Mark Sloan Eulogy Penned By Shonda Rhimes

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We bid farewell to the incomparable Dr. Mark Sloan in our Grey's Anatomy Round Table this week. Now show creator Shonda Rhimes has penned her own eulogy for the character, one of her all-time favorites.

In tonight’s new episode, “Remember the Time,” Eric Dane's character will grace our screens one final time as Shonda reveals to us how Sloan went from alive in the Season 8 finale to being on life support last week.

Mark's death (below) will go down as one of the most tear-filled Grey's moments in eight-plus seasons.

Rhimes full obituary for Sloan appears in EW's new issue, but this excerpt has been posted online:

    Last week, Mark Sloan succumbed to injuries sustained in the plane crash that took the life of fellow surgeon Alexandra Caroline Grey. By the time he died, he was no longer just a hot naked guy in a towel. He’d become more than McSteamy. Mark had grown to become a mentor, a true best friend, a father, and the love of Lexie Grey’s life.

    After six seasons, the end of Mark Sloan was a great loss for me as a writer and for the show. And for the fans. I like to believe that Mark is with Lexie somewhere. That those two characters are spending eternity together, getting to have the relationship they were never able to have when they were alive. Because, as Lexie’s dying words told us, she and Mark were “meant to be.”

    Mark Everett Sloan died on September 27, 2012. He is survived by his daughter Sofia; his baby mamas, Callie and Arizona; his fellow doctors at Seattle Grace; and every woman who ever imagined what it might be like to have a little McSteamy between her sheets.

    He will be missed by all.

See Mark's final episode tonight on ABC at 9/8c.

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Why does Mark get a proper send off but not Lexie?


I loved was so sad to let him broke my heart.


I'm furious!! I love Mark and I have cried and cried over this. Just like I did when they killed off Denny. I'm frustrated. Keep hoping the next episode will show it was a dream or that he comes back to life! Come on!!


Why is everybody making such a big deal that Mark Sloan is gone?
He is a great character and I liked him. But they made such a HUGE deal out of it and even gave him an entire episode dedicated to his sendoff...
Brooke Smith was forced to leave the show even though she wanted to stay but nobody gave her a good send off. A lot of actors left the show due to their divaness/stupidity. But Brooke was forced off and nothing.
I'm really going to miss Lexie and she didn't get any attention.
I loved Teddy, I found comfort in Kim Raver's character, but she got some half-ass send off and barely got anything.
So everybody is devoting way too much time to Mark Sloan, and it's annoying how much the creative team at Grey's is milking him leaving.
Like there are other hot guys on the show, time to move on. Once Lexie was gone, there was no better story that they could give Sloan. Let him leave, and don't overhype things for him.


trust me i remeber the article you guys have it wrong before they officialy said the he was killed off the actor took to twitter saying that he hopes he can stay on the show that he loves being on the show they did an article following his comment on twitter


what are you guys talking about he out of everyone who left the show said he didn't want to leave so i'm with Becky she shouldn't come out with her crap speech that she is going to miss sloan i acturally am going to really miss him
kali and sloan and arizona friendship was one of my favorite parts of the show they brought a lighter funny side especially kali and sloan when i heard shonda was going to kill him off that is the first thing i thought about


they truly were meant to be.. *tears in eyes*


Becky. It was Eric's decision to leave. She didn't want to kill him off.


Whatever happened to Sloan Sloan? I think it's weird that she wasn't at her father's deathbed...or even mentioned in passing.


I am not liking that Mark has died - I just loved this character - but died he has & I wish both Derek & Callie would have told him at the very end that they loved him .... what a terribly missed opportunity by the writers ....


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