Megan Boone Cast on Blue Bloods, Jennifer Esposito Accuses CBS of Racism

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Things are turning very ugly very quickly between Jennifer Esposito and CBS.

As previously reported, the actress was let go by Blue Bloods earlier this week in a move she referred to as "shameful" because she claims she simply asked for a temporary leave in order to deal with a medical situation.

In her place as Danny's partner, Megan Ketch will come on board as a temporary replacement, while Deadline now confirms Megan Boone has been cast in the same role for an upcoming three episode arc. The actress has an option to become a series regular.

M. Boone

In response to Boone's casting, Esposito took to Twitter and lashed out.

“There it is. CBS got rid of the only minority cast member so they can have an ALL WHITE CAST like CSI,” she wrote.

Blue Bloods airs a new episode tonight.

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Does anyone here realize that Megan Boone has not made an appearance on the show as yet? Her first time on the show will be tonight Feb 1 2013. You are confusing her with another actress who was Danny's temporary partner for the last few episodes.


Megan Ketch did a good job as Danny's partner. Keep her!


Don't like the new replacement for Jackie she doesn't fit. Bring her back.


One more thing, the casting of wife Linda and partner Jackie was the PERFECT balance for Danny. Their physical appearance just opposite enough, their soft to tiger protective sides (one to family the other on the job) so perfectly paralled yet didn't blur any emotional lines when Danny's rarely shown vulnerability surfaced. These two actresses made the trio "fit". Think smart, bring Jennifer back!


I can't believe that she is claiming racism,Italian is not a separate race like being Black or Hispanic/Latino is.Italians are considered white.


Just saw tonights bluebloods, praying they are bringing back jackie (jennifer e.). Maybe someone came to their senses!


Don't care for Ms.Boone as Danny's partner. She just doesn't fit the show. May be Ms. Esposito can come back or an itaian actress.


I dont like the new replacement. Seriously CBS, if MS Esposito has a medical condition and needs some time off give it to her.Whats the big deal. Megan Boone doesn't have the chemistry with Wahlberg as Esposito. It has lost that spark, that natural ability to work together, Boone looks like she's forcing it. Bring Jennifer back, it's the right choice!


Just want to add my voice to the chorus! I miss Ms. Esposito soooo much. Maybe Megan Boone is a nice person, but she stinks as a pretend New York detective. She's like a pinch hitter with a .198 average. Her presence on the show is jarring and disruptive. What a terrible choice by the executives at CBS. Please Blue Bloods, please bring Jennifer back!


Don't like the replacement for Jennifer Esposito at all. Yuck!