Nashville Review: Mother and Child Reunion

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It doesn't matter if you've had the best life in the world, or the worst. Whether you're past your prime, or just getting into it, your relationship with a parent may be the most difficult thing to handle.

"Someday You'll Call My Name," the second straight episode of Nashville named for a Hank Senior song*, spent much of its focus on Rayna dealing with her troubling father and the fact that Juliette was forced to interact with her dead beat mother. Both plots were intriguing, yet neither held a candle to Deacon attempting to figure out what was going on inside his own head. So yeah, it was another great hour spent in Nashville.

*I figured they would name each episode after a song title, but with its first two episodes after the pilot named for Hank Williams, are they going to try to go with all Hank songs for the season? The series? Bold. When will they run out? And will they start to not have anything to do with the episode?

Rayna Spends Time With the Kids

Any time you can take the least redeeming character on the series and give him some heart, you are doing a good thing. Lamar Wyatt was anything but likable through the first two episodes, and he probably still isn't anyone's favorite, but by making him even just a little bit easier to sympathize with, the series created room for the man to grow on us.

He will most likely still be a stern and mean old man to Rayna most of the time, but at least we know the reason for it now, and that reason is one that is easy to accept. The man had his heart ripped out by his wife, and his daughter's work reminds him of that. It's tough to hate on him for wanting to sideline that work as much as possible. Do I agree with his execution? Of course not, but it's nice to see Powers Boothe not playing the one-note character it seemed Lamar might have been after the premiere.

Conversely, we didn't learn anything new and/or redeemable about Jolene Barnes, but her continued appearance gave us a bit of a deeper look at how difficult it has been on Juliette to have a drug addict for a parent. As would be the case for almost anyone in that situation, Juliette seemed to absolutely break down not only when she saw her mom in person, but also just at the mention of her name. 

Every time she turned her mother away, I wondered why she didn't want to just help her out. I understand not wanting to help because Jolene made Juliette's childhood a mess, but there's also something to be said for going above and beyond what others have done for you. With all of the resources Juliet has, I'm sure she could find a way to help mom get off the dope. Then again, I've never been even close to that situation, so I'm not sure how that interaction would or should go in real life.

What we did learn about Juliette, after Jolene did in fact come to live at the house, is that sadness makes her steal. I'm sure that phone video will come back to haunt her at some point, but for now, it is her inability to deal with her mother that is haunting Juliette. The junk food was a given, but watching her steal something so cheap because she obviously needed to do it was difficult.

It's disheartening to see her so upset because Juliette's smile can sure light up a room. Heck, it got Deacon back into bed, and when she flashed it during some of that pillow talk, it almost got him out on tour with her.

But in the end he decided to finally turn down Juliette's offer. Honestly, when he told her that she was a tough girl to say no to, I was hoping that that meant he was going on tour with her.  I know it wouldn't have been a good idea, but what can I say, she won me over. Maybe I'm easy to get with a smile and some new songs, but I think it could have been fun.

Instead, it seems Deacon is stuck in between a rock and a woman he loves but can't have. That's not the expression? Well, he's in a sticky situation, and it's not going to get any easier. Now that Rayna knows what her mother did to her father, I can't imagine she will be able to even talk to Deacon without thinking about that.

Rayna's speech to Deacon about holding hearts in her hands was - to play along with her metaphor - heart breaking. It wasn't my favorite speech of the hour, though. That belonged to Avery.

I couldn't get enough of his plea to Scarlett to get her to record.  hat bit about it being a piece of her that she is obligated to share was one of the more brilliant lines I've heard in a while. And thankfully it worked, because that Mazzy Star number that Scar and Gunnar sang together in the studio as the episode came to a close was beautiful.

Finally, I have to mention how great Lennon and Maisy Stella were as Rayna's daughters. The combination of the side boob bit and their amazing performance in the talent show quickly won me over. I had never heard of the two girls before, but apparently they're pretty huge. I just checked them out on YouTube and they have a crazy amount of hits.

Your Nashvillian Moment of the Week was Juliette's jab at Rayna about living in a "mansion in Belle Meade."

So what did you all think of "Someday You'll Call My Name?" Are you still in love with Nashville? Or are you losing interest? What was your favorite moment from the episode? What do you think about Juliette's stealing issue? And how great were the Stella girls?


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This show had such a lot of promise, but it is essentially the SAME EPISODE over and over again. Rayna and her dad and her star being eclipsed. Juliette and her greed and lust and whacked-out momma. Let's get this thing moving! Comparisons to "Dallas" fail completely, because that great show took off immediately and never slowed down for 20 years! This one is tepid and whiney and very wimpy by comparison. Let's have some TENSION, some confrontation, some ACTION!


This is the most boring new show of the season.


So far I like the show , but am very put off by all the lip synching ....I know it's being done by the 2 main chicks ---but is it every song in the show , by every character ?


@Kay I said her father is just a controlling, bitter old man(played quite well I might add by Powers Boothe)...quite sad actually...... I'm glad Rayna's husband decided against doing the line of credit. I'm unsure what's going to happen next there as I feel Rayna touring with Deacon might not happen.......Deacon is conflicted as well as Rayna is. Deacon is most likely still having recovery issues that he needs to deal with in order to move on........


are you serious? a) you can't commit someone into rehab against their will unless it's by the court, b) if you think money can solve an addiction you know nothing about addiction. so the idea that juliette having money has nothing to do with her mother being able to get clean.
also, i'm sorry, but rayna's mum screwing up their lives doesn't mean that it's ok for him to ruin his daughter's career.


don't know why but deacon and juliette getting together as a couple is not such a bad idea, they're good together but so as deacon and rayna do look fine together, don't know why but i see a divorce for rayna in the far future ... as for the songs, amazing songs, amazing ending, liked very much juliette's song Undermine plus, don't know why would juliette take her mother in, if i were i would have her committed into rehab, and stealing to draw attention a very bad idea, she knew that those girls would film her


It appears the song "Fade Into You" is not the Mazzy Star song, but is an original written by Trevor Rosen, Shane McAnally, & Matt Jenkins.


I like the show and the music is great. But I don't like Juliette Barnes and her "Hey I have an addict parent please feel sorry for me and have sex with me because I want it" attitude. She looked at those teen girls before she stole whatever that was. She knew exactly what she was doing...... I don't know what's going on with Deacon. But I am glad he told Juliette no......... Rayna seems so conflicted. Her father is just a bitter old man who needs to leave his daughter alone....

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Nashville Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Maddie: ...and side boob.
Rayna: Side, what the hell did you just say?

Deacon: Rayna took her knocks.
Juliette: What? In a mansion in Belle Meade?