Jane Espenson Spills Once Upon a Time Scoop

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Jane Espenson is a very busy woman.

The writer/producer has worked on such favorites as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls and Battlestar Galactica. These days, she serves as co-creator of the Web series Husbands and consulting producer on Once Upon a Time.

At New York Comic-Con, TV Fanatic chatted with Espenson, Brad Bell and Sean Hemeon about Husbands; and now we present another portion of that interview, as Espenson answers questions about what viewers can expect in the near future on Once Upon a Time Season 2...

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Don't forget about Firefly! She worked on Firefly too!


I knew that MM and Emma would be in FT Land a while but this could actually go on for a lot longer than I thought. I'm guessing theyll get them back by the midseason finale. I do feel like there are more villains than heroes on this show which really makes me less hopeful. I hope none of the good guys goes dark! And I do see Regina eventually redeeming herself. Rumple I feel will only slip further into darkness.