information on Doris still being on the island. For now, I’m going to see if I can find some brain bleach to wash this episode from my mind. 


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Even my love of Alex can't keep me watching this show anymore. We are back to the same boring annoying formula which I could stomach if the characters hadn't become so boring bland and annoying. The writers have managed to butcher every decent guest star in the show and now they've started on Catherine. Danny's whining about Steve doing his job is becoming beyond annoying and not remotely funny.
I'm beginning to wonder how he even got to become a cop let alone part of a Specical Task Force. Ed Asner was great but his death pathetic. DDK is awsome but I can't look at Chin the same way due to him murdering Delano. Looking at next weeks promo just confirms that the show has become a joke.


"@George - please stop with your 'race' comments! If the show offends you that much, STOP WATCHING. And certainly stop wasting your time commenting after every single episode." You have the right to comment, and so have I. If the moderator finds my comments offensive, it will be removed!


It's sad what they are doing to Catherine. People really like that character for what she is - Steve's occasional love interest - they need to leave it at that. This show has a way of ruining the formula that made it so great. Ande why do they turn every female character into some bad@ss cop?? She's a Naval Officer, yet suddenly she can shoot, fight and go undercover?? Ridiculous. @George - please stop with your 'race' comments! If the show offends you that much, STOP WATCHING. And certainly stop wasting your time commenting after every single episode.


"@George......could your insiders tell me when Adam will be killed,since thats also Asian~Asian romance." End of the season...and you see Adam did not show up yesterday...not likely to show up next week either.


@George......could your insiders tell me when Adam will be killed,since thats also Asian~Asian romance.


This was not a great episode and Lou Asner was not well utilized. The funeral and Chin Ho's behavior were definitely the best part of the drama. I have suspended belief many times in the past but it usually was for an exciting reason. This plot was boring. Did August March orchestrate the entire thing? How did he gain the drop on two felons and kill them? And most important of all, after he was caught and knew he was out of options did he purposely lead the police as far away from the hostage as possible? He could have run into traffic AFTER he told McGarrett where to find the girl. It was senseless and stupid for a master criminal and not a fitting end for Asner.


"George Where did you got the info about that Reiko Ayelsworth was so fed up of not having any role in most episodes that she asked the producers to kill her character off this is new for me." Support staff, Camera folks, editors and others in Hollywood who I happen to know. Ms. Ayelsworth will give an interview soon. She supposedly did not imply racism. But said that she had miniscule roles after her "marriage." "And will you please STOP!! with all the racial comments you did it last week and now again it's getting annoying and ridiculous." Did not make any racist statements. But, whatever I have said is true and truth will always hurt....If anything I said was untrue, please do provide evidence and I will apologize..... http://inamerica.blogs.cnn.com... I am not saying it is right or wrong. I am saying it is a fact! /2012/10/hawaii-five-o-review-what-the-frak-was-that/#ixzz28A0efYDH


I wanted Soooo bad for Adam to show up at the end, would loved to see everyones reaction. Maybe in another ep, hope so.

Sarah silva

I personally loved this episode! I can not believe you gave it a low rating!
I had not problem with the way August died. He did not want to go back to jail and I am sure Danny and Steve did not think an old man could out run them. They did have 2 cop cars with them BTW.
I loved the scene at the beggining a very nice sent off for Malia. I think the Hawaiian tradtion is very nice.
I think Danny and Steve's carguments are even more funny this year.
I really liked the scene with Chin and Kono and the one with Danny and Kono.
This show is not based on reality so I take it for what it is and that is why I like it so much! SO therefore I had not issues with how Catherine got the info from the guy in the bar.
I have always like Catherine but I am glad that her storyline is with Steve's mom and not her joining the task force.


HFO wrote: "Any fan of HFO knows that August March is not dead. Those weren't his remains. As Steve said, he is always 2 steps ahead of the game. He will show up again later on down the road." As fun as that is to think about, I think viewers would have a hard time suspending disbelief.

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Danny: Going to need a vest, vest please.
Steve: You don't even know what my plan is.
Danny: This is true, but I know you, and any plan you have will involve me and serious bodily harm.
Steve: What are you talking about?
Danny: What I'm talking about, is that over the years our marriage has become predictable.

Steve: Catherine, I want you to help me find my mom.
Catherine: I thought you told Witness Protection you wanted kept secret even from you.
Steve: Yeah, that was before I found out she had a chance to kill Wo Fat and let him get away.