Mark Harmon Earns Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

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This piece of news isn't show-related, but we thought we'd pass it along in case you missed it: NCIS star Mark Harmon was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week. Congratulations, Mark!

The 61-year-old was recognized for a career spanning more than four decades, and appropriately, the whole NCIS cast was there for the well-deserved, long-overdue unveiling of his name on the storied outdoor landmark.

Take a look at the photo below:

NCIS Cast on Walk of Fame
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God bless Mark Harmon for featuring real life hero Charles Durning on NCIS. They're both class acts.


Do not like Mark Harmon. He hurt his sister several years ago.


Mark u are awesome actor ,


very nice & pro actors all u guys my favorite ziva


Mark Harmon so deserve this like loooong time ago.
CONGRATULATIONS. When will TONY{Michael Weatherly
get his?


Mark really deserves it!


enhorabuena Mark,te lo mereces.Eres un gran actor y seguramente una gran persona.


Loved seeing Pam Dawber and one of their sons, Sean, who acts as young Gibbs in the flashbacks. It was cool that his cast and crew were all on hand to see him get this recognition! Everybody looks great! :)


Where's his wife? You'd think she'd be there. Hmm...


Such a well deserved honor. Four decades sounds so long but he is forever young. I saw him on Adam 12 the other day as a young police recruit just out of the Marines and having a mind of his own for police work. Reed and Malloy took him in tow.
So nice to see this honor bestowed on " My Favorite". Will look for the star the next opportunity I have to go to CA.

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