Homeland Review: It Feels Good

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I had two major concerns coming into the second season of Homeland:

  1. Whether The Powers That Be could come up with a story as earnestly interesting as the phenomenal one they came up with to start the series.
  2. Whether they could continue to jerk the viewer around as incredibly as they did in Homeland Season 1 now that he/isn't he question regarding Brody wasn't relevant anymore.

Through five episodes, it is obvious that the story telling has been just as tremendous, partly due to the fabulous risks they haven't taken in terms of pacing. And after watching "Q&A," it's clear the writers can get viewers all turned around no matter what the issue is.

Brody in Custody

With something as seemingly simple as the interrogation of Brody, the series still managed to make me unable able to figure everything out.

At first I was angry Carrie didn't get to take lead, and then I quickly changed my mind because Quinn's calm demeanor intrigued me. I never saw his subsequent fit of rage coming, and thought to myself: 'Well they had to write that in so that Carrie would be able to get in on the interrogation.'

When it was revealed that Quinn was simply playing bad cop, it became obvious that a) he's really good at his job, and b) Homeland can misdirect the viewer at even the most unexpected times.

I would be remiss if I didn't confirm that not only was all of that interrogation incredibly written, but it was also unsurprisingly superbly acted. Those moments when Carrie and Brody were crying together? They were heart-pumping and heart-breaking all at the same time.

The more Carrie went on and on about how in love with him she was, the more I started to wonder how much of that conversation was performance and how much was straight up truth. I could be convinced of a lot of things at this point. Claire Danes is that good, and this character is that confusing emotionally.

Was she totally BSing Brody? Playing him with every word? Or is she truly that empathetic? Or that damaged? Were her feelings ever real? Are they still? The layered characters force us to ask that question and, best yet, the show itself will likely never answer them. There is so simple answer.

As great as all of it was, though, don't you think they could have gotten the same result by simply giving him the ultimatum at the very beginning? "We have this tape of you saying you are a terrorist, we can either take you to court or you can help us with Nazir."

Sure, getting him more emotionally drained and attached might help in getting him to actually work at assisting the CIA, but I don't think it was needed to get him to agree to that. But then again, maybe if Carrie hadn't reminded him about his true feelings for his family he wouldn't have cared if he took this thing to trial. Maybe.

Now that he is in, I am most interested to see what happens between Brody and Carrie. The fact that their cover is that they're having an affair should make things even more complicated. How will that play into their real feelings, especially Carrie's? Color me intrigued.

While all of that was going on, Dana also got into a bit fun. Well, she and Finn called it fun. I call it reckless driving and manslaughter. If that's what kids are calling fun these days, I'm glad I'm an old timer. Where's Xander with the pot when you need him, right?

What do you all think about what happened with Dana and Finn? What was your favorite part about the interrogation? And how darn good has Homeland Season 2 been?!? Sound off in the comments.


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I thought that was the most amazing episode of the series. If "Homeland" wins any awards Season 2, this last episode, Q&A, will be the one that puts it over the top. I've enjoyed the series from the beginning, but no other episode had even half the impact on me that Q&A delivered. It was simply amazing, which is a gross understatement, because there was nothing simple about it. I know that it wasn't just me, but I thought that the woman that Finn ran down with Dana in the car was Roya Hammad, and I was waiting to see something at the end of the episode confirming that she was either killed or hospitalized, but no mention was made in that respect. In scouring the Internet for more information, someone who also saw the similarity took a screen capture: Is this Roya Hammad? Judge for yourself. This would open up a whole new set of problems for Brody, the CIA, and the further relationship between Brody and Abu Nazir.


They had to peel away Brody's defenses...and break him down to where the lies were more readily identified. Superbly acted by all. Tremendous writing.


I guess I am an old timer too because hitting a pedestrian, and then fleeing the scene of the crime is NOT at all fun to me! I'm not thrilled about this new development with Dana. Other than that I absolutely loved last night's episode of Homeland. It is hard to choose a favourite part of the interrogation, but I guess I would choose the scene where Carrie and Brody both start crying. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are both superb, and have amazing onscreen chemistry. Cannot wait to see what the rest of the season brings. :)


Brody/Carrie plot of the episode, exquisitely written and acted. Seeing as that was 90% of the show, I give it a 9.3. Not a huge fan of the direction they went with Dana and Finn. A freak accident seems like it was too easy of a way to stir things up moreso than they are.


Ps: (Last coment I swear XD)
The promo just proves my point. Actually both of them.
Have a happy life :D


I got cut LOL
Well.. five-star episode, five-star cast: five-star show.
Go Homeland! I only worry about the future of the storyline, but I think I should trust the writers already after this season.


I think it was important to get Brody on the CIA's side emotionally because if not he could just lie about helping or help them and warn Abu Nazir at the same time or a million others.
I loved how the way the episode was made made me think at the beginning "Brody will never tell, he was already super interrogated" and as the episode progressed I found myself thinking "what she is saying is true", "it's reasonable", "tell her already, get it off your chest", "will you? won't you?". OMG at the moment Brody said "yes". It was so suspenseful I don't even remember the question. It was the moment of truth, with everything on the line. I think they were the most suspenseful seconds of my life. I was really thinking at the speed of light, trying to figure out what he'd say. "His eyes say yes.. no, no, he's making a no with his mouth.. but he has to say yes.. actually he should say "I don't know".. but he must be so tired.. yes or no.. it's a no.. no, no, it's a yes, i know it.. wait..", etc. LOL.
Well.. five-star episode, five-star cast: five-star show.
Go Homeland! I only worry about the future of the storyline, but I think I should trust the writers already after this season.

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