Major Crimes Review: Congratulations, You're An Orphan!

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"Long Shot" felt a little unfinished, as if somebody wasn't willing to go all out because they didn't know if Major Crimes would be picked up. It wasn't a bad episode, or even sub-par, I just wanted more from one of my new favorites before I was forced to deal with it heading into hiatus. 

To quote an actual phrase I heard at the office today, which I thought was only a myth, that's all I'll say about that.

Once I got into the case, I tried to be smarter than the show in determining why the sniper kicked off the side mirror. I was so sure I had it sussed out. He didn't want his face to be recognized in surveillance video through the reflection. Yeah, not so much!

To Catch a Sniper

I hope police would, a) not give a random dude lisence plate information so quickly and b) take the time to look at current APBs before giving it out. It was unbelievable. No, really. Unbelievable. I think that was one of the worst police mistakes I've witnessed on either Major Crimes or The Closer.

Other than that, the guy was like the MacGyver of snipers, showing up with a half-used two liter soda bottle and pouring it out right in front of an indignant Mr. Reyes just before he found out it was a homemade silencer.

Too bad he didn't think far enough ahead to include Kevlar in his ball of tricks. If he had gotten involved with Sharon and teased her for episodes to come, he would have been a bit like Billy Burke's Phillip Stroh, who is the criminal we have to thank for Rusty.

With that, I finally segued myself into the Rusty story. There wasn't enough of it. Perhaps when the season was originally plotted out, nobody realized just how much the characters would resonate with the audience to make the show a success.

Rusty matters. Sharon and Rusty don't just have an integral relationship, but they are valuable to the rest of the squad, as well. Everyone wants what is best for Rusty, and at season's end, it was justice for Rusty.

Daniel Dunn was such an idiot, I almost felt sorry for him. They should do an inside episode of "Who Do You Think You Are" so Rusty can trace his ancestry and discover he has at least one intelligent, resourceful forefather in his family tree, because as it stands he must feel like the culmination of two of the biggest losers of all time. 

Thankfully, Sharon saw in him a boy worthy of redemption and love. 

The final scene in the squad room, as everyone fought for Rusty and Sharon against Daniel's weak-kneed excuses about making a mistake and how his fiance wanted to add Rusty to the family was a huge win. Especially when everyone signed below Daniel's signature as witnesses to the event. It was apropos to end the season with a deal, even one of that nature. A deal is a deal!

Something did bug me, however. By letting Daniel Dunn go free, they knowingly let an abusive man go back to a house where two young girls resided. That was the second mistake of the episode. I was waiting for the door to open and a beat cop to be outside to arrest him, even though he signed away his parental rights. The people in that room are not so near sighted that they didn't care about those girls. Was anyone else conflicted about that scene?

We ended on a high, for sure. I am extremely excited about the possibilities that come from a second season and will wait in anticipation for new episodes of Major Crimes next summer. Until then, don't forget to check out the Major Crimes quotes from tonight's episode because there were some memorable lines to carry with you through the long break. 


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Ronald simkins

At the beginning of the season we had a few fanatics saying "get rid of Rusty" well it turns out he was really one of the integral components of this season. Quite frankly is the teenage boy version of Brenda and he really called her on it in the finale of the Closer "you only care about dead people".


I agree with the last post. The assassin was the best part of the episode. They shouldn't have killed him off so soon. Would have been a great recurring character.


Loved the assassin. Really convincing.


Great wrap up. Glad this show is working out. Already it's establishing a great identity away from The Closer. Wish we'd have a few 'teaser' shows at Christmas time... but oh well.
I think we may see Daniel again.


I love the way the Rusty thing is developing, and this episode did it proud. Sharon called him "Honey" for the first time ... and the entire squad room has "adopted" him as family. Nice. I just hope they don't use Rusty as a prop (victim/turncoat/whatever) next season. Have you noticed that Sharon and Provenza are also developing a grudgingly fond relationship? Wonder where that will go. Some good plot availabilities there. I'm not worried about the girls ... pretty sure Dan's going to be under police scrutiny from now forward. No Magyver in the soda bottle thing -- it's a well-known trick for a makeshift silencer. Works better on TV than it does in real life, though.


LOVED THIS EPISODE..........I love the way the entire unit is coming together in solidarity.........and I reeeeeeeally love how Raydor can beat the system within the law and is easy to break them to accomplish a goal........much more challenging and interesting to watch them all do it WITHIN the law and achieve their goals..........


Wow. Good episode, good resolution regarding the weasel dad. I am however rather disappointed that the rule-loving Sharon did not send investigators from Children's Services to speak to the soon to be ex-fiancee about what the weasel dad did to his son. It was also good that she told Rusty that he was now family.
As for the assassin, really scary guy. Did a good job as your average sociopathic killer. I'm still wondering why Fritz would say that they might never identify him. Wouldn't they have rolled his prints? Kept his DNA profile? Hmm, could this be left unresolved to bring back this judge-killing theme?
Also good to see Taylor low-key and not as obnoxious as usual.


I am so sorry to see the show end - I truly love this show and the characters - loved the scene in the boardroom, with the detectives surrounding Rusty protectively - I too was not quite happy about the scene letting the father go - can't wait for the show to return (it is going to be a long wait!).


Still worried about the girls. Dumb only told the fiancee that rusty ran off. What's to say he.will tell herthe truth about signing away his parental rights? He could.just lie and say rusty wasn't ready to be in the family.


Wasn't sure about this show when it first started, but so glad I stuck with it. Am loving it now...

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Rusty: Are you sure about all of this?
Sharon: Honey, I do this for a living.

Oh I hope not, Captain, I should certainly hope not.