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NCIS Trailer: "Lost at Sea"

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NCIS returns with a new episode Tuesday night, and CBS has released a 30-second promo for the awesome-looking "Lost at Sea." As you've probably heard, Diane Neal reprises her popular role as Abigail Borin.

CGIS and NCIS team up after a helicopter crew is reported adrift at sea and later discovered on shore, far from the original site. The agents must determine the cause of the crash and locate the missing pilot.

What unravels looks like a bona fide NCIS mystery as Gibbs & Co. sift through the sea of lies. Follow this link for our photo gallery from the episode, the fourth of Season 10, then check out the teaser below:

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I have not bashed CdP. I do dislike the Ziva character on many levels though. I have expressed my disappointment at the agenda of the last few years to make Tony into the show's idiot, whilst basically replacing him as GIbbs talented SFA with super sainted Ziva. They almost never spread the humiliation to anyone but Tony, and rarely spread the action, virtue, heroism, drama, and brilliant skills around to anyone but Ziva or Gibbs. The flattering attributes and unflattering diminishments are always bestowed on the same characters now. That's not bashing - it's the truth. But you're right about one thing - it doesn't seem to matter one iota to tptb if Tony fans are disappointed or if they are ruining the character, as long as their ratings hold, I guess the formula won't be touched. Good for Gibbs and Ziva fans and not so good for Tony fans. Yes, we can (and very well may) stop watching and no one who enjoys the show's formula will shed a tear. Got it.


And so bashing Ziva and the actress who plays her helps the character of Tony get portrayed in a better manner -- how?


@ Carol - If no character should be singled out for degrading commentary, why is it okay for another character to be singled out for constant degrading humiliation? Not sure it's bashing if one is telling the truth. When was the last time Ziva or Gibbs were made to look anything but superior? Has Tony ever been shown to be right in a disagreement with either of them? Have you seen the teaser clip from this episode? Within a 60 second scene Tony is portrayed as not keeping up with his job (incompetent), is head slapped (humiliated), and makes a bet with Ziva that he is 100% sure to lose (being set up for more humiliation) - thus making it 100% sure that Ziva will win (as usual). Can there be any other outcome?


All the characters on NCIS are important to make the NCIS family team. No one should be singled out for degrading commentary.


I have been a fan of Michael Weathlery LONG before he was on NCIS and I know how good of a actor he can be too bad Ziva the star of the show (or think she is) because it has really made the Tony character a shell of his former self and if some people can't see that then THEY are a part of the issue as well.


I flipped over to ABC Family the other night and they were plaing Hocus Pocus and I spotted something I've never put together before....Timmy McGee was in Hocus Pocus! Ha! He was Zachary Binks! :)


Sorry, accidentally deleted part of my text. So, continued: Don't like NCIS anymore? Then, do us a favor and don't watch anymore if you only get irritated by the show's proceedings.
Oh and BTW: as a fervent Tim-fan I could complain till kingdom come about the way "McGoo" is treated on the show. However, I won't and I still love the show for all its characters: Gibbs, Tony, Tim, Ziva, Jimmy, Ducky, Abby, Vance...etc..etc...the dead marine and the decomposing corpse on the slab.
Just so you know.
Sooo... May there be plenty more seasons of NCIS!


While I agree Tony gets the brunt of the head slaps, I don't think it's appropriate to start bashing the other characters. That's becoming rather "old", too.
I'm with Sue Ann, Janet and Tiva, here.
The head slaps have become part of NCIS, too.
Besides, ever thought Michael Weatherly wouldn't play Tony this way with as much gusto if he didn't like it? I doubt it.
Don't you think it's a bit exagerated to think of Tony being portrayed as the idiot? Then you didn't watch NCIS really well, IMHO. 'Cause I've seen plenty of serious and competent Tony. He can act like a jock and a teenager but in serious situations, he knows very well how to act.
And "lack of respect"? It's okay for Tony to harass and haze the others, but it's not okay to you for the others to have some fun with Tony.
I think you guys want a TV show that casts only Michael Weatherly/Tony DiNozzo... Now that must be some fun show...
@Michael: don't like NCIS anymore? Then, do us a favor and don't watch anymore if you so wish it's the last season. Shows you're not a true NCIS fan at all and you only get irritated.
Also seems like troll are feeding this thread... Stop it already and let the rest of us enjoy the show with Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, Tim, Jimmy, Ducky, Abby, Vance etc.etc. and the corpse on the slab.
Oh, and, BTW: as a fervent Tim-fan, I could complain into kingdom come about the way "McGoo" is treated on the show. However, I don't.
I know the show is in the first place about Gibbs and so it's totally useless to complain about all the interesting, exciting stuff and "virtue, bravery, heroism, or sensitivity" going to him. If I let myself get guided by jealousy and disappointment for not seeing my favorite in these situations, then I'd long have given up.
Just so you know.
May we have many more seasons of NCIS!


Even when Ziva and McGee are just as involved in whatever stupid thing that Gibbs head slaps for, they are always left alone to smirk. It's gotten so old and unvarying. They showrunners obviously could care less about Tony's character or his fans. Ninety percent of the scenes that show virtue, bravery, heroism, or sensitivity go to Ziva and Gibbs now. Tony's originally rich, multi dimensional character has been sacrificed for super Gibbs and super Ziva, and for a simpler, and extremely predictable writing formula.


Sometimes when Tony gets a head slap it is because one of the other characters started the problem such as McGee or Ziva. I understand it is a wake up call, but every episode, that is a little too much. Hopefully the slaps are not as bad as they look.