How I Met Your Mother Review: Bangtoberfest

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Barney was at his best this week on How I Met Your Mother, making his much anticipated return to the dating pool, tee shirt gun and all.

"Nannies" also marked Marshall and Lily's return to their normal grade of excellence, as the couple's chemistry was back after a slow start to the season. Perhaps the most improbable part of the episode, though, was how much I enjoyed Chris Elliot's scenes when we learned he wasn't always the absentee dad Lily made him out to be. 

The Nanny Search

While the Eriksens and Barney played nanny wars, two long-time combatants tried to see whose new relationship outshone the other. Ted and Robin turned in an episode full of great exchanges. While it was slightly off, I did like the attempt to foresee the Giants-Browns game, but I don't think anyone was capable of that. 

Barney retained the How I Met Your Mother quotes belt again this week, but Ted and Robin's ongoing game of relationship one upping was by far the best part of tonight. 

Marshall was a close second, however as he reverted to his boyhood and asked for the nine volt batteries and then five more minutes. 

The transition of baby photos featuring Lily and her dad to those showing Marvin growing up was very well done, tugging at my heart strings as they reminded me that our beloved show is most likely in its twilight.

Did I have myself a Nick moment there or did anyone else feel the same way? 


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Drea xoxo

i agree with most the comments, the show has lost it's direction and i fear that we will never meet or learn why ted married their mum. the show is forcing comedy which is making it cringing to watch and a BOREfest! please go into emergency production and re-do this season! we will forgive you if u decide to pull plug to do so. this whole season should just be about the purpose of the show and not these pointless side stories! next episode should be the wedding and the mother meeting! its all disconnected an d jumbled at the moment and i am getting frustrated as a loyal fan. so do us justice and get to the point! we have had 7.3 seasons wasted already don't let this be another one! you'll end up like gossip girl!


that was a very boring filler episode- Barney's single games- AGAIN? - after all he is been through.. it makes no sense and it is not that funny either. Marshall & Lily are boring too, how many baby episodes are we gonna get through.. most boring of all is Lily's dad of course. That boy friend of Robin is he the guy from that club? Did we get the story there? anyways.. Feel like they should wrap it up slowly..


Totally agree with the review. My favourite part also was ted vs robin and marshall's boyishness. The show seems to be returning to its old flavor but rather slowly. Still I didn't yet felt the HIMYM classic flavor. Hopefully next one is the charm.Fingers Crossed!!!


I think you misunderstood my reason for having a live audience. I was thinking having a live audience NOT laughing at the jokes (as opposed to a laugh track to remind the viewer that what they said is supposed to be funny) would show the writers how dry the humor is. That's just my opinion.


No, no no no to a live audience, they make laugh tracks so much more loud and annoying, HIMYM is the only show I still watch with a laugh track, which are terrible outdated, and HIMYM is the only show which they are manageable since they are much less loud and noticeable in HIMYM, I don't care if they add fake laughs during a scene which isn't really funny, but at least they aren't louder than the characters speaking.


How I met your mother has remained one of my top favorite shows throughout its seasons. The problem I find it's having now is a lack of direction. Obviously they thought the show would finish much earlier than this, because as of this point Ted searching for the mother of his child is barely a stroyline anymore. I can not possibly understand why Ted would tell all these stories to his kids in the sitting of how he met their mother without even mentioning her. I get it's a tv show though, but even then everything that happened this episode has happened before as other readers have mentioned. I know were leading up to this Barney and Robin wedding, which I'm half excited for half nervous. One thing I was happy to see back was single Barney! He was always my favorite of the series.


@stephie1983, you're not the only one. Am I the only one who thinks the show needs a live audience and not some taped laugh track? I know it's probably not possible with the back and forth style storytelling they do. Is just honestly laughing at an episode of HIMYM is a rarity for me nowadays. And maybe the audience NOT laughing at the jokes will make them realize this.


i am some what upset after all the growth that barney had last season is now gone whis it was still here. love the fact that lillys dad is going to watch the bABy like we saw lily her and her son throw the years at then end

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